Intex PureSpa

If you’re looking for high-quality inflatable hot tubs, then look no further than Intex inflatable hot tubs. Intex manufactures several hot tubs, but their best one by far is the Intex PureSpa. This hot tub gives you the kind of luxury and comfort that you expect. Its bubbles and heated water are so soothing and relaxing that you’ll never want to get out of the tub.

If you want to relax after working hard all day, then you won’t find better water relaxation equipment than this. The best part is you won’t need to spend lots of money either. The PureSpa is truly affordable for the average working person.

The hot tub is simple to set up and takedown. When you’re relaxing in the tub, you can easily operate the control panel and activate the settings that you want while you’re relaxing.

Once you’re done with the PureSpa, it can be stored without any hassle after it’s been deflated.

Intelligent Heating

The Intex PureSpa provides a personalized hot tub experience whenever you get into the water. It features an intelligent heating system that remembers your preference regarding the temperature of the water. Because of this, you won’t need to bother adjusting the temperature all the time to get it the way you like it. The intelligent heating system will recognize the temperature setting that you like after you’ve set it enough times. This is just one more way the PureSpa reduces your stress and increases your relaxation.

The Intex brand is mighty popular in the spa industry. Their PureSpa comes with an insulated cover which you lock over the water so that it doesn’t blow away. Meanwhile, the heat stays trapped in the water. That way, the water won’t be cold the next time you get into it. You’ll immediately feel relaxation and comfort as soon as you step foot into the water.

The maximum water temperature is 104°F. The control panel lets you alter the temperature to anything between 50°F and 104°F.

Hard Water Treatment

A hard water treatment system is built into the PureSpa. This system softens the water and makes it feel smoother against your skin, hair, and clothes. It also sustains the longevity of your hot tub by preventing any damage to it. Hard water won’t accumulate in the tub, so the water flow ends up being better.

Suspended Crystal Creation

The Intex PureSpa contains highly innovative technology which produces suspended crystals in the water. Basically, an electromagnetic field is created which affects the minerals of the hot tub water, including the calcium. The result is the creation of suspended crystals. The filter cartridge stores the crystals, so they keep the water soft as it flows through the filter.

Control Panel

There is a digital control panel included with the PureSpa. You can use the control panel to turn on the super powerful bubble jets, all 120 of them. Once those bubbles hit your body in the hot tub, you’ll feel like you’re getting massaged from multiple angles. You can even change the bubble temperature with the control panel too. A premium quality plastic covers the hot tub, keeping it completely protected.

The digital display of the control panel is easy to see, thanks to the colored symbols and numbers. When you adjust the settings and temperature, you’ll have no trouble seeing what you’re doing. The control panel interface is designed to be user-friendly. It is okay if you lack experience in configuring hot tub systems.

Fiber Tech Material

The PureSpa is constructed of strong and sturdy fiber tech material, allowing for heavy-duty use. At the same time, the material offers all kinds of comfort and relaxation to the user. Don’t worry about accidentally puncturing holes in the hot tub because its 3-ply puncture resistant laminated material will prevent that from happening, even outdoors.

Maintenance is Easy

There is not much effort needed to clean the hot tub. It contains two filter cartridges which you can replace yourself without any hassle. A professional maintenance person is not necessary.

Easy Storage

Since the hot tub is portable and inflatable, you can easily move it around when it is deflated. There are grab handles built into the exterior of the hot tub. Just grip the handles and carry the hot tub around as needed. You can even do this when it is inflated too.

If you want to travel long distances with the hot tub after it’s deflated, a special carry bag is included with the PureSpa. The bag is designed specifically for storing the hot tub in.

Setup is Simple

You don’t need to be a professional installer to set up the PureSpa. There are a lot of parts included with the spa kit which must be installed. Fortunately, the kit includes a DVD that provides visual setup instructions which are easy to follow and understand. All the tools needed for the installation are included with the kit as well. You don’t need to purchase any special equipment separately.


As mentioned, all the necessary tools and accessories for installing the PureSpa are included with the kit. They will allow you to inflate the spa, perform maintenance on the spa, and use the spa.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is included with the hot tub. This is what keeps the water warm.

Floating Chlorine Dispenser

The spa kit comes with a chlorine dispenser which floats on the water. This is what eliminates germs, algae, and bacteria from your hot tub water. The container drifts on the water and releases the proper amount of chlorine as needed. Chlorine tablet computers come with the kit too.

Spa Cover

Not only is the hot tub inflatable, but so is the cover which comes with it. The inflatable cover is made with sturdy belts and buckles to stay securely on the tub. The diameter of the cover is a little bit bigger than the diameter of the hot tub itself. When you want to remove the cover, you can twist it to do so.


Overall, the PureSpa can provide you with an ideal amount of comfort and relaxation after a tough workday. You won’t stress yourself out when setting up the hot tub because the installation can be done quickly and easily. After it is set up, the control panel lets you easily control the functions of the tub, including the heat and bubbles. It is one of the most refreshing massages you will ever have.

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