How Can You Heat a Swimming Pool Without Using a Heater

Methods for heating your swimming pool without a heater cost efficient and eco-friendly

Not many things make you feel good, but going into your swimming pool knowing that you will not be greeted with freezing cold water is something we all want, don’t we?

Well, jumping into a pool can immediately change your body temperature. However, what if you could jump into your pool without affecting your body temperature, and the swim season could be extended for years after years? Surely, it does sound great.

Using a pool heater is one pretty common method to warm your swimming pool, but there are several other cheaper methods that can do the job nicely and prolong your swimming season. However, there are some basic things we must know before jumping to the main point.

It is important to understand that the results for all pools will not be the same. There are several factors that can affect the outcome. For instance, the location and weather around you will have a different reaction to different heaters.

Let’s say you live in Tennessee, the temperature there hits 100F during the daytime, and the fluctuation at night is just 10-15 degrees less. However, in Arizona, things are quite different. The temperature during day time constantly hits 100F, but at night, it drops to around 60F. This fluctuation surely creates a different experience for people in Arizona.

Apart from that, there are other things that can have a huge impact on water temperature. For instance, if your pool is surrounded by shady areas or trees, it will get less exposure to direct sunlight as compared to pools in the open. Similarly, a pool in dryer areas will retain less heat as compared to the pools in humid areas.

Sunlight is the main solar source to heat your pool without using a heater. More and more exposure to sunlight is vital to keep your pools warm. So, here are some very useful tips for doing that.

Solar Covers

We all can agree to the fact that a swimming pool is a wonderful and pretty effective way to keep the heat away during burning summers. But, we don’t want over-chilled water as well. The good thing is, we offer solar covers, also known as solar blankets, and that too at affordable prices.

Our solar covers come with different features such as insulation and thermal bubbles to give your pool maximum heat even in low temperatures such as at night or cool, cloudy days. Our Magni-clear cover or transparent blue covers make sure that sun rays reach your pool directly without any obstruction. This keeps your pool even up to 15F warmer (depending on your location) as compared to the direct exposure to the sunlight.

We offer above-ground and in-ground pool solar covers, and they can last under intense sunlight because they are UV protected. Moreover, our solar cover will also keep debris away from your pool to give you a clean and pleasant swimming experience. Solar covers are a great way to keep swimming pools warm and clean, and they are highly affordable as well.

Although the solar covers need sunlight to work with, they are equally effective in the shades because they can get enough heat from the air. Solar covers act as thermal blankets during the night. That said, they can keep the heat regardless of the source it is coming from. This makes them highly compatible with any source of heat.

Important Note: This corona pandemic has increased the demand for solar covers tremendously, but delays are expected due to hurdles in manufacturing and shipping processes. So, if you want to enjoy your swimming season for a longer period, place your orders at your earliest to avoid an out-of-stock situation. Moreover, you can also order other pool-related products HERE.

Solar Panels

A solar panel heating system keeps the water warm by circulating it with the help of solar panels. These panels are mostly installed at the rooftops or places with direct exposure to sunlight. The water is mounted to the solar panels that return it back to the pool by heating it through solar energy.

You must be thinking of this one as a difficult thing to install, but it is easier than you think. Although solar panels are expensive as compared to solar blankets, yet they are very affordable, especially as compared to gas or electric pool heaters.

However, you may still need a solar cover because a solar panel only heats the water; it does not retain the heat inside. That is why you will need a solar cover. We offer in-ground and above-ground options for you. Apart from that, we have more affordable options to keep your pool warm, and it will also retain the chemicals in the swimming pool water.

Solar Pills and Liquid Solar

This method may not be that effective, but it is very economical. Basically, a solar pill is a ball bursting through liquid solar. The process is a little technical; you will make a few holes in your solar pill and put it in your skimmers.

The liquid solar will start dissolving in the pool as the water circulates. When dissolved, it creates a protective upper layer that not only retains the heat inside but also allows maximum transference of sunlight.

If you have a bigger pool, you may need more than one solar pill to cover all the area. Another very fascinating thing about using the solar pill is you can swim even when the liquid is dissolving in the pool. On the contrary, you will not be able to use your pool unless the water is not warmed under the solar cover/solar blanket.

So, now that you know, we are offering multiple options according to your suitability. We completely understand that price is an important factor that gives a strong input in your final decision, especially when everybody nowadays is very conscious about the prices. Therefore, we have economical and affordable options for everyone.

Feel free to contact us, and we can guide you through all the options and which one is more suitable for you. Happy, cozy swimming!

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