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Retractable Pool Enclosures for your Pool 

With a retractable swimming pool enclosure, you can relish your pool year-round, even in the rainfall and snowfall.


By Allen Hayward

A lot of swimming pool owners demand to have more privacy in their pool areas. Many jurisdictions legally require pool owners to install a fence or barrier around their pool for protection. However, you could go the extra mile here and install a pool enclosure instead.

Most pool owners have never heard of pool enclosures before. That is why we’re introducing them to you now in this article.

What is a Pool Enclosure?

As the name indicates, a structure which completely surrounds your pool water from every angle is a pool enclosure. Some pool enclosures are just high-quality pool covers while others can make an indoor pool out of your outdoor pool.

There are all sorts of materials used to manufacture pool enclosures. Glass is used a lot in these enclosures in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing and unconfined. If your budget permits it, a bigger enclosure is better than a simple pool cover.

The Purpose of a Pool Enclosure

Pool enclosures might sound great, but many pool owners aren’t sure if they’re worth the cost. But there are several good reasons to invest in a pool enclosure. We will go over some of these reasons below.

Safety & Privacy

Pool enclosures increase the safety of a pool area by keeping out children and unwanted guests who could potentially end up having an accident in the pool water. These enclosures also give people more privacy in the pool because anyone passing by won’t be able to see them.

This is great if you have party guests or a lot of friends and family over to your home to relax by the pool discretely.

Other Advantages

Certain pool enclosures can assist in heating the water in order to increase the duration of the pool season. Other enclosures can turn an outdoor pool into an indoor one. In that case, you could use your pool during every month of the year.

Furthermore, pool enclosures bring style and aesthetics to your pool area. When you bring guests over to your home, they’ll be amazed by how attractive your pool area looks. It’ll make them want to swim in your pool even more. Meanwhile, your property value will increase too. Some home insurance companies give discounted rates on homes which provide extra protection like this around their pool area.

Don’t forget that pool enclosures act as pool covers too. They block debris and contaminants from entering the pool water, including flies, twigs, leaves, bugs, and other pollutants. However, there is a challenge when the cover is retracted because the debris on top of the cover will fall into the water on one side. This will force you to scoop out all the debris from that one area.

If you own a low-level enclosure, you can likely prop it up from the sides to break the wind and reduce debris from getting blown into the water. People on the sides of the pool can interact better too.

Pool Enclosure Types

You’ll find a variety of different enclosures for sale on the market, and they’re all unique. Every enclosure offers something different than the others.

Pool enclosures can be broken down into three categories:

Flat Pool Enclosures

 Flat enclosures are the most affordable, and they’re also attractive too. You place the enclosure alongside your pool’s edge where it serves as a nice-looking cover. To swim in your pool, you just retract the cover and dive in the water.

Low Profile Enclosures

These are slightly raised pool enclosures which provide a beautiful rounded top to your pool. Although your pool can still be used with the enclosure on it, you’ll have a limited standing ability in the water. If you’re not planning to jump or leap up high out of the water, then you should be okay.

Standing Enclosures

If you have the money to spend, then you can pay extra and get standing enclosures. These are the most expensive enclosures because they create an indoor pool out of your outdoor pool. A standing enclosure will let you stand, walk, and jump around at every angle of your pool. Some enclosures are designed with glass and wood too.


The type of pool enclosure that you want to purchase will determine its cost. Some people spend a couple of thousand dollars, while others spend a whole lot more. If you weren’t planning to spend this much money, think of it more as an investment for the safety, security, privacy, and value of your property.


Pool enclosures offer a lot of value to your property. They’ll prevent accidents from happening, increase the duration of the swim season, and add more aesthetics to your pool area. And if you shop around, you can find an enclosure which meets your budget.


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