Blue Waters Moves to

Researchers and pool professionals at Blue Waters have officially moved domains to

Blue Waters – accurate, fair pool and hot tubs reviews

Since launching in September 2009, The progress indicates a broadening of their analysis and examination areas, including heaters, filters, cleaners, pumps, and more.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief stated, “this is inspiring progress for Blue Waters Pool Services. Blue Waters readers have frequently been requesting for hot tub and accessory reviews; moreover, I intend to provide them everything they need.”

Blue Waters has progressed significantly over the last 24 months. After launching, they have examined over 100 different pool and hot tub equipment and dozens of economical accessories.

About Blue Waters

Blue Waters Pool Services is a fair, impartial website that pools research examines, reviews pool, and other hot tub products. The Blue Waters purpose is simplistic; to aid pool residents identify, interpret, and picked pools and other swimming pool products that match and surpass their needs. For guidance with deciding the best pool and other swimming pool products visit

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