Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic

The Vortex Vacuum technology of the Polaris F9550 allows it to do a good cleaning job. It can clean pools that are as much as 60 inches long. It doesn’t matter what obstacles are in the way either because the Polaris F9550 can maneuver around them with its 4-wheel drive.

Its scrubbing brush has a solid blade which cleans the walls and waterline evenly. Tough to reach areas are also cleaned thoroughly, thanks to the cleaner’s rear water propulsion system. This makes cleaning pool stairs so much easier.

The remote control gives you added convenience. Create your own scheduled cleaning cycles with the included 7-day timer that is programmable. Best of all, you can choose a specific mode to allow the cleaner to focus on a particular area, such as the waterline or floor.

You won’t need to worry about cable tangling with the Polaris 9550 because it has a swivel feature which reduces tangling. This is a low-torque swivel that is watertight and will make sure that tangling does not happen when the cleaner is activated. The only real setback is the cleaner cannot climb high on the walls to clean there

The Polaris F9550 is a great investment because of its motion-detecting remove control and 4-wheel drive capabilities. This is certainly an advanced cleaner with good navigation. If you can afford its high price tag, then go for it.

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