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Fall in love with your backyard swimming pool all over again.


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Certified Pool Professional

Get a certified pool professional to service yoour pool keep your water chemistry correct and maintian your pool equipment in top shape. 

Insured by IPSSA

Blue Waters Pool Services affiliated with the largest pool service industry organization in the world.

NSPF Certified Operator

Certification is required by health departments to operate a public swimming pool or hot tub/spa. 

We Make Your Pool Shine

In short, we master a very special mix of art and science for keeping your pool safe, clean and perfect both as an iconic part of your private landscape, and as a place for relaxation and enjoyment.

Total Clean Guarantee

We understand that the actual value of pool service is determined in the consistency in which the services are provided. We know that your time is essential, so we rigorously adhere to a fixed schedule that works best for you.

Pool Service Integrity

Our name is our reputation. We handle every one of our jobs as if it were in our backyard and in doing so can compose a plan that you will be satisfied with. Our large referral rate originates from satisfied, content clients. 

Reviews From Your, Award Winning Pool Company

Trusted and used by many big companies.

"Always on time and communicate."

I just bought a house with a pool and it needed some work. Anthony came the next day and after one visit had the pool in perfect condition. He found out that the filter hadn’t been changed in over a year and the pumps needed cleaning. The next day everything looked great. He is always on time and communicates any issues well.

David Robinson

"Keep my pool sparkling clean."

Blue Waters Pool Service in Claremont is awesome. They have been incredibly helpful to us as new pool owners. They keep my pool sparkling clean and have installed a handrail for me. We discovered after we moved into the house that we had a leak. They sent someone out and he was able to diagnose and fix the problem rather quickly.

Bill Allisoner

"Extremely professional and really listen to the customer."

In a time when not sure who to trust, you can trust Blue Waters Pool Service! They are upfront about pricing and try to get you the best deal. They perform their work as soon as they possibly can.Extremely professional and really listen to the customer. They have my pool business for life!

George Smile

On time every time

You can count on us to be there for you, even when you’re out at work. We clean your pool the same day of the week every week and around the same time, including details on the work that we did while out.

Courteous, Uniformed Professionals

Licensed and Insured

Workmanship Parts Guaranteed

Same Day Service

Our Claremont Pool Services

Pool Service

Our pool experts vacuum your pool, leaving it spotless clean. We also skim the surface and remove all the debris. Also, we clean pool walls, tiles, and steps to guarantee they are free of algae. Our pool specialists clean the skimmer and pump basket to retain your pool water circulating correctly.

Pool Repairs

Upkeeping a swimming pool takes experience, effort, and know-how. It is common for swimming pool components or equipment to break, whether it’s because of wear and tear or inadequate maintenance. If you’re currently having trouble with pool, you need a team of pool specialists you can trust.

Pool Equipment

Blue Waters Pool Service Company uses the best technology and purification techniques to keep your pool crystal clear and attractive. We keep the essential elements of the water in balance to guarantee bacteria has been eliminated, extract organic matter, and have the water delightful to swim. We use a pool vacuum to extract debris from your pool or spa.

Pool Equipment Replacement

When it is time we replace your old, inefficient pool equipment and restore pool system to optimum level. Same Price—Any Time, Any Day! You can count on fair pricing from your Blue Waters!

Ready to Take the Dive at Blue Waters?

Have questions about our services. No problem just gets in touch and we’ll be happy to provide a custom quote.

Blue Waters Pool Services Claremont

226 W Foothill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711

Mail: info@bluewaterspoolservices.com
Phone: 909 451 9070

When you want your pool to stay beautiful year-round, turn to Blue Waters

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