Dolphin Nautilus CC Review

The Dolphin Nautilus CC has a lightweight design with very helpful features. You can use it to quickly clean the waterline, walls, and floor of your pool. The top load filter basket provides huge storage space for cleaning long leaves and debris.

The cleaner can scrub the floor and walls quite thoroughly with its active brush. You’ll be fascinated to learn that its brushes rotate at double the speed of the unit itself. This ensures the brushes can remove sticky debris and contaminants from all areas of the pool. There won’t be any hang-ups with this cleaner either. The cable has no swivel setup, but there is an anti-tangling system installed which ensures there is no tangling.

Clever Clean Technology is built into the pool cleaner. This gives it the ability to find the best cleaning path in the pool. It is a user-friendly cleaner too because of the smart navigation and weekly timer features. With the weekly timer, you can program the cleaner to run for 2 hours on its own.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC is certainly different than other robotic cleaners but in a good way. It has an anti-tangling system and easy navigational system which adds more user convenience. It even cleans fast and efficiently too. The only downside is the bigger price tag.

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