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We take all the time needed to ensure the pool is working at full capacity, because it’s impossible to rush perfection. We are different from the competition in that we take time to understand how your pool works because each pool is different and needs to be treated to match their personality.

Pool Service Integrity

There’s no point in having to deal with the stress of having to work all of this out for yourself when you can just hire a professional to do it all for you. Let us take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy your pool as the getaway it should be.

Total Clean Guarantee

Our professional pool service Claremont specialists strive to maintain an extraordinary standard of quality craft. Superiority in customer service is our highest priority. Our monthly pool service professionals have decades of swimming pool cleaning experience in the industry.

First Month Only Pay $49.99 Get Started Below

Established on Trust, Service, & Quality Pool Maintenance


Our pool experts vacuum your pool, leaving it spotless clean. We also skim the surface and remove all the debris. Also, we clean pool walls, tiles, and steps to guarantee they are free of algae. Our pool specialists clean the skimmer and pump basket to retain your pool water circulating correctly.


Upkeeping a swimming pool takes experience, effort, and know-how. It is common for swimming pool components or equipment to break, whether it’s because of wear and tear or inadequate maintenance. If you’re currently having trouble with pool, you need a team of pool specialists you can trust.


Blue Waters Pool Service Company uses the best technology and purification techniques to keep your pool crystal clear and attractive. We keep the essential elements of the water in balance to guarantee bacteria has been eliminated, extract organic matter, and have the water delightful to swim. We use a pool vacuum to extract debris from your pool or spa.

The Blue Waters Pool Service Promise

Say hello to the friendliest, finest pool maintenance company in Claremont CA. We are a dedicated and professional team with plenty of years solving any and every problem related to pools. We work to keep swimmers safe through the best pool industry practices. Our technicians are professional, exceptional, and bring your pool back to perfect health with our weekly cleanings. Get in touch with us today to have a professional take care of your pool today!

  • Test your pool water and implement pool chemicals
  • Clean your swimming pool skimmer and pool pump baskets
  • Wash your automatic pool cleaner bag or and filter
  • Check your automatic pool cleaner/sweeper is running
  • Brush your swimming pool walls, tile, and steps
  • Monitor swimming pool equipment
  • Net the surface of the pool
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool
  • Maintain your pool water fresh and manage any green algae that might appear through our No Algae guarantee
  • Monitor your swimming pool operations by communicating any inspections of swimming pool concerns
  • Sustain proper water level to avoid pool equipment damages
  • Keep the pool equipment operating
    Report any concerns about swimming pool
“The Best Pool Company Around! I Use To Care For My Pool Myself, But Decided That I’d Rather Spend My Time Enjoying My Pool Instead Of Caring For It, I Decided To Give Blue Waters A Call. I Spend Less On Their Services Than I Was Spending Taking Care Of It Myself. They Not Only Keep My Pool Very Clean, But The Chemical Balances Are Better Than I Have Ever Had. The Best Part Is That This Company TRULY Cares About Their Customers! ”
— Andrew Mayer

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