Dolphin Premier Review

The Dolphin 2018 robotic cleaner has a strong 24V DC motor which gives it a great cleaning performance. There is 90% additional efficiency with this DC motor compared to classic AC booster pumps. The cleaner has an innovative microprocessor which can scan the pool’s surface to figure out the best cleaning path to take.

There are 4 media types available for micro-filtering, scrubbing and cleaning your swimming pool quickly. It has “HyperGrip” rubber tracks for climbing and cleaning the walls of the pool without any issues.

Other interesting features of the Dolphin 2018 include a unique modular design, warranty lasting for 3 years, swivel cord anti-tangle system w/ 360-degree rotation, and a strong scrubbing ability.

Unfortunately, the instruction manual of the cleaner only provides basic information on how to operate it. There are no instructions on how to use the timer or other advanced features. And if you’re looking for a remote control, you won’t find one here. However, you will still get an efficient cleaner that can clean most pools well. Its only limitations are around stairs, steps, and other seating areas of the pool.

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