How to Convert to a Salt Water Hot Tub

Hot Tub To Salt Water  Sodium chloride is the basis of salt. There are a lot of myths about saltwater hot tubs. Some people believe that putting pink Himalayan salts in the hot tub water will eliminate toxins from anyone who goes in it. Other people simply want to avoid putting chemicals in their hot […]

How to Operate Hot Tub Touch Screen Control Panel

How to Operate Hot Tub Touch Screen Control Panel Every hot tub has a control panel of some kind. The control panel allows you to manage all the functions of your hot tub. Some hot tubs have more functions than others. You can tell how many functions there are simply by looking at the number […]

How the Filtration System of a Hot Tub Functions

How Does a Hot Tub’s Filtration System Work? Clean water is essential to have in a hot tub. That is what makes the filtration system so important to it. When you turn on the system, it causes water to circulate throughout the hot tub. As the water flows through the filter, any debris particles and […]