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Additional Charges 

Algaecides: used as preventive treatment to keep algae from forming in your pool are referred to as algaestats. They are typically the same formulation as those used to kill existing algae, but are used in smaller amounts. When added to your pool water on a regular basis, algaecides or algaestats prevent algae from forming in your pool. Once a year $95.00 before summer. 

Filter Cleaning: Filter is cleaned as needed during the year. Usually two times per year the filter will be taken apart and cleaned for which there is an additional charge and will be noted on the bill for the month it is done. The cost for filter cleaning is $85. 

Pool Tablets: Tablets will be refill every 08-14 months depending on customer usage of the pool. Refill of 50 pounds tablets are $210 charge. 

Additional fees may be required if we have to add, phosphate removers, shock, salt and any other water chemistry agent due to circumstances beyond our control. Pool tablets does not apply for salt water pools. 

Salt Water Pool Charges ( If applicable )

Cell Wash: The number one maintenance item for a salt water chlorinator salt system is to wash the salt cell regularly, every 2-6 months for $45, but only as required. Mineral sediments bridge the space within the metal plates, and not just in hard water areas.

Salt 50 Pounds Bags: $11.99 each added as needed