Lay-z-spa Inflatable Hot Tub

If you’ve never owned an inflatable hot tub before, then you’ll want your first one to be the Coleman portable Lay-Z Spa. Not only is it made from a reputable brand, but it is affordable for the average person. On Amazon, you can find this product listed as Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub SaluSpa .

Don’t assume that a popular brand name makes this hot tub popular. It may be affordable, but the experience of using the tub should be your primary focus. You probably don’t even realize how durable the materials of the tub are or how the walls don’t become deflated or damaged just by sitting on them.

As you continue reading this review, you will learn more about these features and the advantages and disadvantages of using the hot tub. In the end, it should be easy for you to decide this is a good model to purchase.

Features of the Coleman inflatable Lay-Z Spa

The brand name isn’t what makes this particular hot tub popular. People love this hot tub because it gives them a real spa-like experience at home for an affordable price. This is one of the few inexpensive hot tubs which actually has a lot of impressive features.

For instance, a maximum of six adults can sit in the hot tub at one time. Friend and family members can soak together and enjoy each other’s company. There is a heating system built into the hot tub which allows you to change the water temperature to as high as 104°F. This is an ideal temperature for relieving tension in the muscles.

There is also a filtration system in the spa which is responsible for clearing out debris in the water and keeping it clean. No professional experience is required to manage this system.

The most notable feature of the Lay-Z Spa is its exclusive Lay-Z Massage System. The bottom edge features a line of jet blowers that generate several air bubbles to provide you with a gentler massage against your body. More information about these features and their limitations will be mentioned in the following sections.


There is nothing wrong with sitting by yourself in the hot tub as the air bubbles massage your body. But it can be fun to invite another person in the tub and share this joy with them too.

The Coleman Lay-Z Spa is ideal for two people. However, the company claims you can fit up to six people in the hot tub. While this might be possible if you squeeze the people in there, it won’t be a very comfortable experience for them. It is better to have around three or four people in the hot tub instead because they can still be comfortable with that many people. Up to four people will give each person enough legroom to relax. You won’t get this legroom with six people.

Sturdy leatheroid materials are used to make the walls of the inflatable hot tub. These are like the same materials used to make those huge rubber tires. They can support people sitting down on the sides of them.


The Coleman Lay-Z Spa features a heating system which rapidly produces heat for the water. It is powerful enough to increase the water temperature by up to 3°F every 60 minutes. If you’re trying to increase the water temperature to the 104°F maximum heating capacity, the amount of time it takes will depend on the outside temperature and the original temperature of the water.

During wintertime, the outside temperatures will obviously be very cold. That means you’ll need to start heating the hot tub water ahead of time before you use it. In some cases, it’ll probably take about 72 hours for the water to be heated to an ideal temperature. To speed up the heating process, simply add warm water to the tub from another source.

There is another thing you should be aware of. The heating system and jets do not work together. When the jets are activated, the heater deactivates. This will cause a gradual reduction in the water temperature as the bubbles are coming out. But if it is not that cold outside, then it should take a longer time for the temperature to reduce. Summer is the best time because the water temperature will stay relatively warm as the bubble jets are running.

If you want the heating system and bubble jets to function together, then you can find other Intex inflatable hot tubs on the market which can do this. One that comes to mind is Intex Octagonal PureSpa Deluxe.

To assist during the wintertime months, the Coleman Lay-Z Spa does offer well-designed insulation for the hot tub walls. This insulation will prevent the water temperature from falling too quickly. Plus, you will get an insulated cover with the spa too. Simply place the cover on the tub when you’re not using it. The heat will stay trapped in the water so that you don’t need to wait very long before you get inside the hot tub. The cover should only be removed when you’re using the tub.

The automated hibernation feature is designed to reduce your power bill by automatically shutting down the system if it hasn’t been used in a while. Since some people forget to manually shut down the system, this feature will come in very handy.


