Essential Hot Tubs

An Overview of Essential Hot Tub Spa Review

The Essential brand includes a variety of luxurious hot tubs and spas at affordable prices. Every Essential branded hot tub is made in the United States by Strong Spas, one of the most reputable hot tub makers worldwide. Their reputation stems from the quality materials and components they use to manufacture their hot tubs. Customers are always left satisfied after purchasing an Essential hot tub.

When you look at their competition, you’ll find much more expensive hot tubs of equal or lesser quality. Essential hot tubs are built to last, and they come with a plethora of exciting and unique features to enhance the spa experience for users. You can see the value of these hot tubs by simply looking at all the positive reviews that have been left for them on the internet. 

You don’t need any special skills to use the Essential hot tub either. It is a plug and play hot tub brand with strong jets that create a totally luxurious experience whenever someone uses the spa.

How to Find the Best Essential Hot Tub

There are several different Essential hot tub products available. If you want to choose the best one for your needs, you must first consider a few key factors before deciding. 

The main factors to consider are the hot tub’s total weight and the estimated weight of the people who will use it. Once you add these two weights together, you will prepare a strong base with the right weight capacity underneath. The weight measurement is “pounds per square foot,” which means the weight is spread over the entire base rather than one particular area. The average base weight capacity should be at least 100 to 120 pounds per square foot.

After you order the Essential hot tub, it will take about two weeks for it to arrive. This gives you plenty of time to set up the base correctly. The base must have a leveled foundation in order for you to secure the hot tub on top of it. You’ll probably need to place a fresh concrete slab to establish the foundation. After that, it’ll take some time before the concrete hardens, so make sure you start laying down the foundation as early as possible. That way, the concrete will fully harden by the time your spa arrives. And if the hot tub is going on a deck, you must reinforce the deck to withstand the weight of the tub. 

Think about the location of where you want the hot tub to go. Will you be able to fit it there? It is not enough to only consider the weight capacity of the hot tub. Its dimensions should be considered too. Look at all the opens, turns, twists, steps, and edges around the installation area. Will the movers be able to get the hot tub in there? It’s better to figure out all these things before the hot tub arrives. Otherwise, your hot tub will end up somewhere undesired.

Don’t forget about power accessibility. Hot tubs require either 240 volts or 110 volts to function, depending on their size. If you’ve chosen a huge Essential hot tub, it will need 240 volts for sure. But a smaller hot tub only needs 110 volts to function. The smaller tubs are better for couples and single people who’ve never owned a hot tub before. It will keep their energy bills low. However, a hot tub with 240 volts will keep users warm much better during the cold winter months.  

In any case, an electrical line will have to get run to the installation area before the delivery. It will require the assistance of a licensed electrician. Do not attempt to mess with the electrical wires or equipment yourself.

The Best Features of Essential Hot Tubs

Balboa Heater 

In California, the Balboa Water Group creates electronic controls, heaters, jets, and pumps for spas and hot tubs. Balboa is a recognized brand name in the spa industry. Whenever a spa manufacturer uses Balboa components, it is considered to be a luxury item. Look for an Essential hot tub with a Balboa heater. It will do an excellent job of adding warmth and comfort to your spa experience.


The most luxurious Essential hot tubs have a unique feature called an Ozonator. It can create an ozone in your spa water automatically. As a result, it will kill the bacteria and microorganisms that contaminate the water. Any dissolved solids in the water will turn into clumps, making them easier to filter and cleanout. You’ll end up with cleaner water and a lesser need for chemicals. Then you will save money from not having to buy chemicals.

Hot Tub Blower

A hot tub blower is what creates bubble jets. Some of the higher end Essential tubs have two different kinds of jets. They have water jets and bubble jets. When they work together, it makes the spa environment soothing and relaxing for the users.


LED lighting is a popular feature found in Essential spas. There is a control panel that lets you cycle the LED light colors around. The four modes include fade, flashing, color locked and quick change. Every Essential spa model has different color choices.

Freeze Protection 

Essential hot tubs are designed to be used all year round. It is another reason why they are compatible with 240 volts. Whenever the water temperature drops under 44°F, the built-in sensors will detect it. This automatically activates the pump and heater to increase the temperature and avoid a freeze.

Reduce Energy Expenses

Essential hot tubs have excellent insulation, but they cannot work miracles. There are other ways your hot tub can still lose heat. In fact, your tub loses heat each time you get into the water and use it. There is not much you can do about that. Whenever the cover is not on the tub, the water is exposed to evaporation and the cool outside air.   

The best thing you can do is build up the water temperature again after getting out of the spa. Meanwhile, you’ll want to avoid increasing your power bill costs in the process. So, what you could do is place a thermal barrier between the ground and the tub base. The barrier could be a thermal blanket, which is a heavy-duty polystyrene sheet.

If the base has already been created, you still have another option. Place a solar blanket on the top surface of the water whenever the spa is not in use. Solar blankets use the sun’s UV rays to warm the water. It won’t cost you any additional money on your monthly power bill because all the heat energy comes from the sun.

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