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With over 200 current customers and over 500 product reviews, you can be sure that your pool and hot tub will be in good hands.

We’ve built our reputation on providing world-class service to our customers. Years of experience and a proven track record ensure you’ll get the very best with Blue Waters. 

The Blue Waters Pool Services Expert Network is an expert group of professionals committed to swimming pool and hot tubs health of our readers. They help ensure the content we publish is correct, comprehensive, and based on the latest swimming pool and hot tubs science. We draw on the knowledge and experience of highly-skilled experts from a variety of accomplishments, including board-certified pool technicians, pool companies, manufacturing pros, and chemist who specialize in swimming pool and hot tubs wellness. Each member of our network was chosen for their informed perspective on swimming pools and their understanding of its importance of keeping our pools and hot tubs properly maintain.

Our publication process for swimming pool education content includes a close review by two specialists in fields associated with the subject of each article. They help guarantee our content indicates the most recent peer-reviewed studies and supports the highest standards of accuracy and integrity. Many of our specialists have themselves contributed to swimming pool journals, published books, or made media appearances to discuss swimming pool related issues. We cite the authorities who evaluate our content by name, and present links to their profiles, which incorporate biographies, education and professional experience, photos, and social media links.

We at Blue Waters Pool Services strive to produce the best and most precise content possible. Thank you for letting us be a partner in your swimming pool and hot tubs needs!

Eric Flynn


The first question people ask me when they find out I work at Blue Waters Pool Services is “What is the best swimming pool or hot tub?” and my response is always, “it depends on personal requirements.” With various elements, builds and price points everyone is looking for something diverse out of their swimming pool and hot tubs. Having evaluated hundreds of swimming pool products, I can tell you there is a lot to know, and my intention is to use what I’ve studied about swimming pools and hot tubs to suit you with the perfect pool so you can get a great price and most importantly have a health enjoyable pool for a long time. Enable me to guide your search, and we’ll have your crystal blue pool.

Allen Hayward


Hi, I’m Allen Hayward, the Chief Research Officer for Blue Waters Pool Services. I consume my days deep-diving into the advanced scientific research on water chemistry and composing about all sorts of interesting pool-related topics.

Richard Fiore


Hey there! I’m Richard Fiore, and they call me the pool nerd. Okay, no, they don’t call me that. But I have individually tested thousands of swimming pool products and other hot tub accessories from the most significant names in the business, and I can spot any pool problem across the backyard. It’s my job to examine and review everything from pool filters to hot tubs covers so that you have all the knowledge you need to make the best purchase.

Derrick Westmoreland


Hello, I’m Derrick Westmoreland! As an editor for Blue Waters Pool Services site, I’m here to give you the low-down on everything that’s going on in the world of swimming pools and hot tubs, from modern tech innovations to developing research, and manufacturer’s shake-ups.


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