Pool Equipment

Find swimming pool equipment such as filters, heaters, pumps, saltwater systems, and plumbing supplies.

The term “pool equipment” refers to all the devices, chemicals, and accessories associated with managing a swimming pool. Typical pool equipment includes water heaters, cleaners, pumps, salt chlorine generators, and filters. You don’t necessarily need all these items to manage your pool water, except for the pump and filter. The pump circulates the water through the filter, which is how debris and contaminants get removed from the water.

When you shop for pool equipment, please make sure a reputable manufacturer made it. You might have to pay a little more money for high-quality pool equipment, but it will be worth it in the long run. Your pool will remain clean and fresh throughout each season of the year.

Let’s examine the most common pieces of swimming pool equipment more closely.


Every swimming pool must have a pump. It is the only way that pool water can move and circulate to other pool areas, such as to the filtration system. If the water is left stagnant, it will cause significant problems for your pool’s water and components. The water will be left unsanitary and unhealthy for people to use. So, it is critical to install a premium-grade pool pump. 


The filter is what removes particles, debris, bugs and other solid contaminants from the pool water. There are millions of tiny particles in pool water that you cannot even see with the naked eye. If you don’t filter the pool water, it will eventually turn cloudy and ugly. Use the pump and filter together to keep the pool water cleaned. 

Chemical Sanitizers 

One of the biggest pool maintenance responsibilities is to add chemical sanitizers to the water regularly. It is the only way to keep the pool water clean and sanitary from liquid-based contaminants. The most common sanitation equipment involves saltwater chlorine generators, water feeders, floaters, and tablet chlorinators.


Many pool heaters are available. The main difference between the pool heaters is the source of the heat. You can choose a gas pool heater, electric pool heater, or solar pool heater. Each one has its pros and cons, so there is no right or wrong choice. Think about your budget and what is most convenient for you. Some people find solar heaters are more economical because they don’t increase your energy bill. Others prefer gas or electric because they heat the water faster without sunlight dependency. 

Cleaning Equipment

The filter cannot clean the pool water entirely. Sometimes the debris can become too big for the filter to handle. For this reason, someone needs to clean the pool manually with professional pool cleaning equipment. Pressure pool cleaners and suction cleaners are two popular choices. Of course, modern technology now provides us with automatic pool cleaning equipment, such as automated pool vacuums and robotic cleaners. Your budget and amount of free time will determine your choice here. 

All of the pool equipment works together to keep the pool water clean. That is the number one goal, after all. Your pool water is only healthy for human use if it contains no leaves, dirt, bugs, algae or bacteria. You can make this happen if the water is circulated, filtered, and regularly treated with sanitization chemicals. The pool heater is a bonus for people to have additional comfort in the water.