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Pool Service

Your pool shouldn’t seem like just an extra chore. It is an investment you make that contributes years of enjoyment with your family. That’s why we take away all of the pool cleaning, maintenance, and pool-related problems so that you can jump in and enjoy your pool. Everything we do strives to make your life more relaxed. 

Pool Repairs

If your swimming pool isn’t operating as it should, there’s a possibility your pool equipment needs to be repaired or updated. At Blue Waters, we are licensed and insured to assist with any sort of pool repair. Whether your pool equipment is dripping, your pumps aren’t operating, or your pool cleaner needs to be fixed, contact us today!

Green Pool Treatment

What transpired to your beautiful blue pool? If your swimming pool is becoming greener, it indicates algae has got to it! But do not worry… we’re here to assist you. Our pool expert technicians will put your swimming pool’s algae dilemma taking care of for good with our specific green treatment service!

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On time every time

I’ve been working in the pool industry since 1994. These 20+ years of hands-on experience has given me plenty of knowledge about pools and how to keep water happy and healthy all throughout the year. There are no gimmicks or excuses here, just high-quality pool services from a professional and knowledgeable team.

Pool Service Integrity

We realize that you have a decision and when you choose Blue Waters Pool Services, we can guarantee that when we step on your property, we will be in uniform and extra importantly respectful of your home.

Total Clean Guarantee

“Spot Cleaning” is a lousy little tradition some pool service businesses use to decrease their prices. It includes selecting what to clean base upon what they see needs more attention. It overlooks fundamental microbiology and flies in the surface of proper pool care. With our pool balance guarantee to keep your water accurately stabilized and available for swimming every day.

Unbeatable Pool Service. Unparalleled Customer Service.

Courtesy may not be the primary thing consumers knowledge of when it comes to pool services, but for us, it’s one of the most vital tool we carry.

Nothing exhausts on homeowners like the thought of handling swimming pool problems. From the filter to the heater, let Blue Waters Pool Services in San Dimas take the burden off of you. Our pool specialists are the most distinguished professionals in the business because we’re dedicated to fantastic service and amazing results. In everything we do, our company makes sure your home’s swimming pools issues are resolved with the most efficient and long-lasting solutions.

Maintain your pool clear, efficient and maintained with routine pool maintenance service. Securing a sanitary environment is the goal of any pool specialist, so why pick one over the other? Quality and dependability are two big reasons, but you also need a pool professional that is certified, understands the local health laws and can take on any required repairs and remodelings that may come up.

The good news is that Blue Waters Pool Services offers weekly service. And we incorporate all your bases: If something operates wrong, we’ll be there with an intelligent repair. And if you want to improve your existing pool, we’re ready and qualified.

We exist for one purpose, to provide residential swimming pool owners with a sparkling blue and safe swimming pool.

Enjoy your pool, without having to worry about maintaining it!
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The Blue Waters Pool Service Promise

Our purpose is to help you save money, live better and enjoy your pool all year-long with reliable pool service. We attempt to surpass expectations, and with over 20 years of pool experience, we have a reliable track record of doing just that.

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