Top Options on How to Heat a Pool

Methods for Heating a Swimming Pool Swimming pools shouldn’t only be used during the summertime when it is warm outside. Wouldn’t it be nice to use your swimming pool during the colder months of autumn? If you can heat your pool water properly, you can use it until the snowflakes start falling in the winter. […]

How To Prime a Pool Pump Quick and Simple

What to Do if Your Pool Pump Won’t Prime When the swimming pool season begins, you might need to prime your pump a little bit before using the pool. What this basically means is that you’ll supply water to the pump in order to begin the process of the pump pulling pool water again. Think […]

Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Guide

Overview of the Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Nothing is more important to your pool than the filter. The amazing thing is the filter doesn’t need electricity and doesn’t contain very many parts. The filter simply depends on water pressure to stay functional and clean the water of the pool. On each pool filter, the top […]

Retractable Pool Enclosures for your Pool and Spa

Retractable Pool Enclosures for your Pool A lot of swimming pool owners demand to have more privacy in their pool areas. Many jurisdictions legally require pool owners to install a fence or barrier around their pool for protection. However, you could go the extra mile here and install a pool enclosure instead. Most pool owners […]

How to Instantly Repair a Hole in a Vinyl Pool Liner

How to Instantly Repair a Hole in a Vinyl Pool Liner People have a habit of neglecting their inground pool liners. It is so easy to get preoccupied with adding chemicals to your pool water and balancing its chemistry all the time. But you need to consider that thousands of gallons of pool water are […]

How to Find a Leak in Your Swimming Pool

The Complete Guide to Pool Leak Detection Your swimming pool is filled with water. Because of this, a leak may occur just about anywhere on the interior or exterior of your pool. Don’t always assume that leaks come from your pool walls. You should first check your chlorinator, heater, filter, pump, and other pool accessories […]

How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs In Your Pool

Get Rid Of Water Bugs In Your Pool Swimming pools don’t just look attractive to human beings. They also look attractive to frogs, bugs, birds, and other wildlife as well. A big massive pool of water is the perfect place for these creatures to inhabit, eat, reproduce, and cool off. If you want to keep […]

Pool Algae Treatment for Salt Water Pool

How to Fix a Green Salt Water Swimming Pool It is not pretty when algae are floating around in your saltwater pool. Nothing is attractive about the swampy backyard appearance that algae create. If you want to change this appearance, you must act immediately by killing the existing algae and preventing more algae from returning. […]

How to Troubleshoot Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaner

Polaris Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting There is no better investment for your swimming pool than a pool cleaner. You can save so much time since you won’t need to skim and vacuum the water anymore. Instead, you can just release the pool cleaner into the water and let it suck up the debris and contaminants for […]

Protect Your Swimming Pool & Backyard from Mosquitoes

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Pool?  Mosquitoes might seem like annoying insects that fly around outside and get in your face. Aside from the occasional bite to the skin, most people believe that mosquitoes are harmless. What people don’t realize is that mosquitoes may carry some deadly diseases with them, including the Zika Virus […]

Remove Wrinkles from Your Inground Vinyl Liner Pool

Why is my Inground Pool Liner Wrinkling When you’re swimming in a pool, it feels good to step on the soft pool liner below your feet. But it is possible for the liner to get wrinkled. How do you solve this issue? Whenever there is liner in a swimming pool, it is going to get […]

Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guides and Tips

Why Isn’t My Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heating? If you have a swimming pool and live in a colder region of the world, then you’ll appreciate having a heat pump for your pool. The purpose of a heat pump is to keep your pool water warm. That way, you can go swimming in the later […]

How to Troubleshoot a Gas Swimming Pool Heater

Gas Pool Heater Running but not Heating? Here’s What To Do When the outdoor temperature gets colder, you might find that gas pool heaters are a great way to keep your pool water warm. But if you have a malfunctioning gas pool heater, then your pool water will get chilled rather quickly in the fall […]

The Best Way to Stop Worms from Getting into Your Pool

How to Get Rid of Worms in a Swimming Pool No one wants to dive into their swimming pool and end up with a bunch of dead worms stuck to their face… yuck. It won’t be easy to prevent worms from getting into your pool water, but it can be done. It just requires some […]

The Best Way to Prevent Frogs from Getting into Your Pool

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Swimming Pools Do you have frogs in your swimming pool? It is quite common for frogs to find their way to your pool because they’re attracted to the water. They see it as a refreshing place to hang out just like you do. Unfortunately, you’ll end up with […]

What Happens If You Discover Nitrates in Your Swimming Pool?

How to Remove Nitrates from Swimming Pool Water Many pool owners deal with a problem called nitrates. The severity of the problem depends on where you live in the world. If you have nitrates contaminating your pool water, then they’re going to attract algae. This is obviously something that you don’t want to happen. You […]

How to Recognize and Eliminate Swimming Pool Stains

How to Recognize and Eliminate Swimming Pool Stains There are a lot of joys to pool ownership, but there are also some annoyances too. One of which is dealing with pool stains. This is a common problem which you must deal with during your pool maintenance routine. First, you must identify where the stain is […]

How to Get Sand Out of Your Pool?

Best Way to Remove Pool Sand Does your swimming pool use a sand filter? Does the bottom of the pool have sand there? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then your sand filter is the cause of the sand accumulation at the bottom. But if there is no sand filter used, and there is […]

How to Stop Air Bubbles from Forming in Your Pool

How to Stop Air Bubbles from Forming in Your Pool Do the return jets of your pool have air bubbles coming out of them? If so, do not be alarmed because it’s a problem that happens often. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you deal with this problem. Why Am I Getting Air Bubbles? […]