Two filter cartridges (Type VI) come with the inflatable hot tub. Each cartridge is as big as a cantaloupe. When you go to clean the cartridges, you can either put them in the dishwasher or spray them down with a hose.

The filters don’t have any special features, but they do their job well. All chemical residue, hair, and other particles in the water will be quickly removed. This will prevent your hot tub water from going bad and causing you to get sick. The filters are always functioning no matter if the jets are activated or the heating system is on. As a result, the water is constantly getting cleaned.

It is recommended that you clean your filters at least one time per week. Then, after a month, you should replace the filters with new ones.

On the bottom of the hot tub, you’ll find the filters on the side. There is a cover which secures them in place. You simply remove the cover by unscrewing it, and then you unscrew the filters next. Screw on the new filters, then screw the cover back on over them. That is how you replace the filters. Easy, right?

A chemical floater is included with the hot tub. It is designed to help you balance the pH levels of the water. A one-inch chlorine tablet can fit in it, but you’ll have to purchase the tablet separately because it is not included with the tub.

Massage System

When you first experience the bubbling of the Coleman Lay-Z Spa hot tub after the water has been heated up, it is a very soothing and relaxing experience. It is like getting a light pressure massage which eases all the tension in your body.

Don’t expect any high-pressure jets, though. But that is okay because the bubbles are soothing enough to reduce your stress levels after a hard day’s work. The hot tub produces these air bubbles by extracting outside air, which means the outside temperature is rather critical here. Fortunately, the heating system sustains a warmer water temperature for you. You’ll only feel a slight temperature difference as the bubbles are hitting your body.

Anyone purchasing a portable inflatable hot tub for the first time will enjoy the Coleman Lay-Z Spa. It has 120 separate bubble jets on the bottom perimeter, and each one works great. But if you’re looking for more pressure in your bubbles, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. There are other inflatable hot tubs on the market which have built-in hydro jets that provide the higher pressure you might be looking for.


The Coleman Lay-Z Spa comes in a box that is 24” x 22” x 32”. Inside of the box was the hot tub, pump, digital panel, pressure gauge, inflatable cover, chemical floater, air padded ground cloth, filter cartridges and a DVD tutorial video for setting up the tub.

The pressure gauge and pump work fine. The air padded ground cloth really adds extra comfort to the hot tub experience of the user. If you have an uneven surface on your property, the bottom of the hot tub won’t be affected by it because of the cloth. You’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cushion the whole time.

After you inflate the tub, each side can reach as high as 28,” and the diameter goes to about 66”. This should accommodate up to 4 people comfortably in the tub at once. Although you could fit up to 6 people in the tub, they won’t be too comfortable because there won’t be enough legroom for them all.

When the Coleman Lay-Z Spa is filled with water, it can weigh nearly 2,700 pounds. That is basically how much a car weighs, so you must consider that when choosing a location for your hot tub. If you’re planning to put the tub on a patio deck, for example, then make sure the deck can support that much weight.

Overall, this is still a compact hot tub compared to other hot tub models. Once the tub is deflated, you can easily store it away somewhere safe.

Easy Setup

When you first receive the Coleman Lay-Z Spa in its box, your first impression will be quite positive. Everything from the packaging to the easy set up of the hot tub will impress you immensely. As soon as you open the box, you’ll see the hot tub and all the included accessories packed neatly together.

After you remove these accessories and hot tub from the box, the next step is to read the instruction manual. It provides a lot of illustrations on how to set up the hot tub, but not a lot of clear explanations. Fortunately, there is a DVD included that gives you a video tutorial on the setup process. Once you’re done viewing the video, you may still have a few questions left. Simply go on the internet to get these questions answered.

The pump is the most important accessory because it is what heats up the hot tub water. It is also what inflates the hot tub with air and produces air bubbles for the water. As you can see, the pump does virtually everything for the tub. It even stops the tub from overinflating too, in case the included pressure gauge is not accurate.

