Top Options on How to Heat a Pool

Methods for Heating a Swimming Pool Swimming pools shouldn’t only be used during the summertime when it is warm outside. Wouldn’t it be nice to use your swimming pool during the colder months of autumn? If you can heat your pool water properly, you can use it until the snowflakes start falling in the winter. […]

Cleaning Your Pool After a Storm

Pool Rain Steps to Cleaning Your Swimming Pool After a Rainstorm Rain can have a negative effect on your pool water. Since rain is acidic, the pH balance of your pool will be compromised. If the rain comes down hard and heavy, it’ll cause additional water to fill your pool. This ends up diluting the […]

How To Keep Bees and Wasps Out Of Pool

Keep Bees and Wasps Out Of Pool Summer is a season that makes you want to jump right into your swimming pool and cool off. Unfortunately, bees and wasps are attracted to big water masses like swimming pools. For this reason, anyone in the pool is at risk of getting stung by a bee or […]

Swimming Pool Salt A Guide To Buying & Using

Pool Salt Did you know that millions of people are installing saltwater pools in their backyards? The salt of the water reduces the cost of chemicals and causes less irritation to your hair, skin, and eyes. Before you upgrade or install your pool with salt, you must educate yourself about pool salt. Learn about what […]

Liquid Chlorine or Chlorine Granules What’s the difference?

Liquid Chlorine or Chlorine Granules Swimming pool owners usually ponder over whether to purchase liquid chlorine or powder chlorine for their pool water. If you’re inexperienced at adding chlorine to pool water, then you probably don’t know which type of chlorine to purchase. To make matters worse, there is a lot of conflicting information being […]

How To Lower The Alkalinity In Your Pool

Muriatic Acid to Lower Your Pool Alkalinity You can balance the alkalinity level of your swimming pool without spending a lot of money on chemical additives. All you need is some good quality muriatic acid. But you don’t simply pour the acid into the water and call it a day. That’ll cause problems for you. […]

Chlorine Tablets for Your Swimming Pool

Chlorine Tablets for Pools There are a lot of responsibilities that come with owning a pool. One of which is cleaning the water regularly of contaminants, algae, leaves, debris, bugs, and other nasty things. This can be a learning process if you’ve never done it before. Skimming the water of its bugs and leaves requires […]

How to Get Rid of Algae in Your Pool

How to Get Rid of Green Algae in a Swimming Pool Mustard algae might sound like something you put on a hot dog, but it is actually a common type of algae found in swimming pools. It is sometimes called yellow algae because of its yellow color. If you don’t maintain the cleanliness of your […]

Pool Clarifier vs. Pool Flocculant: What’s the Difference?

Difference Between Pool Clarifier and Flocculant Flocculants are used to clear pool water quickly. However, not everybody is going to want to use these chemicals to clear their pool water. A pool clarifier might be preferred instead. What is the difference between the two? Here we will elaborate on flocculants and standard pool clarifiers. That […]

Pool Algaecide Treatments Prevent and Remove Green Algae

Pool Algaecide Treatments When you see cloudiness and greenness in your pool water, you might become instantly horrified. You’ll probably blame yourself for messing up the water chemistry or not paying enough attention to it. No pool owner is perfect, and things like this tend to happen sooner or later. Algae is the reason for […]

Pool and Spa Controllers and Automation Systems

Pool Automation Pool and Spa Equipment You don’t need to be technologically knowledgeable to operate an automated pool or spa. It’s as easy as pushing a button on a TV remote control. Actually, it’s even easier because you can push the button from thousands of miles away and it’ll still control your pool. This is […]

How to Use a Multiport Valve on a Pool Filter

What do all the Multiport valve settings actually do? If you’ve never used a diatomaceous filter or sand filter before, then you might be surprised by the handle on it. This handle contains a lot of weird settings that you’re probably not familiar with. It is not as simple as flicking a switch on and […]