Hayward HeatPro HP21104T Review

The HP21104T is a segment of the Hayward HeatPro series of electric heat pumps intended for inground pools.

The Hayward HeatPro HP21104T is an electric heat pump made for inground swimming pools only. Consumers love this Hayward heat pump model because it is energy efficient. Not only that, but it doesn’t make a lot of noise either. You can enjoy a consistently warm temperature in your pool without getting burdened by loud noises coming from the pump.

Remember that heat pumps depend on air from the environment to generate heat for the water. For this reason, you should install the Hayward HeatPro HP21104T in an environment where the temperature does not fall below 50°F. Your geographic location will play a significant factor here.

If you live in a colder region of the world, you should only use this heat pump in the summertime for best results. We also recommend that you add a solar cover to insulate your heated pool water. That way, you won’t lose any of the heat or the pool water due to evaporation. 

The Hayward HeatPro is a popular pool heat pump line. They have many different sizes and options available for their heat pumps. Many of which range between 95,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) and 140,000 BTU. As for the Hayward HeatPro HP21104T, it delivers approximately 110,000 BTU. It is powerful enough to heat a swimming pool with 15,000 gallons of water or a surface area of 500 square feet. If you have a significantly larger or smaller pool, then check out some of the other HeatPro pumps.

Coefficient of performance (COP) rating determines the power efficiency of a heat pump. Every manufacturer provides the COP rating for their heat pump product. However,  don’t rely entirely on the COP rating because various circumstances can influence power efficiency.

The Hayward HeatPro HP21104T comes with a 5.7 COP rating, as long as the environmental temperature is 80°F with 80% relative humidity. If you set the water temperature to 80°F as well, then you will maintain the 5.7 COP. You will achieve more efficiency when you have a higher COP rating. That is why if the COP rating declines, it means the temperature has dropped. 

The outside air must have heat in it. Otherwise, the heat pump will not do as good a job of heating the water. It is the reason why heat pumps don’t usually work when the temperature is 50°F or less. The good news is the Hayward HeatPro HP21104T has a low ambient option, which allows the pump to work down to 40°F temperatures. It will enable swimmers to remain in the water a bit longer than usual.

The initial cost of electric heat pumps is usually more expensive than gas pool heaters. For instance, if you were to purchase the Hayward Universal H200, it would have a costly price tag upfront. But the cost to run an electric heat pump would be significantly less as time goes on. Electric heat pumps have a longer lifespan too.

The Hayward HeatPro HP21104T offers excellent long-term value. Its exterior shell is weather and UV resistant, which preserves its lifespan while it sits outside. Its Ultra Gold evaporator fin and titanium heat exchanger are corrosion resistant in all environments, including those near coastal waters. Since corrosion is the main reason most heat pumps fail, you can enjoy an extraordinarily long life out of the HP21104T due to its corrosion-resistant materials.

The pump features a digital display on an easy-to-use control panel. You can use it to set the water temperature and keep track of the heat pump’s activities. The pump has a self-diagnostic system to let you know if any operational malfunctions exist. The digital display will show you if any do. 

All buyers will receive a 1-year warranty on the heat pump. A professional installation is required, or else the warranty will be voided. You should want a professional installation anyway. It will ensure that the heat pump works correctly. Hayward has a customer support team on standby to take your calls or emails. Contact them if you need any assistance.

The Verdict

The Hayward HeatPro HP21104T is an excellent heat pump for heating your swimming pool. Just make sure your environment has warm temperatures when you use it. Even though it has a costly upfront price, the operational costs down the road will be minimal. Then you will save money in the end.

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