Over 5000 Pool Residents Have Trusted Blue Waters Pool Plastering For Swimming Pool Remodels

With age, swimming pool surfaces will decay due to lifetime and additional factors. If your swimming pool’s surface is peeling, stained, or damaged, it may be the point to resurface your pool. The swimming pool and spa resurfacing professionals at Blue Waters Service Company assist pool residents across Southern California replaster their pool so that it is in the most desirable condition for them to experience during the summer. Our company is America’s foremost swimming pool service organization since 2001. Our trained professionals maintain over 100,000 gallons of water each week, and we constantly provide customers with honest and respectful services. No matter the project size large or small your pool resurfacing plan may be, there’s zip our organization of pool specialists can’t manage.



We Constantly Maintain On Producing Each Job Precisely Right.

No tacky workmanship. Most of our technicians have operated with us for over 11 years.

No-fly by night services. We have been in business since 2001 and have completed over 1000 jobs

Not too large to care. Even though we have over 75 workers, we are still family-owned and operated.

No unlicensed business.  We carry active C-53 (Swimming Pool Contractor) state contractors’ licenses.

No uninsured workers at your home.  We have general liability and workers comp.

No unsupervised operation.  Each crew has a foreman.

No job too complex.  We have a team of pool experts in plaster, tile, plumbing, electrical and general construction.

No poor sub-standard types of cement, aggregates or pigments used in our swimming pool finishes.

No increased pricing, all calculations come from a company price list.

No high-pressure sales tactics. Our design specialists are ready to hear your needs and produce the yard of your dreams.

No guesswork on what your pool will look like. Our showroom has 100s of results to see and touch. Envision your pool & yard with a 3D design.


Owning a pool is the enjoyable part. Let Blue Waters handle the rest. 

How Do You Know It’s Time To Resurface Your Pool?

Your swimming pool and spa are presented to various things throughout the years—whether it’s climate conditions, pool chemicals, algae, or more. Numerous of these circumstances can contribute to the decline of your pool surface.

Typical signs that your pool requires replastering include:

Pool Plaster Peeling or Flaking: Pool water with continued low pH or low calcium levels is a regular cause of pool plaster flaking. Flaking happens because low pH pool water softens a soluble calcium composite called calcium hydroxide, and there’s no way to restore it, sadly.

Pool Surface Stains: Surface spots usually transpire due to copper, calcium, or various other determinants. These pool stains usually stick to the plaster. Seldom you can eliminate the stains with an acid wash, but if your pool is harshly stained, it may be most beneficial to replaster.

Roughness: Pool chemicals regularly eat away the pool surface, producing a rough surface that can make your swimmers cut themselves or encounter discomfort.

Structure Cracks: If you have a structural split in your pool, it is important to have an expert pool professional inspect and repair the crack.

Plaster Discoloration: Your plaster may get faded over time. To resolve the issue, we can replaster it, or we can install a long-lasting pebble finish that won’t fade as quickly.



Renovate Your Pool With New Resurfacing Today!

If your pool is seeming dull and requires a facelift, our crew of replastering and resurfacing specialists can help you. Blue Waters isn’t your average “pool guy”—we are educated, delighted to answer questions, and provide you everything you need to have a fresh, welcoming pool. We adhere to a severe code of values, which involves offering a tremendous level of service, treating clients with respect, and giving reasonable prices. If you hire our company for your pool resurfacing plan, you can presume that we will get the job completed right the first time. Blue Waters guarantees your peace of mind!

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