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The Top 15 Accessories for Your Pool

Pool Accessories 

Some people spend so much time maintaining their pools that they no longer enjoy having one anymore. Between cleaning and balancing the water in the pool, it can start to feel like another full-time job. If this is how you feel, then you should consider purchasing a couple of accessories for your pool. These accessories will make you feel happy about your pool again. The best part is that you won’t need to spend much money.

How to Find the Best Accessories

A great pool accessory must either be functional, fun, or both. LED lights for pools are an example of both. They provide the function of allowing you to see the pool at night and they provide the fun of making your pool look more attractive.

Other types of awesome pool accessories include a patio table, pool float (canopy), cooler, and towel warmer. You can use any of these accessories for any type of pool, such as an inground or above ground pool.

Let’s look at the top 15 accessories for your pool.

1) Wireless Floating Pool Speaker By ECEEN

The best pool parties always have music. But you don’t need to blast music from the inside of your house. Instead, purchase a few wireless floating pool speakers and place them on the surface of your pool water. Don’t worry about them getting wet because they’re waterproof.

These pool speakers let you adjust the volume easily and provide high definition stereo sound that everyone in the pool will enjoy listening to. Use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to connect to the speakers and play music from your personalized playlists. Your mobile devices let you perform all sorts of speaker functions, such as volume control.

Floating Speakers

Waterproof Stereo

2) Poolmaster Pool and Spa Waterfall Fountain

Pool circulation is very important. But you don’t just need to rely on a pump for that. You can also install a nice waterfall fountain to improve circulation even more. In addition, the fountain adds attractiveness and coolness to the pool.

You can totally adjust the direction and height of the spray from the fountain. The Poolmaster is compatible with above ground or in-ground swimming pools and should fit a threaded return fitting that is 1.5 inches. The installation is very simple and easy to perform. Give this one a chance!

Waterfall Fountain

Waterfall Fountain

Adjustable spray height

3) FrogLog Critter Saving Escape Ramp by Swimline

You might be wondering what is fun about this pool accessory. Well, it saves you the hassle of having to clean out dead frogs that drowned in your pool. The Swimline escape ramp gives frogs a way to exit your pool so that they don’t drown in it. It is a win-win for you and the frogs.

Of course, you can use the Swimline escape ramp to help more than just frogs. It also works with bees, rabbits, snakes, birds, mice, and squirrels. If any of these creatures get into your pool water, now they can escape too. This means you won’t need to clean up so much from your water. Assembly is easy and simple. You should purchase a couple of these ramps and spread them out around the pool.

Saving Escape Ramp


4) Aqua Monterey 4-in-1 Inflatable Hammock Pool Float

The Aqua Monterey is more than just a simple pool float. It can be converted into a lounge chair, hammock, exercise saddle, or drifter too. You’ll find a lot of convert from the woven fabric because it helps you stay cool as you float on the pool.

The measurement of the Aqua Monterey 4-in-1 is 54” x 27.5”. Its capacity is 250 pounds, which is just enough for one adult person. Inflating and deflating the pool float is quite easy too.

Inflatable Hammock

Portable Pool Float

5) Offset Cantilever by LCH Outdoor Umbrella

It can be fun to spend some time under the sun, but not too much time. Eventually, you’ll want to shade yourself so that your skin doesn’t get burned. The LCH Offset Cantilever by LCH Outdoor Umbrella provides both shade and 98% protection from UV rays. In addition, the umbrella is fire retardant and water resistant.

The umbrella’s steel ribs and pole contain a special powdered coating which makes them resistant to rust. That way, the humidity of the pool environment won’t bother it so much. And if it’s windy outside, the wind vent of the umbrella will give it more stability. You have nothing to worry about when you open this umbrella and receive 10 feet of perfect shade.

Hanging Umbrella

Backyard, Pool and Beach

6) Aquatix Pro Aluminum Pool Accessory Hangers

You never want to leave your pool accessories on the ground, such as your vacuum hose, skimmer, telescopic poles, and other important ones. If you do, they’re more susceptible to getting damaged. It is better to store these accessories away from the ground in a place where they can be protected. Besides, someone may trip over the accessories if they’re on the ground.

The Aquatix accessory hangers are the perfect solution to this problem. If you have a fence, just place these hangers on it and then hang your accessories on the hangers. This will keep them off the ground.

The aluminum material of the hangers is resistant to rust. And even though it is lightweight, it is also heavy-duty material too. Each hanger can handle as much as 33 pounds of weight.

Alternatively, if there is no fence on your property, try mounting the hangers on vinyl siding, concrete walling, metal posts, or anything that is durable. The hangers include the necessary mounting hardware that you’ll need to install the hangers. The manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with it. So, you have nothing to lose.

Pool Pole Hanger

Premium 4pc Aluminium Holder

7) Brookstone Towel Warmer

Have a patio? Plug in the Brookstone Towel Warmer on there. That way, you have a warm towel available to use after you pull yourself out of the pool water and into the cold open air. The towel warmer has a large capacity to store 2 oversized towels or several smaller towels.

