Blue Waters Pool Service

Expert Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair

Let’s face it, a majority of our summer memories are made around or in our pools. Whether you spend those warm days swimming, jumping, or playing in the pool, families tend to put in the hours when it comes to pool use. However, without proper professional swimming pool maintenance and repair, these memories would quickly fade, or stop being made indefinitely. At Blue Waters Pool Service we understand the importance of hassle-free pool maintenance, so you can get back to enjoying your pool time.

With a team of pool care professionals, Blue Waters Pool Service provides friendly, informative pool repair and maintenance with a high level of exceptional customer service. Each technician provides quality technical skills in order to give each customer a new level of service when it comes to their pool. Put your effort back into spending time at the pool with your family, and we will manage the rest. Our technicians keep pools in proper operation by performing regular analysis on your pool’s chemical balance, for example, adding chlorine as needed, or other various sanitizing chemicals. We can keep an eye on overall water level, ensure your pump remains in proper operation, or even test and adjust pH levels.

Maintaining your pool is vitally important, especially when it comes to overall longevity. Blue Waters Pool Service featured weekly pool service means the difference between enjoying a sparkling, clear swimming pool, all season, and observing your dirty, empty pool from the deck. When your swimming environment is kept in an ideal state, with a scheduled weekly service plan, you can rest assured your pool will remain safe, and enjoyable all summer long. What is included in our weekly pool service?

  • Check Water Level
  • Removal of Debris
  • Pool Surface Skimming
  • Vacuuming Debris from the Bottom
  • Emptying Skimmer and Pump Basket
  • Emptying the Pool Cleaner Bag
  • Verify Equipment Operation
    (filter, pump, motor, plumbing, cleaner)
  • Checking Filter Pressure and Backwash (as Necessary)
  • Brushing the Tiles (as Needed)
  • Provide Service Slips
    (to keep homeowners informed of arrival and performed maintenance/repair)

America’s Trusted Pool Technicians

Each member of Blue Waters Pool Service team is hyper focused on the overall care level of each of the pools we service. Our reputation was built on the training of our professionals, as well as dedication to ethics and proper pool maintenance. Simply sit back and enjoy your pool, while we keep chemicals safely balanced, maintenance issues off your to-do list, so you can make memories throughout the pool season. Aside from training, which far exceeds industry standards, each technician pays special attention to the smallest detail. On your scheduled day, a technician will arrive at your pool, do their job, and take any waste with us when we go. Any necessary gates will be closed when we exit your yard, keeping one goal in mind – your property remains the same while your pool improves.

We treat each of our customers with the highest level of respect and professionalism. Blue Waters Pool Service will keep your pool running smoothly, and looking it’s best, to the enjoyment of your friends and family. Our ultimate goal is to provide perfection, within the environment of quality customer service and overall satisfaction in every professional aspect. Each issue will be addressed promptly, in order to keep your pool in excellent condition, as if it were our own investment. If you are looking to have the most sought after pool in your neighborhood, in East Valley or Gilbert Blue Waters Pool Service has your best interest at heart.

Whether you are looking to provide a backyard getaway, or simply want a spot for relaxation and fellowship, a well-maintained pool serves as an excellent option. With weekly pool service options from Blue Waters Pool Service, you and your family can enjoy your swimming pool throughout the season, without worrying over regular pool repair, pool maintenance, or even pool cleaning. Forget about closing and re-opening your pool every time there’s an issue, and let us keep the problems at a minimum with a weekly pool service package from  Blue Waters Pool Service.

Benefits of Professional Pool Services

Many homeowners may buy a pool without giving repair and maintenance a second thought, they simply want to enjoy a pool without leaving home – and why shouldn’t they? Blue Waters Pool Service professional services enable friends and family to enjoy a swimming pool, while our technicians keep everything in tip top shape, performing maintenance as needed. Our team understands that repair and maintenance should be done with little to no interference, as well as:

Bringing the Appropriate Tools for the Job

Pool servicing requires tools dedicated to specific maintenance. Each of our technicians brings out any tools needed to keep your pool running smoothly. There’s no need for any of our customers to purchase or stool additional tools.

Keeping an Eye Out for Damage and Leaks

There’s more to having a pool than maintaining a specific pH level. Our technicians look for leaks, or other damage, and keep filters and plumbing equipment in proper operation. This ensures overall pool safety, in addition to problem-free pool sessions for your family.

Diligent Maintenance and Repair

Each of the professionals at Blue Waters Pool Service are dedicated to the proper maintenance of each of the pools we service. This enables our clients to enjoy their personal schedule of pool time, without the hassle of downtime when repairs pop up.

Closing and Opening Your Pool

Regardless of the season, our technicians understand the ins and outs of opening pools for the summer, or closing them down properly in the winter. Simply sit back, and enjoy your pool, and forget the rest.


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