EcoSmart SmartPOOL 27 Review

Are you looking for a dependable, energy efficient electric pool heater.

If you want a high-quality electric tankless heater for your swimming pool, you should choose the EcoSmart SmartPOOL 27. It is the perfect alternative to the classic gas heater and heat pump. EcoSmart lets you choose between size 18 and 27 heaters. But for this review, we’ll focus on size 27.

The EcoSmart SmartPOOL 27 provides 27 kilowatts of power, or 92,000 British Thermal Units (BTU). It is compatible with swimming pools that have no more than 15,000 gallons of water. The 99.8% efficient rate is impressive too. The best part is that the flow sensor technology will prevent burnouts.

However, you’re supposed to install the heater indoors because there are no weather-resistant protections included. For instance, a rainy or humid environment could cause the heater to form rust. That is why you must keep it indoors to shield it from the weather. Venting the heater is not required.

The digital temperature display shows the current temperature of the water. There is a dial you can use to change the temperature in increments of 1°F. You cannot set it lower than 80°F or higher than 140°F. But then again, why would you want it to be higher than 100°F? 

The American Red Cross only approves temperature ranges of 78 to 95°F. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that 100°F pool water is okay for healthy adults, but any temperature over 102°F is a health risk. It would be wise to listen to these experts’ advice, especially if you’re a pregnant woman.

The EcoSmart SmartPOOL 27 settings cannot be locked. Don’t expect to see any automated diagnostic settings either. It is up to you to set a suitable temperature for yourself or the people going into your pool. 

The lack of advanced features might dissuade you from purchasing the pool heater but think of it this way. The SmartPOOL 27 is affordable and easy to use. You can also combine it with a solar pool cover to reduce evaporation and heat loss from the water. That way, you can save money on your water and power bills. 

EcoSmart gives all customers a lifetime warranty when they purchase any of their SmartPOOL electric tankless pool heaters. Customer support is available on their website through an online form. If you check out their support page, you’ll find product manuals, sizing instructions, and video tutorials.




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