How to Select the Best Hot Tub Cover

Do you need help choosing the best hot tub cover for your spa? Our research team has examined several different hot tub covers to determine which ones are the best on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Canadian Spa Company Square Spa Cover
  2. MOST ECONOMICAL: QCA Spas Soft Hot Tub Top
  3. MOST COLD-RESISTANT: Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover
  4. BEST ROUNDED COVER: Canadian Spa Company
  5. BEST CUSTOMIZED: Beyond Nice Deluxe Hot Tub Cover


Canadian Spa Company Square Spa Cover

The best hot tub cover would have to be the Canadian Spa Company Square Spa Cover. Its dimensions are 78″ x 78″, so it forms the perfect square shape to fit virtually any hot tub.

The cover contains 5 inches of thick foam at its core, making it highly durable and protecting the water from UV rays and bad weather. And to ensure the cover is resistant to mildew and UV rays, it has marine-grade vinyl material and an aluminum support beam for added protection against these environmental hazards. There is also a 5-inch heat seal on the sides and a comprehensive steam seal within the fold to ensure heat cannot escape the spa.

When you want to keep the cover secured to the spa, you can utilize the eight lock straps on the top of it. These are heavy-duty straps that do an excellent job of keeping the cover in place. The craftsmanship that went into this hot tub cover design is genuinely remarkable. Your spa water will stay hot, and moisture will not escape it. That is the whole point of a hot tub cover, after all, right?



QCA Spas Soft Hot Tub Top

Hot tubs usually come with their own covers. But if you ever need to replace your cover, you’ll have to spend a minimum of $300 on a replacement cover. Why spend that much when you can spend a little over $100 on the QCA Spas Soft Hot Tub Top?

What is unique about the QCA Spas Soft Hot Tub Top is that it can be trimmed and adjusted to fit the shape and size of your hot tub. Although it is a soft hot tub cover, it is placed directly on top of the water rather than a few inches over the water. This direct contact with the water ensures that heat stays trapped inside of it.

Of course, if you want to add even more protection, you can use this soft hot tub cover in conjunction with a hard-hot tub cover too. It all depends on what your budget can afford. But if you can only afford one of them, choose the QCA Spas Soft Hot Tub Top. It is the most affordable hot tub cover on the market.

When you first receive the QCA Spas Soft Hot Tub Top, you are given a roll of closed-cell foam that is 82 inches by 88 inches. The foam can easily be cut and trimmed to the size and shape required. It is both chemical and water-resistant.


Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

Does your location get cold during the winter months? If so, you’ll want to protect your spa from the winter’s brutally cold temperatures and snowy weather conditions as best as possible. You can do that with The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover. Not only will the cover trap heat inside the water, but it can endure the heavy weight of the snow and ice when the weather gets terrible outside.

When you order the Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover, you can choose the color, size, and shape that you would like it to be. The exterior contains marine-grade vinyl material with inner foam that is 5 inches thick and tapering that is 3 inches on the sides. There are four tie-down locks to secure the cover in place when it is not being used. All buyers receive a 7-year warranty with the purchase of the cover.

If you want to purchase the best cover for hot tub insulation and cold weather resistance, you should choose the Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover.


Canadian Spa Company Round Hot Tub Cover

Circular hot tubs need to have round covers on them. The Canadian Spa Company has a 78-inch round hot tub cover with a taper that is 3 inches. You can also find several other sizes of their hot tub cover brand, but 78 inches is the most popular cover size. No matter the size that is chosen, you will have 5 inches of thickness filled with a high-density Styrofoam material and 3 inches of tapering on the sides. There is even a comprehensive steam seal to ensure that heat stays trapped inside.

If there are any severe weather conditions, the aluminum and vinyl finish is strong enough to handle heavy snow, rainfall, and cold temperatures. Between the 5 inches of edging and the six locking straps, the cover will stay securely in place on the hot tub. When you need to remove the cover, you can use the four built-in handles to get a grip on it and lift.

You will get your money’s worth if you purchase this round hot tub cover. The cover does not weigh too much either, so that is good if you’re somebody with less physical strength. Also a good hot tub lift comes handy with round shape covers.


Beyond Nice Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

If you want to purchase a customized hot tub cover that matches the size of your hot tub and features the colors of your choice, then consider the Beyond Nice Deluxe Hot Tub Cover.

This custom hot tub cover is available in any number of colors and shapes that you select. The maximum size limit is 96 inches, but you can have a smaller size if necessary. Just measure your hot tub to determine the proper size for your cover. The company will explain to you how to conduct these measurements properly.

Once you give the company this information, they will need roughly three weeks to manufacture your custom hot tub cover. It will be made with a foam core that is five inches thick and three inches of tapering on the sides.

Lifting the cover will not be a problem with the two nylon handles included on the outside. When you’re ready to secure the cover down on the hot tub, you can use the four locking straps available.

The process of selecting your custom hot tub cover is a lot easier than it sounds. Give it a chance if you don’t like any of the other cover choices on the market. We’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the results.

The Best Hot Tub Cover Lift

If you have a heavy hot tub cover, you need the Cover Valet Spa Cover Lift and Caddy. It is compatible with spas of many different sizes and shapes, such as octagonal, round, square, and rectangular spas. After the cover is lifted, the caddy will secure it in place until you’re ready to use it again.

Cover Valet Spa Cover Lift and Caddy

The high-grade aluminum material and gas spring mechanism of the cover lift gives it the strength to lift the heaviest hot tub covers imaginable. It only takes a couple of minutes to install the cover lift as well. The height can be adjusted to anywhere between 30 and 40 inches to accommodate the size of your spa.

Keep in mind that a clearance of 36 inches is required for the lift to function correctly. Remember that when you select a location for your hot tub. If you can follow that advice, you shouldn’t have any problems installing the Cover Valet Spa Cover Lift and Caddy. It is even easier to use, as well.

The Best Cover Guard

A cover guard can offer additional protection to your hot tub cover. Since you’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars on your hot tub cover, a cover guard can help protect your investment. That way, your hot tub cover can continue to offer insulation to your spa water and protect it from outdoor elements and weather.

Veranda Rectangular Hot Tub Cover

The Classic Accessories Veranda Rectangular Hot Tub Cover is the perfect cover guard for most hot tubs. You don’t necessarily need to have a rectangular hot tub because this 82-inch cover guard can cover all different sizes and shapes. Its water-resistant heavyweight polyester fabric features air vents that lower condensation and shield away UV rays and strong winds. You can ensure a tight fit on your hot tub cover with the adjustable elastic hem cord included.

The Best Solar Blanket

A solar blanket is an economical way to keep your spa water heated. It has the resemblance of bubble wrap that you place on the surface of the water. As the sunlight shines down on it, the wrap absorbs the heat from the sunlight and transfers it to the water. There are also insulation properties included as well.

Swim Time Solar Spa and Hot Tub Blanket

We recommend the Swim Time Solar Spa and Hot Tub Blanket. It is a solar sheet with dimensions of 7′ x 8′, which you can easily cut to conform to your hot tub’s shape and size. The blanket is resistant to chemicals and UV rays as well. Therefore, you should get plenty of good years out of this solar blanket. Not only that, but it will reduce the amount of moisture that makes contact with your hot tub cover. That will help preserve the cover’s lifespan as well.

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