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The Best Pool Fence of 2021

Get pool security without surrendering the look and feel of your amazing backyard with a swimming pool fence

By Allen Hayward

There are so many swimming pool fences for sale on the market. You’re probably wondering how to pick the best one for your pool. The purpose of a pool fence is to eliminate the open space between your pool and home. It gives your pool area more privacy and security too.

It is really a lot easier to choose a pool fence than you may think. You just need to learn about the different types of fences and the various styles and features they have to offer.

Pool Gate Fence Types

You might think that all pool fences are the same, but they’re not. Here are some of the main types of pool fences on the market:


If you want your pool to be surrounded with a natural looking design, then you’ll want to build a wooden fence around it. Just be prepared to replace the fence after a couple of years because they don’t have a long lifespan.


 If you have small children in your home, then a mesh fence is the best fence to surround your pool with. A mesh fence is a durable fence which helps prevent children from gaining unsupervised entry to your pool area. They won’t be able to crawl under it or climb over it.


Steel pool fences provide the best privacy of all the fences. But you need to keep up the maintenance regularly because the steel can rust fast.


Glass pool fences certainly won’t give you privacy. They’re also easy to break and shatter, which would likely cause glass pieces to fall into the pool water. This makes swimming quite dangerous under these conditions. It even costs a lot to purchase a glass fence.

The Most Common Pool Fencing Styles

Some states have strict requirements regarding the pool fence styles that are acceptable to have. Here are the most common styles:

Flat Top 

The average pool fence has a flat top. This is where vertical bars and horizontal bars are adjoined on the top and bottom.

Double Top 

These are just like flat top fences. The only difference is there’s an extra horizontal bar on top. With 2 bars, ornamental items are usually placed there.

Loop Top 

 Instead of 2 individual bars on top of the fence, the loop top fence has one long metal bar that is curved.


Thick wire bars made of metal are used for the wire pool fence. There are no hollow tube bars made of metal like the other fences listed above. With thick wire bars, you get more durability and weather resistance from your fence.

Features of Pool Safety Fences

Below are some helpful features to look for in the pool fence that you purchase.

Gates That Close and Latch by Themselves

Look for a gate which closes and latches automatically after you leave. Magnetic power is usually used to make this happen. This type of gate ensures that you never forget to close your gate because it does it for you. Then you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids won’t get into the pool area alone.

Durable Mesh

The mesh is everything when it comes to a pool fence. If you have a low-quality mesh, then it is easy for a child to force their way through the fence and gain access to the pool area. Look for the words “tension-based support” when shopping for pool fences.

Any pool fence is susceptible to wear and tear. But there are fences which are better at resisting tears and punctures. A good mesh can return a tear to its regular shape again. The best mesh coatings to look for are polyester and vinyl. These mesh coatings are easy to clean and resistant to mildew.


Everyone wants a high pool fence because it provides more privacy and security. At a minimum, your fence should be 4 feet tall. This is good enough to keep out most children. If you can find a taller fence, then that is better because it means you won’t have to purchase a new fence when your child grows taller.


The poles of your pool fence need to be good quality. If you can find triple-reinforced poles which pass safety standards, then that is good. Aluminum poles are the best for any pool fence because they give it the tension and strength needed to keep it secure. And remember, it is better to have a shorter distance between the two poles.


A vinyl border on every corner of your pool fence will increase safety. Not only will your fence receive a cool finish, but it stops the mesh from unraveling.

Insert visible reinforced material into the vinyl to make your pool fence extra strong. This will also reduce the chances of sagging too. Borders are the best for making a durable and strong fence.

Top Pool Fence

Below is a list of the 7 best pool fences available right now.

  1. Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Fencing Section Kit, 4 x 12-Feet, Black

Why we chose it

The Life Saver Fencing Section Kit is a do-it-yourself pool fence solution. It features one 12’x4’ fence with 5 aluminum post reinforcements. A safety latch and deck sleeves are included too. This is the perfect solution for shielding your children from the pool area when you’re not around.

The gate must be purchased separately, though. But if you don’t want to purchase the gate, you can still get a lot of security out of the fence alone.

2. Giantex Inground Swimming Pool Fence

Why we chose it

The Giantex Inground Swimming Pool Fence is durable and strong. Its dimensions are 12’x4’ and its material is aluminum. The product can be assembled easily and used around an inground pool area. If you need to block kids and pets from accessing your pool area, then this is the fence to purchase. Based on your pool area size, the fence can be shortened to better fit around it.

If you need to uninstall and then later reinstall the pool fence, you can do so easily without risking any damage to it. For the installation, there is a detailed instruction guide which comes with the fence. All the required tools and hardware to perform the installation are included too.

  1. WaterWarden WWF200 4 Foot Pool Fence

Why we chose it

The Water Warden Pool Safety Fence might not give you privacy at just 4 feet tall, but it can make it safer around your pool area. Kids likely won’t be able to get past a fence that is 4 feet in height. There is no gate included, though.

Other items that come with the fence include a measuring template, installation video, tools & hardware, and installation instructions. If you’re someone who is a do-it-yourself type, then you will find this fence easy to install. Virtually any modern safety gate should be compatible with this fence.

If you want a taller version of this fence, you can choose the 5-foot tall version or a kit which extends the height to 12 feet. The fence lasts a long time and it provides amazing value for the investment.

Our Choice

The Life Saver Fencing Section Kit is our top choice. This is the best way to prevent your children from gaining entry to your pool area when they’re not supervised. It is easy to install by yourself and comes with 5 aluminum posts.

Swimming Pool Fence Installation Guide

The installation instructions which come with the pool fence should be followed. But, in general, here is how to install most pool fences.

1) Measure the Length

Use a garden hose or a simple length of rope and place it 3 feet away from the edge of your pool. The rope or hose will draw the outline of where the fence will be installed. Leave room for the gate by using chalk to mark it.

Take measurements of the length of the hose or rope. Now purchase a fence which has the same length and all the other features you need.

2) Measure the Distance

Find a stick that is 4 feet long. Cut a piece off that is 3 feet in length. You will use this to measure the area between the sections of the pool fence. With the piece still left, cut a piece out of it that is 2.5 inches in length. Use this to measure the area in between each panel.

3) Mark Holes for Drilling

You need a waterproof marker to mark your drill hole areas. Find the right spacing by using your 3-foot and 2.5-inch sticks. Do this all around the perimeter of your pool.

4) Get Your Drilling Machine Ready

The cement bit must be included in your drilling machine to successfully drill holes in the designated areas on the deck. The plastic sleeve sizes need to be measured. Now measure a piece of tape, cut the piece, and then tie it to the drill bit. Do this at the point where the bit and sleeve hit. That way, your holes won’t be drilled too deep.

5) Start Drilling into the Marks

Put on your protective gear and start drilling holes. Put sleeves in the holes to secure the poles in them.

6) Perform the Pool Fence & Gate Installation

Begin at the gate area and then install the fence around the pool. The gate area should be open for the gate installation. The spring latch is inserted first, followed by the gate.


Pick a pool fence which accommodates your needs. Just make sure the fence satisfies local legal regulations and insurance requirements. Most importantly, make sure it adds safety and protection to your pool area.


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