Blue Waters Pool Services – Rancho Cucamonga Pool Cleaning

We don’t miss visits, “splash and dash”, or take any shortcuts with our work. We respect your property, privacy, and time. We communicate quickly and courteously. Our team always wears their uniforms and has proper signage on their trucks . We always close the gate on entering and leaving your property

We remove all the stress out of owning and maintaining a pool. We schedule our work around you to keep things convenient. We do our jobs quickly and thoroughly while engaging with you to ensure that you stay comfortable and happy with the service being provided.

A service call requires a quick response. We’ll speak to you about any concerns you have before undertaking a thorough inspection of the system and assessing any problems. After finding the problem, our technicians will make sure you understand what is happening and why. They then offer you the ideal solution at the ideal price. We aren’t doing this to make sales; we’re doing this to provide a service.

All the repair work we do is undertaken with your complete knowledge and consent.

Blu Waters pools in Rancho Cucamonga are pleased to be the #1 Rancho Cucamonga pool guys. Our pool technicians, most of whom have been with us for over ten years now, aren’t sub-contractors. They are dedicated employees invested in our company. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by the quality of their work.

Why Pool Blu Waters is the Smart Choice
• Experience
I’ve been working in the pool industry since 1994. This 20+ years of hands-on experience has given me plenty of knowledge about pools and how to keep water happy and healthy all throughout the year. There are no gimmicks or excuses here, just high-quality pool services from a professional and knowledgeable team.

• Customer Service
As the “Pool Scrub(ber)” in charge I’m responsible for everything the team does. Even though we take pride in doing the best possible job, I’ll be personally liable for controlling any questions or concerns you might have without any fuss or attitude. We’ll quickly resolve any problems that come up. We also keep plenty of records so we’ll have no excuses.

• Your Satisfaction is Our Priority
We guarantee that you’ll love the pool service we provide. The philosophy of our business begins and ends with you, our customer. The whole family works hard to ensure that you are happy and receiving the professional pool service you’re paying for. We work to keep every client happy and satisfied with their visits.

Get in touch with us today to get your free, no obligation pool quote. You have my special guarantee that this will be one of the best investments you could make this pool summer.

I want to conclude by thanking you for your consideration to support a locally owned and operated family business.

No Contracts or Hassles; Just a High-Quality Pool Service Guaranteed every Time