Cover Lifters for Hot Tubs and Spas

How to Choose the Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter Hot tub covers are relatively heavy. The average weight of a typical hot tub cover is between 50 and 75 pounds. Because of this, most people struggle to lift and move their hot tub covers when they want to use their hot tubs. Fortunately, there is […]

Shop the Best Hot Tub Covers 2020 – Blue Waters

How to Select the Best Hot Tub Cover Do you need help choosing the best hot tub cover for your spa? Our research team has examined several different hot tub covers to determine which ones are the best on the market. Our Top Hot Tube Cover Pick The best hot tub cover would have to […]

Protect Your Pool Heater from Mice

Protect Your Pool Heater from Mice Does your swimming pool have a heater installed? If so, then you probably have problems with it all the time, right? The reason for these problems might surprise you. It is not a bad electrical wire or outlet that you need to worry about. Instead, the problem could be […]

How to Troubleshoot Swimming Pool Heaters

Troubleshoot Pool Heaters When you purchase a swimming pool heater that is under a manufacturer’s warranty, you are not allowed to troubleshoot the heater yourself if it is not working correctly. Doing so could void the warranty. However, if the warranty has already expired on your pool heater, then you could probably save a lot of money […]

What Size Pool Heater do I Need Sizing Calculator

What Size Pool Heater do I Need Sizing a heater for a swimming pool is no easy task. Most people try to avoid it altogether because it involves a lot of measurements and calculations. Instead, it is simpler to purchase a large heat pump and heater because it has a better chance of successfully heating […]