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The Top 7 Steps for Hot Tubs

Here’s Everything You Need To Know

What is the best way to step into a hot tub? The average person may hop up onto the side of their hot tub and swing themselves over into the water. Some people may just climb into the spa, despite how painful it is. These are the only solutions if there is no platform in front of the spa to step on first.

If you want a comfortable and convenient way to get into your hot tub and out of your hot tub, then you need steps for it.

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Selecting the Best Steps for Your Hot Tub

Below are the three main factors to consider when choosing a set of hot tub stairs. 

Weight Capacity
Are there heavy people using your hot tub? If so, then you need steps which have a weight capacity that can accommodate these people. If the steps are too flimsy, then they’ll break if a heavy person steps on them. This could lead to an injury or worse.

The material of your hot tub steps is important to consider. You’ll want a durable, water-resistant material that is simple to clean and maintain. Solid plastic resin would meet these qualifications. Either that or you can use wooden steps that are coated with a moisture-resistant solution. The wooden steps must be sanded in order to smooth them out too. Otherwise, someone might get splinters in their bare feet if they walk on them. 

The safety of your hot tub is more than just choosing the right material and weight capacity for it. There are other features which contribute to its safety as well, such as handrails, skid-resistant step treads, and plenty of width for a bigger person to use the steps. 

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The Most Recommended Steps

Fortunately, you don’t need to search very far to find these features. There are hot tub steps which have all of them.

1) Confer Plastics Spa Step w/ Storage

These steps are made from a lightweight resin material. Despite their lightness, these steps are strong enough to accommodate people who are no more than 300 pounds. The width of the steps is 3 feet, so they should be wide enough to allow most people to enter and exit their hot tub comfortably.

If the top tread is flipped upward, it will reveal a storage compartment which you can remove. This is where you can store chemicals and accessories for your hot tub. This is not a lockable compartment, though, so don’t keep chemicals in it if pets or children are in the area.

2) QCA Spas Storage Step

Here is another hot tub step set which is constructed from a strong, lightweight resin material and accommodates people who are no more than 300 pounds. The width of the steps is 3 feet, and the depth of the steps is 23 inches. There is more than enough space to step in and out of the spa.

As for the aesthetics, it doesn’t matter what your décor is because these steps have two tones for its style and a neutral-color finish. And yes, there is a storage compartment for storing your spa accessories, such as your towels.

3) Festnight Handi-Step for Round/Straight Sided Spas

These steps are compatible with spas of any shape, whether they’re square or round. You can reverse the treads to suit each shape too. The steps are constructed from strong plastic material that is lightweight and skid resistant. Place the steps wherever you want around your spa, and it will be completely safe to step in and out of it.

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4) Confer Plastics Jacuzzi Steps w/ Handrail

Some people don’t have the best stability, especially when it comes to steps. If you’re worried about losing your balance as you step into your hot tub, then you’ll want this hot tub steps set because it comes with handrails. Just hold onto the rails as you step into the spa and you’ll never lose your balance again. Towel racks and drink holders are built into the handrails too.

There are 4 steps included with this set rather than the standard 2 steps. This is perfect if you have a platform underneath your hot tub which raises it up higher. Also, the steps are made from a very durable polyethylene plastic which is weather-resistant and has a long lifespan. Meanwhile, the wooden-style finish gives these steps a classic appearance that goes great with any environment. You can choose from numerous colors, and each one is resistant to UV rays from the sun. That means no fading will take place if you keep the steps outside.

5) Cal Metro 2-Tier Spa Step

If you don’t think 36-inch steps are wide enough, then how about 58-inch steps? This should be more than enough room to enter and leave your hot tub. You could invite several guests over, and they’ll be comfortable using your steps too.

Square steel tubing was used to make these steps. The welded tubing is powder-coated, and the frame features steps that appear wooden but are not. It is actually a strong synthetic material which does not require painting or staining. You’ll have 3 color choices available for the steps. But, if you’re like most people, then the sturdiness of the steps is probably the most important thing. In that case, these steps are perfect for you.

6) Leisure Concepts Spa Step

Some assembly is required with these spa steps. However, you’ll be glad that you put in the effort because these steps are some of the strongest available. With a weight capacity of 700 pounds, these steps can handle multiple people stepping on them at one time. Their width is 36 inches, and their depth is 28 inches. The steps are constructed from molded resin material, which is simple to clean, lightweight, and resistant to water and moisture.

You’ll love the slip resistance surface of these steps because it’s like a rubbery sponge material that is safe and comfortable to use. If you reverse the top step, then you can make it fit a circular spa or straight-sided spa. The 3 colors available include Redwood, Portobello, and Espresso.

7) Festnight Pool & Spa Step

If you’re looking for durability and fancy aesthetics, then you can’t get better than the Festnight Pool & Spa Step set. These steps are constructed from eucalyptus hardwood and rattan. They’re also finished with natural oil to give them UV resistance and weather resistance. The front and back of the steps have aluminum stands which give them durability and longevity. Their steel frame is coated with powder too.


Any of these hot tub steps are better than none. They’ll prevent you or someone else from hurting themselves, and they’ll make it a comfortable and easy experience to get in and out of your spa. No more uncomfortable climbs over the spa walls with the risk of injury. Those days can finally be over.

Make sure you observe the weight capacity and material of the spa before you purchase it. You’ll want to choose a spa that is attractive, durable, and safe.