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Methods for Heating a Swimming Pool

Cheap ways to heat your swimming pool.

By Allen Hayward

Swimming pools shouldn’t only be used during the summertime when it is warm outside. Wouldn’t it be nice to use your swimming pool during the colder months of autumn? If you can heat your pool water properly, you can use it until the snowflakes start falling in the winter.

Traditional pool heaters can be rather expensive to purchase and operate. Not only do you have to buy the heating device itself, but you also have to pay for the electricity to keep it powered. You could end up paying as much as $1,000 every month to keep your pool heated. Plus you must expect to pay for maintenance which includes regularly clean ups. Why spend all that money when there are more inexpensive ways to keep a pool heated?

Put a Solar Cover Over the Water

A solar cover will absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the water. It will also reduce evaporation and heat loss while keeping your pool clean when it’s not in use. Think of a solar cover as a lid that protects the water and keeps it heated at a comfortable temperature.

Solar covers come in different sizes. The cost of a solar cover depends on the pool size. However, it won’t cost you nearly as much as an electric or gas heater would cost you. The best part is you have no monthly costs added to your electric bill because a solar cover uses free energy from the sun.

  1. Solar Sun Rings

Solar sun rings are like smaller versions of solar covers. The difference is that solar sun rings will cover specific areas of your pool, while solar covers will cover your entire pool. The rings still have the same effect because they help keep the pool warm and reduce evaporation. You can also move the rings around to any spot on the pool quickly.

Some people prefer solar sun rings because they’re cheaper. They’re also a good alternative when you cannot find solar covers that match your pool’s size.

  1. Liquid Solar Pool Cover

Would you like an even more convenient alternative to the solar covers and solar sun rings? A liquid solar pool cover does the same type of job by preventing heat loss and water evaporation. But rather than putting a physical barrier on the pool water, you have to pour this special liquid formula into the water. After that, the liquid settles on the top of the water and forms an invisible barrier. This is the barrier that keeps the water protected and heated.

Don’t worry about swimming in the pool water while the liquid solar pool cover is in it. The liquid is formulated with biodegradable ingredients and no dangerous chemicals. Just note that if there is a lot of wind outside, it could break through the invisible barrier. That is why this method is not the most effective.

  1. Windproof Pool Enclosure

Wind can be a big problem when you want to retain the warmth of your pool water. Warm water has a way to escape when it is windy outside. If you deal with this problem often, it might be worth creating a windproof pool enclosure. Such enclosures will shield your pool water from the wind so that the water can stay warm.

Enclosures vary in cost. It depends on the materials you choose to use for it and the size of your pool.

  1. Black Hose Trick

If you want to save money and heat your pool, you might like the black hose trick. Even though it is rather complicated, it has proven effective for people who’ve tried it. The only item you need to purchase is the black garden hose.

To perform the trick, connect one end of your unraveled black garden hose to the exterior water tap on the side of your house. Run the hose along an area of your lawn where sunlight shines down on it directly. Coil up the hose in this sunlit area and leave it there to get heated. Let the other end of the hose to run into the pool water. Now turn on the tap.

If done correctly, the tap water flowing through your hose will get heated up before entering the pool.

  1. Pool Heat Pump

The idea of a pool heat pump is rather ingenious. It pulls in warm air from around your swimming pool and uses it to generate heat for the water. You won’t have to depend on sunlight either. The heat comes entirely from the air outside.

The heat pump does not consume that much electricity either. It is a faster heating method than any of the previous five methods discussed on this list.

  1. The Pool Heat Pump and Solar Cover Combination

If you want to maximize the heat generated for your swimming pool water, combine the pool heat pump and solar cover methods. Your pool water will stay warm a lot longer that way.

The solar cover can generate heat during the daytime, and the pool pump can generate heat at nighttime. The investment is still small to purchase both of these items.

The heat pump does not consume that much electricity either. It is a faster heating method than any of the previous five methods discussed on this list.

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