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Pool Repairs

Our pool repair experts can help with problems ranging from heaters, pumps to leaking pool filters.

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Upkeeping a pool demands experience, effort, and know-how. It is common for pool parts or equipment to demange, whether it’s because of wear and tear or inadequate maintenance. If you’re dealing with pool problems, you need pros you can trust.

Pool Equipment Repair Services

Pump Repairs The pump is the heart of a pool’s circulation system as it draws water from one or more suction points and pushes it through the filter and back into your pool. Without it, your pool will not work because the rest of your pool equipment depends on the pump to operate correctly. If your pool pump has stopped working, our team has the experience and skills required to get it up and running efficiently.

Filter Repairs If your pool water is filled with debris and is dirty, there may be a problem with your pool filter. Pool filters may malfunction due to several reasons. Our pool experts will inspect your filtration system, identify the problem and provide a durable solution fast.

Heater Repairs If your pool heater is turning off and on randomly, or your pool water doesn’t get to the temperature you want, your pool heater may have to be repaired or replaced. Although your pool heater may still ignite, it may not generate any heat at all, or the pool doesn’t reach the desired temperature. Whatever issue causes your pool heater to malfunction, our pool professionals will be able to help you fix the problem and get your pool heated to where you want it to be.

Salt System Repairs Salt chlorinators are used to convert salt into a supply of pure chlorine to keep your pool sparkling clean. If your salt chlorinators system doesn’t work properly, our team of professionals can help you resolve the problem. Our team has helped numerous pool owners by fixing the salt system in their pools so that they can enjoy safe and soft pool water.

LED Lighting Repairs If you see water behind the lens of your LED pool lights or they don’t want to turn on, our team can help you in resolving the problem. Lighting in any pool is essential, especially if your family likes to enjoy the pool at night.

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Being Southern California’s biggest pool service and repair provider has its perks. With our scale and purchasing power, we are able of obtaining some of the biggest deals on pool equipment in the market. This translates to reduce costs for you on high-quality products.