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Additional Charges

Filter Cleaning: Filter is cleaned as needed during the year. Usually two times per year the filter will be taken apart and cleaned for which there is an additional charge and will be noted on the bill for the month it is done. The cost for filter cleaning is $95 every six months.

Conditioner Plus Algaecide Treatment: (for salt water pools) Protects the chlorine from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Since UV light is partly responsible for the degradation of chlorine in pool water, conditioner helps to keep chlorine in the water for longer periods of time. Conditioner is added to the pool water throughout the year as needed. The cost for conditioner plus algaecide is $85 and is billed once per year.

Algaecide Treatment $85 One Time a Year: PoolRx eliminates existing algae fast and prevents algae from coming back. The chelated minerals free up low levels of chlorine to be more productive in the water, providing amazing clarity. The minerals dissolve out of the unit completely and immediately to form a stable residual throughout the entire body of water.

Cell Wash: (Only for salt eater pools) The number one maintenance item for a saltwater chlorinator salt system is to wash the salt cell regularly, every 2-6 months for $35, but only as required. Mineral sediments bridge the space within the metal plates, and not just in hard water areas. Salt 50 Pounds Bags: $8.99 each added as needed

TriChlor: 3” tabs  (Only applicable in non salt water pools): 50 pounds bucket refill every 6 to 12 months depending on pool usage total cost: $175.00

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