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The main complaints we receive are from people who say that they don’t know if their pool guy even showed up, and that their pool guy was in and out in a matter of minutes, so they don’t even know if their pool has been cleaned. These are complaints that no client of Brothers Pool Service and Repair will ever make.
What Makes Us Different
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We take all the time needed to ensure the pool is working at full capacity, because it’s impossible to rush perfection. We are different from the competition in that we take time to understand how your pool works because each pool is different and needs to be treated to match their personality.

Say hello to the friendliest, finest pool maintenance company in Claremont CA. We are a dedicated and professional team with plenty of years solving any and every problem related to pools. We work to keep swimmers safe through the best pool industry practices. Our technicians are professional, exceptional, and bring your pool back to perfect health with our weekly cleanings. Get in touch with us today to have a professional take care of your pool today!

Our pool cleaning services are such great value that our Claremont  customers stand to save an average of $480 each year with us. We’ll be able to help you save that much too. You might be wondering how. The answer is that we have over 32 years of experience in pool care and maintenance, meaning we’ve got this down to a science. We have a perfect 10-step system that allows us to quickly and efficiently move through the process. This will enable us to save time while also saving you money. We deliver better results for happier customers.

We offer a complete pool service. Isn’t this what your pool deserves? Don’t you deserve the peace of mind that comes with that? We are friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable. We are what you feel should be expected from a pool service, but may not be getting. The pool is a significant investment. Don’t base the quality of our service based on just our prices. While we do have competitive prices, it’s our experience and attitude that truly makes us one of the best.

Blue Waters is entirely locally owned and operated. We take great pride in every Claremont job that we undertake and deliver the best results possible. We understand that you want your backyard to be an oasis, that’s why we endeavor to do the task correctly the first time and every time after the last one. You’ll get to enjoy your Claremont pool and spa without having to worry about dealing with shoddy repairs and services. You’ll soon see what has made us so successful for the past 32 years!


Our estimates are free, professional and fair. Most estimates require a site visit.