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Best Pool Fountain You Can Buy in 2020

People who own swimming pools are not always rich. In fact, many of them are average working people in the middle class. The size of the pools might be different between the poor and rich, but hey, a pool is a pool, right?

Every homeowner has a dream of putting a pool in their backyard. That is probably why more people than ever own pools. However, you don’t often see extra features included with them, such as luxurious tropical scenery and natural rock-based waterfalls. These features typically cost a lot of money because they are custom-built for the pool.

Fortunately, a pool fountain is an attractive addition which doesn’t cost much money. On top of that, it can really enhance the aesthetics of your pool area considerably.

What are Poolside Water Fountains

There are different kinds of pool fountains to choose from. We’re not suggesting that you hire a stone masonry expert to craft you a fountain from scratch. You can choose a smaller fountain which can be installed quickly. These fountains are available for either above ground or inground pools.

Advantages of Pool Fountains

So, what are the benefits of installing a pool fountain?

Cools the Pool Temperature

During the summertime, people like to get into their swimming pools simply to cool off. If the blazing sun has heated up your pool water, it’ll take away the coolness from the water. To fix this problem, you can install a fountain which provides aeration to the water.

As the fountain sprays water from the pool into the air, all the water droplets make contact with oxygen and get cooled down. After the droplets land in the pool water, they lower the temperature of the water because of how cool they are. Keep the fountain running for a while, and the temperature of the entire pool should drop at least 2 degrees. But if you add a few more fountains to the pool, then perhaps you could lower the temperature of the water even more.

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Water Circulation

Every pool needs good circulation to move around the chemicals and sanitizers in the water and distribute them evenly. More importantly, circulation is how water enters the filtration system so that it can stay clean. Pumps are primarily used for creating this circulation.

However, a pool fountain can add a lot of circulation too. The more fountains you add to your pool, the more circulation it will have. Just make sure your pump is working because the fountains can’t work without it.

Stress Relief

People love the sight of water. They also love to hear water splashing down onto other water. Research has shown that water sounds like this can actually reduce stress and make people feel calmer. One fountain installed in your pool should make you feel a lot better. You can just sit and listen to it, and you’ll start to feel your stress going away.


It is entertaining to watch the fountain spray water into the air and then have that water splash back down. It almost creates a rainbow of water in the air. You can also splash around underneath the fountain as the water droplets come falling down. This makes them fun for both children and adults to enjoy.

Pool Fountain Types

The circulation system is what powers most pool fountains. The two main types of pool fountains are floating fountains and poolside fountains.

Poolside Fountains

An adapter is attached to one of the return jets. Instead of the water getting pushed into the pool from the return jet, the water gets pushed into the fountain. For the adapter, a pipe gets attached to it. Then you attach a fountain nozzle to the pipe. That’s it!

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Floating Fountain

An adapter is attached to one of the return jets. This time, you’re not attaching a pipe to the adapter. Instead, you must attach a hose to it. Connect the hose to the fountain nozzle. Allow the fountain to float on the surface of the water. Floating fountains are weighted to stop them from floating away or slanting over.

A clear hose is included with certain pool fountain models. This allows the hose to blend with the pool and make it hard to notice.

Pool Waterfall Fountains Features


Pool fountains light up at nighttime because they have lights integrated into them. Sometimes they’re multicolored lights too, which create the perfect party setting if you have guests over in your pool.


A lot of good pool fountains let you spray the water in more than one direction. They may even have different water pressure strengths, as well. Adjust the spray directions and strengths to your liking.


If you’ve gone through the trouble of keeping your pool clean, then you might as well spice up the aesthetics a little bit more. A pool fountain is entertaining, gorgeous, and helps with the circulation and clarity of your pool.


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