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Why is my Inground Pool Liner Wrinkling

How to Remove Pool Liner Wrinkles

By Allen Hayward

When you’re swimming in a pool, it feels good to step on the soft pool liner below your feet. But it is possible for the liner to get wrinkled. How do you solve this issue?

Whenever there is liner in a swimming pool, it is going to get wrinkled eventually. Therefore, you must be ready to act once this happens. The wrinkles can be taken out in several ways, most of which are easy to do without the need for a professional.

Pool Liner Wrinkle Removal Tips

Do you see wrinkles in your pool liner? If so, then don’t wait to fix this issue or else it will be more difficult to remove the wrinkles. The sooner you act, the better.

The tips below can help you with your pool liner wrinkle problem. Once you’ve worked out the wrinkles, your feet can go back to touching the smooth liner surface again rather than the nasty wrinkly one.

Add Water to Your Pool

 If your pool water sits for too long, then wrinkles form in the pool liner. Check to see if you have a low level of pool water or if the water needs replacing because of all the sitting it did. Add fresh water to the pool while slowly flattening the wrinkles throughout the process.

Begin to Walk

A simple method for removing some of the wrinkles is to walk on them while wearing soft-soled shoes. Walk slowly on the wrinkles to stretch them out. Start from one side of the pool and work your way to the other side. Smaller wrinkles can be removed if you do this. The bigger wrinkles may prove to be more difficult to remove.

Use a Toilet Plunger

A toilet plunger works well at pulling wrinkles out of the liner. Simply position the plunger on the left or right side of each wrinkle and just start plunging. Now plunge the opposite side of the wrinkle too. By doing this, you pull the liner in both directions to get the wrinkle removed.

Prior to using the plunger, make sure it is totally cleaned first. An unused plunger is recommended.

Heat the Pool Water

Cold water causes wrinkles to develop in the liner. Whenever the liner is exposed to colder temperatures, it hardens up and forms wrinkles. For this reason, it may be better to warm up the temperature of the water to around 92°F. This will soften the liner considerably and make it easier for you to get rid of the wrinkles. Just use your feet, a toilet plunger, or pool brush to flatten the wrinkles after the liner has softened.

Remove the Water

If the wrinkles in your pool liner are too severe, then you’ll have to go to the extreme by draining the water out of your pool. Learn how to do this first if you have never done it before. You can easily damage an inground pool if you don’t drain it correctly.

After you’ve removed the water, a Shop-Vac can be used to suck the wrinkles flat individually. The liner must remain wet as you keep the vacuum in the middle of the liner and frame rather than just on the liner directly. If you keep the vacuum on the liner, then it could get damaged.

Landscaping Inspection

Look around at the shrubs, trees, and bushes of your landscaping. Make sure they’re not directing water to your pool area. If the ground has shifted, then certain steps must be taken for the ground to be shored up. Otherwise, the ground will keep on shifting.

After you’ve solved that problem, the wrinkles should not come back once you get rid of them.

Look for Water Leaks

Small water leaks cause a lot of wrinkles to form in pool liner at a rapid rate. As the water leaks, it flows underneath the pool liner and pushes the material up. You must find the leak fast before the wrinkles get worse. The best thing to do may be to drain the water out of the pool. Once you know where the leak came from, patch up that area securely. Now pull the wrinkles out.

Liner Blow Out

One extreme measure you can take is emptying the water from the pool and then performing a liner blow out. Take your Shop-Vac device and set it to reverse. Position the vacuum hose in the middle of the frame and liner. Activate the vacuum while it is in reverse mode. This will cause air to get pushed into the middle of the frame and liner, which will force the wrinkles to get removed from the liner. Now turn the vacuum back to suck mode and remove the extra air which may have been driven underneath the pool liner.

Call Professionals

If you’ve tried everything possible to remove the wrinkles from your liner, but they’re still there, then you should call a professional technician. It is not a good idea to keep draining your pool water every time you need to remove wrinkles. That’ll put a lot of stress on your pool structure. Not only that, you will have a higher water bill because you’ll need to keep refilling your pool with new water. Your money is better spent hiring a professional and having them solve the problem.

Line Replacement

Even a professional might fail at removing the wrinkles from the liner. At this point, the sole option left is to replace the liner completely. There is no sense to keep on trying those other methods if they’ve failed repeatedly.

Have a professional install the new pool liner because you’ll want to make sure it is done correctly. This will ensure that there are no wrinkles forming immediately after the installation.

If you own a swimming pool that has a liner, then wrinkles are to be expected. But now, you understand how to remove liner wrinkles because you have those ten amazing tips to follow. In most cases, you can smooth out the pool liner without having to replace it. Just try to remove the wrinkles sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to remove them.


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