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The Best Pool Skimmer Basket in 2021

pool skimmer, however, permits you to keep your swimming pool clean without even lifting a finger. 

By Allen Hayward

Skimmer baskets are important accessories to have for pools. The pool basket is positioned within the skimmer as it lies in the pool. Any toys, debris, bugs, or other big contaminants in the water will get picked up by the basket. If there is no basket, then all this debris might hurt your pool pump or filter.

The shape of the basket is either going to be square or round. It depends on how the brand made it. Also, you need to consider the type of skimmer you already have too. Usually, you need a skimmer basket which is the same brand and model as the skimmer. This ensures that the basket will fit inside the skimmer without any problems.

It can be difficult to obtain a great pool basket. With so many brands and models to choose from, it can get confusing to pick the best one for your needs. Fortunately, we’ve researched the best baskets on the market right now and provided reviews of them below. Hopefully, these reviews will set you on the right path toward picking a good skimmer basket.

About Pool Skimmer Baskets

A skimmer pool basket looks just like any basket. Its job is to trap big pieces of debris so that they don’t enter the pool pump and pool filter. If debris were to enter these components, they would get clogged up. Then the pool water would not circulate very well.

Features of a In-ground Pool Skimmer Basket

When shopping for a skimmer basket, you should pay attention to their main features. These are what separate them from one another.


The price of skimmer baskets should fit most people’s budgets. Some skimmer pool baskets cost more than others, based on their quality. You could always purchase an expensive skimmer basket to get the best quality one, but it may not agree with your budget. Sometimes you may find a manufacturer who makes a good skimmer basket and still prices them cheap. Just do your research carefully.


Skimmer baskets are not all the same. Some are made from better material than others. The best way to determine the durability of a particular skimmer basket is to look at its customer reviews and see if most people are happy with it or not.

If you see a lot of complaints about the skimmer pool basket breaking or damaging easily, then move on to a different model.

Installation Level of Difficulty

If you’re new to using skimmer baskets, then find one that is easy and simple to install. But if you go with a more complex pool basket, you can always hire a professional installer to handle the hard work for you.

UV Resistance

If your skimmer basket is made from cheap materials, then the UV rays of the sun could cause the pool basket to eventually crack. Therefore, find a basket made of a material that is UV resistant. That way, you won’t need to worry about the UV rays damaging the basket and limiting its lifespan.


Always buy a skimmer basket that comes with a warranty. Even if you think a particular brand is of good quality, you can never be too sure. Just to be safe, purchase a skimmer basket with a warranty. Then you can always return the pool basket if it malfunctions prematurely.

Fit to the Skimmer

Your skimmer basket needs to fit inside the skimmer easily. Otherwise, it will not be able to trap debris properly. Your skimmer may even get damaged too. In some cases, the pump and filter may get damaged as well.

Top Skimmer Baskets

Below are reviews of the 8 most recommended swimming pool skimmer baskets.

The Importance of Cleaning the Skimmer Basket and Skimmer

Why should I clean the basket and skimmer?

This should be part of your pool maintenance routine. You can’t have a clogged basket because it stresses out your pool pump. If it gets too bad, your water won’t circulate properly. This will be bad for your water and cause the seal of your pump to be damaged.

The turnover rate of your pool must remain consistent if you want the filtration system to be effective. A full basket and skimmer cause the pump to pull very little water in. But if you clean the pool basket and skimmer, more water can get pulled in and then filtered.

What is the Best Way to Clean Them?

Once per week, you should clean the basket and skimmer by following these instructions. To clean the pool basket, you should:

Turn off the pump and heater of the pool. Before the pump is turned off, let the heater cool off for 10 minutes if it was previously on.

Shut down the skimmer and main drain valves.

If you have an underwater pool pump, turn the filter valve to the “Closed” position.

Take off the lid of the pump.

Clean the basket with the garden hose. Since the skimmer basket may break after a while, let the materials dry to make cleaning easier. To do this effectively, have a couple of different pump baskets available and then rotate their use. This makes cleaning so much easier.

The basket can now be reinstalled. If you must twist to secure it in place, try not to overtighten it.

Pump lid and o-ring inspections should be made. Look for cracks or damage to them. Lubricate the o-ring with some oil if you find it to be dry.

Install the lid and o-ring. Don’t overtighten.

Make sure the filter valve of your pool is positioned properly.

The main drain valve can be opened now.

The filter’s pressure relief valve can be opened too.

Turn on the pump.

After the prime is caught by the pump, the other skimmer valves can be opened.

When a consistent pool water stream flows into the relief valve, you can close the valve.

Turn on the heater and cleaner pump.

To clean the skimmer basket, you should:

Turn off the pool pump.

Remove the lid from the skimmer.

Take off the skimmer basket and remove the trash.

Put the basket back inside the skimmer.

Put the lid on and turn the system on.


You can find skimmer baskets of several different designs and sizes. But the one thing they have in common is they gather big pieces of debris, such as toys, leaves, and bugs. If you purchase a high-quality skimmer pool basket, it should have a long life.


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