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How to Get Rid of Frogs in Swimming Pools

Simple Ways To Keep Frogs Out Of Your Pool

By Allen Hayward

Do you have frogs in your swimming pool? It is quite common for frogs to find their way to your pool because they’re attracted to the water. They see it as a refreshing place to hang out just like you do. Unfortunately, you’ll end up with several dead frogs if enough of them get into your pool. Then you’ll have to remove them.

Frogs pose no real threat to your swimming pool. But do you really want to swim in a body of water filled with frogs? Probably not.

What Attracts Frogs to Swimming Pools?

Frogs love swimming pools for the water and food they provide them. During the night, the moonlight and any surrounding artificial light will reflect off the water. Since bugs are attracted to light, they are compelled to fly around near the water. This gives frogs the opportunity to snatch the bugs with their tongue and eat them. That is why frogs stay in the water.

Bugs will see a huge watering hole in the pool, so they’ll try to fly into the hole and drink some water. The problem is they’ll get stuck in the water once they’re in it. As a result, the bugs will most likely drown and then get scooped up by the frogs or end up clogging your filter.

Can Frogs Hurt Your Swimming Pool?

No, frogs won’t do anything bad to your pool. Actually, frogs can be beneficial to your pool because they will eat several of the bugs that like to hang out around the water. Then you won’t need to remove as many bugs from the water on your own. In fact, if you have a skimmer, then all the dead bug bodies will be collected by it. Once it’s done cleaning, you need to clean out the skimmer and all the dead bugs it collected.

Frogs won’t bring any diseases into the water. If you’re already using sanitizing chemicals, then they’ll destroy any bacteria that the frogs bring into the water. In most cases, this would not be harmful bacteria anyway.

The Top 7 Ways to Get Rid of Frogs from a Pool

Okay, so you now know frogs are not going to hurt your pool. But do you really want to remove dead frog bodies from your pool every day? It is better to take preventive action so that fewer frogs end up in your pool.

Here are some of the best ways to stop frogs from getting into your swimming pool.

Fence Installation

Build a fence which surrounds your entire pool area. This is beneficial in more than one way. It’ll reduce the number of frogs that hop into your pool area, as well as keep animals and small children out of there too. Try to use solid wood fencing instead of chain link fencing because small frogs won’t have any way to sneak in through wood fencing.

Cover the Pool

Cover your swimming pool whenever it’s not being used. This will prevent frogs, flies, and other insects from getting into the water. Choose a cover which is simple to put over the water and take off for any adult. However, it must be secure enough over the water so that animals and kids cannot get trapped under the cover accidentally if they try to get in.

Remove Weeds

Frogs inhabit brush piles and weeds. Make sure there are no weeds or tall grass around your pool area. If you have a garden nearby, only use a fertilizer with ammonia in it because that’ll deter frogs from wanting to hide there.

No Lights

Don’t have any lights on around your pool area unless you’re using the pool. Bugs are attracted to light and will be drawn to your pool if you have any lights turned on. Once you have bugs hanging around your water, then frogs will make their way there too.

Therefore, do not leave any lights on when you’re not using the pool. Then you won’t have as many bugs flocking to it.

Fountain Installation

Frogs eat insects, so they will go wherever bugs go. Since insects love to drink from stagnant water, you must keep your pool water circulating and moving if you want to keep both insects and frogs away. Insects cannot lay eggs in water that is moving. Frogs won’t be interested in going near your pool if there are no bugs to eat.

Installing a fountain can assist in moving the water for you.

Heat the Water

Frogs don’t like hot water. One easy way to deter frogs away is to warm up your pool water. This will benefit you too because it’ll make your pool more comfortable to swim in.

A solar cover is an easy and economical way to heat your pool water. At the same time, it’ll cover the water and prevent frogs from getting into it. Solar rings can work like a solar cover too.

Of course, you can get better control over the heat of your pool by installing a pool heater. It’ll cost you more money, but it’s worth it if you want to keep your pool water warm throughout all hours of the day and night.

Frog Log

Do you want to prevent frogs from dying in your pool water? If so, you can install a frog log. This is a small device that frogs can climb onto if they’re stuck in the water. That way, it prevents them from drowning and dying.

Do I Need to Worry About Frog Eggs in My Pool?

If your pool already has lots of frogs in it, then frog eggs are probably in the water right now. You need to use a skimmer to remove the eggs and the frogs. Once you do that, follow the advice above to make sure that frogs don’t come back to your pool water.

You may not be able to prevent frogs from accessing your pool water completely, but you can certainly reduce their numbers in the area. The only other thing that you can do is build a screened enclosure around the pool. But that is only suitable for inground pools.


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