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How much does a pool heater cost?

A swimming pool heater is just what you need on colder days; however, how much do they cost, which model is best for me, and do you need one?

By Allen Hayward

Do you sense like you’re solely getting one weather season worth of usage out of your swimming pool? Would you hope to be able to do laps in the chillier months without thinking like you’re floating in the Arctic Sea? If the response is yes, a swimming pool heater is a direction to go.

While supplementing a pool heater demands an upfront expense, it benefits you maximize your purchase by being capable to utilize your swimming pool and spa for much more of the time. Amidst setup and running costs, a pool heater costs between $500 and $7,000, with the medium cost around $2,200.

Pool heater varieties

There are numerous basic types of pool heater, with ranging features, installation costs, and running costs.

Solar pool heaters – If you reside in a sunshiny place like California or Arizona, a solar swimming pool heater can be an appealing and budgetary choice, considering they run uniquely on solar energy and are free to run. These can begin as low as $250.

Electric pool heaters heat pump  – Electric pump heaters work on electricity and can operate in sunshiny or shaded conditions. These heaters particularly perform well when the temperature is beyond 50 degrees, because they draw outer air in, heat it, and pass it to the swimming pool water. They’ll place you back within $1,200 and $3,500.

Electric resistance heater –These swimming pool heaters use power via resistors to warm the pool and don’t release any air pollution, although they may utilize a notable amount of electricity through cooler months. These prices between $1,900 and $4,300.

Gas swimming pool heaters – Gas pool heaters use oxidization to warm swimming pools and heat extremely efficiently. They’re not the most favorable eco heating choice, but they are the most effective in a colder climate. They run at around $2,100 to $4,800.

Pool Heaters Installation costs

An important factor when picking a pool heater is the price of installation, and it’s usually favorable to negotiate with a professional. You surely don’t want to take any risks when combining electricity and water.
The central price for pool heater installation is within $500 and $1,500, although every heater type conveys its own installation expense. Gas heaters favor being the most pricey to install, although these costs can differ depending on your location and swimming pool contractor. Want to save money toward your pool heater? Make sure you’re getting the best prices.

Pool Heaters Operation costs

Beyond acquisition and installation expenses, you’ll also want to factor running costs into your budget. Solar swimming pool heaters are an attractive choice, because there’s no fuel expense correlated with their operation. Nevertheless, they do still need a pump to run, which costs several hundred dollars a year in electrical expenses. Electrical resistance and heat pumps equate around $120 a month in power to run. Gas heat pumps remain the most costly option, depending on the type of fuel you prefer to utilize. They can cost within $400 and $600 a month to run.

Choosing the right heater

You will additionally require to estimate the size of your swimming pool and its location before you arrive at your concluding decision.
Big pools in shaded sections are more costly to connect and operate. More modest swimming pools and ones in sunny regions are commonly considerably less costly to run. Other circumstances to consider include employing a pool cover to retain heat in as well as the weather in your region.

Time to dive in!

While there are some important obligations associated with swimming pool heater installation, the people that use their swimming pool regularly can benefit significantly. Whether you prefer a solar pool heater for the green advantages or a gas one for its preferred heating capability, you’ll certainly end up consuming a lot more time outside in your pool.

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