Goplus Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

We discover the Goplus hot tub for the first time in a hotel. It was a weekend where I joined my friends who were already going there anyway. We all wanted to relax after a busy work week and thought this hotel would be great for that. Upon seeing the Goplus for the first time, it looked custom made specifically for the hotel. Then a few days later, I visited my friend’s apartment and saw the exact same hot tub. It was an inflatable hot tub with fabric coated material for its outer walls and an insulator at its base to retain heat. So clearly, the hot tub is meant for everybody.

Easy to Control

There is a digital controller panel which allows you to set your desired temperature easily. You can set the temperature all the way up to 104°F. The control panel also lets you turn on the Goplus Inflatable Spa Massage System to get a nice relaxing massage. Best of all, the control panel is conveniently placed so that you can increase the temperature without getting out of the tub.

360° Bubble Design

The bubbles come out at 360° around the tub. This gives your entire body a great massage, including your legs, neck, and waist. Any feelings of fatigue will be eliminated quickly.

Easy Maintenance

It is so easy to maintain this hot tub. You just need to replace the filter cartridges periodically, which is a simple process that takes hardly any time. It is worth it, though, because the filter cartridges will increase the longevity of your hot tub. In addition, the water will be cleaner, which has a positive impact on your health.

A hard water treatment system is built into the hot tub. The system helps make the water less irritating to your skin. As a result, you can relax more easily as the water feels smooth on your skin.


A cover lets you trap heat inside of your hot tub when you’re not using it. Not only that, but the cover serves as a barrier which blocks debris from falling into the water.

Here is a list of its features:

  • The Goplus Outdoor Spa can seat up to six people. Since it is an inflatable hot tub, it is 100% portable and lightweight. You can easily transport it deflated in your vehicle when you’re going on vacation somewhere.
  • You can set up the Goplus outside or inside within a couple of minutes. There are no special tools needed for the installation. A novice can figure this out.
  • Plenty of massage jets to shoot water at your body while the water temperature is 104℉. A great experience for relaxing your sore, tired muscles after working hard all day. The tub is even suitable for romantic purposes.
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