Your pool towels will stay very warm at 120°F. Overheating is never a worry you’ll have because the warmer will automatically shut off after a certain point. If you have a regular 120-volt AC outlet available, you can plug the warmer into it.

Make sure you have a GFCI outlet if you’re plugging in the warmer near the pool water. This will ensure that you stay safe around the water. If there is no GFCI outlet, hire an electrician to install one for you. Don’t attempt to do it yourself.

Towel Warmer

Made in USA

8) Pool & Spa by Poolmaster Footbath

When you’re preparing your pool for guests, it often requires you to skim the water and remove all the twigs and grass from it. Then after your guests swim in the water, you’ll have to skim the water again because of all the new twigs, grass, and other debris that they brought in there.

Don’t put up with this anymore. Pool & Spa by Poolmaster Footbath can be positioned next to the steps on the deck. Before people step into the pool, they can place their feet in the footbath to rinse them off. That way, they’re feet are clean before they enter the water. This keeps your pool clean too.

Swimming Pool Foot bath

For rinsing feet before entering swimming pool

9) Inflatable Floatmingo Drink Holders by GoFloats

Can you imagine having your tasty beverages floating on the water next to you? These Floatmingo drink holders may look like flamingoes, but they’re actually drinking holders which can secure your drinks in place as they float on the water. These holders are both useful and attractive at the same time.

Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

Pack of 3

10) Float Storage Bin and Pool Toy with Noodle Holder

Do you have an abundance of pool floats and toys spread out everywhere in your backyard? If so, you need a handy storage bin to store all these accessories together and keep them protected.

This storage bin is constructed from a high-quality mesh that lets air access your pool toys and accessories. So, if you put wet accessories in the storage bin, they will dry on their own as the air hits them. This reduces the risk of mold forming and spreading in the storage bin and creating an unhealthy situation.

The storage bin doesn’t need to be assembled with tools. The wheels on the bottom allow you to move it anywhere at any time.

Pool Organizer Storage Bin

Holds all pool accessories

11) Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge by Intex

This inflatable pool lounge is suitable for any pool which is filled with water. This doesn’t mean you should use it in a kiddie pool. Just use it in any adult size swimming pool, whether it’s above ground or inground. The backrest of the lounge is very relaxing to rest on as you float around the water. There is even a sunshade to protect you from getting sunburned.

If you want sun exposure, you can detach the shade at any time. In addition, there are 2 cup holders built into the lounge. One holder can be used for water, and the other can be used for a special beverage. As a bonus, a repair patch is included in case the lounge suffers minor damage.

Canopy Island

Inflatable Water Lounge

12) Keter Outdoor Cooler Table

The Keter Outdoor Cooler Table doesn’t require you to have a pool, but it is always better to have one near it. Rather than going back inside your home all wet and getting your floors soaked, you can just sit down at the table and rest. Meanwhile, you can take a drink out of the cooler which is connected to the table. The cooler can store up to 40 bottles or 60 cans while ice is in there too.

If you’re throwing a pool party, you’ll have a convenient way to store drinks outside for everyone. No more running back inside just to get a drink for someone. The cooler is insulated, so the drinks will stay cold for a maximum of 12 hours. When you close the cooler, you can set up the patio table and enjoy its contemporary design as you set at it. There are three color choices available for the table to accommodate your preferred decor.

Cool Bar Modern

Pool Cooler Table

13) Fill-O-Matic 2000 Swimming Pool Water Leveler

The skimmers cannot function well unless the water level stays at a certain height. When people are splashing around in the swimming pool, it drastically reduces the water level. You need a pool water leveler to avoid this problem.

The Fill-O-Matic 2000 is compatible in above ground and inground swimming pools. It doesn’t matter what type of liner there is either. The rubber base prevents the leveler from falling into the water. Also, it is comprised of connectors and hardware made from stainless steel, brass, and acrylic. This ensures that it will have a long lifespan.

Swimming pool water leveler

In ground or above ground

14) Intex Clear Color Tube

There is nothing wrong with purchasing a couple of cheap inflatable tubes. If you’re inviting a bunch of children to a pool party, color tubes like these are just fine for them. Save the expensive floats for the adults when they go swimming. This reduces the chances of your expensive floats getting damaged or popped. The Intex Clear Color Tube has a diameter of 36 inches and is quite colorful. Kids will enjoy using them in the water.

Clear Color Tube

4 Pack

15) Deluxe Inflatable Movie Screen by Gemmy with Storage Bag

Imagine you’re in your pool watching a film on an inflatable movie screen at one end while you’re at the other end. How cool would that be?

This is a 123” x 70” inflatable screen. The measurement of the total unit is 12’ x 11.5’. The screen will stay in place with the tethers and stakes which come with it. When your move ends, place the deflated screen in the storage bag. There are 2 fans built into the screen which make it easy and quick to inflate it whenever you want to use it.

Airblown Movie Screen

Inflatable with Storage Bag


So, do you have any idea which accessories you want to purchase for your pool? Think about which functions you want the most in your pool environment and then purchase the accessories which allow those functions to happen.

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