When the sunlight shines down in the afternoon, you might have trouble seeing the LED display screen. Most buttons on the soft-touch panel allow you to toggle back and forth between various features simply by pressing the button again. In other words, pressing a button turns on its corresponding feature and pressing the button again turns it off.

It can take between 30 and 60 minutes to set up the hot tub. That is okay because you should take your time so that you don’t accidentally damage the tub in any way. You may notice the pump gets rather loud during the inflation process. This is perfectly normal, so don’t worry about it. The volume will decrease once the tub is inflated, and the bubbling is turned on.


It is easy to perform maintenance on the Coleman Lay-Z Spa. You just wipe the surface of the hot tub to clean it. Don’t use any aggressive cleaning tools like a hard brush because they could rip the material easily.

If you see mold anywhere on your hot tub, create a water and bleach mixture and then spray the solution onto the moldy area of your tub. Wipe it away with a clean, soft cloth. If mold becomes too serious of a problem, then consider using pool chemicals to eliminate it. Don’t use Epsom salt to clean your hot tub because it’ll wear the rubber components down much faster.


The Coleman brand is one you can trust. However, Bestway is another brand which manufactures the Coleman Lay-Z Spa. Their models are almost identical to Coleman models, except for the logo and color. You’ll realize that Bestway runs the show when you call Coleman for customer support and they forward you over to Bestway.

Some people who’ve purchased the hot tub in the past had poor experiences when trying to get support for it. Now, it seems like the support system has gotten better for customers who’ve purchased the product. The internet has given customers a voice and the chance to help each other out.

Under the warranty, certain defective parts can be replaced at no charge. The warranties available include a one-year warranty on the pump, six-month warranty on the pool liner, and a 30-day warranty on the fittings and hoses.

Customers Reviews

On Amazon, the Coleman Lay-Z Spa has a lot of positive customer reviews. This proves that people love their experience using the hot spa. Only about 13% of customers have rated their experience 1 or 2 stars. The reason for their rating stems from having a poor customer service experience or a defective product. The poor customer service experience comes from the older reviews that were made years ago.

The latest reviews, however, show that people are starting to have better customer service experiences. They claim the response time from customer support happens much faster. To see the customer reviews for yourself, go on Amazon and check them out. This should help influence your decision on whether to buy the hot tub or not.

Sometimes you may see slime accumulation on the walls or surface of your hot tub. If you ever see this slime, don’t use your hot tub or else you could be putting your health at risk.

Reduce the accumulation of slime by regularly cleaning your filters and using sanitizing chemicals like bromine or chlorine on the water. Filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with a garden hose.

If slime has already accumulated on the walls, you’ll need to drain the water out of the tub first. There are two drain plugs which you can open to drain the water. The first plug is on the bottom exterior, and the second plug is on the bottom interior.

You might not want to drain the water in the area where your hot tub is set up. If that’s the case, connect a garden hose to the exterior drain and let the water drain through the hose. 

Once the draining is complete, you may notice some water is still left in the hot tub. Just suck up this water with a wet/dry vacuum.

Energy Use

The amount of energy you use to operate the Coleman Lay-Z Spa will depend on a few factors, such as the set water temperature, the outside temperature, and your location. If the outside temperature is colder, then your tub will consume more energy to stay warm. This, of course, will increase your power bill.

If you’re trying to sustain a temperature of 100°F in the hot tub during the colder winter months, don’t be surprised if your power bill is $100 more than usual.

The automatic hibernation mode is the only thing that helps you save energy. But all this does is shut off your heating system if there has been inactivity for three days.


The Coleman Lay-Z Spa can give you a lot of benefits, such as a comfortable bubble massage and heater water for relaxation. Anyone who has never owned an inflatable hot tub before should definitely start with this one. It is compact enough to fit it in your garage or backyard, regardless of the size. It is also priced 50% less than your standard jacuzzi too.



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