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The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2021

Spend less time cleaning your pool with a robotic swimming pool cleaner.

By Allen Hayward

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There are lots of pool cleaners out there, such as pressure-side or suction cleaners. Now, there are new cleaners which are dominating the pool cleaning industry. They are so easy to use because you just put the cleaner device in the water and let it do its thing.

There are several options out there for cleaners. You’re probably confused about which one is the best or which features you should be watching for. Don’t worry because you’re about to learn all these things. We’ve created a list of the best cleaners. You just need to review each one and learn about what they can do. Then you will be able to make an informed decision.

What’s the Difference Between the Various Pool Cleaner Robots?

You might think there is no difference between these  cleaners. While they all provide a low maintenance option for cleaning a swimming pool, each cleaner has its own unique features and attributes.

As far as automatic pool cleaners go, robotic pool cleaners are just one type of cleaner. The other two types are suction-side cleaners and pressure-side cleaners. However, robotic pool cleaners do a much better cleaning job.

For one thing, you don’t need to attach your robotic pool cleaners to the swimming pool like you would with pressure-side or suction-side cleaners. Some robotic cleaners have internal batteries to charge the units, while others need an external power source.

It might seem strange for a pool cleaner that runs on electricity to be placed in water. Don’t worry, though, because robotic pool cleaners are powered by a ground-fault circuit interrupter which supplies it with lower voltage power sources. If there are any electrical issues detected in the cleaner, it is programmed to deactivate automatically so that you don’t get electrocuted.

Features of a Pool Cleaning Robot

Since each cleaner is different, the following are the ideal features that you should search for in your next cleaner:


The weight of your cleaner is more important than the size of it. After all, you need to be able to lift the cleaner out of the water without any hassle. If you choose a heavy cleaner, you’ll need an extra person to help you lift it out. So, try to find a lightweight cleaner if you can.

4-Wheel Drive 

This doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in cars. A cleaner with 4-wheel drive has rubber wheels which allow it to easily move around your pool, even if it’s bumpy. Slippery or wet surfaces are not a problem either.

Premium Brushes 

It is difficult to clean debris and dirt from your swimming pool. The brushes of the  cleaner are what will be doing this cleaning. Look for a cleaner with brushes which have rotating rubber or hard bristles because they can scrub dirt a lot better.

High Energy Efficiency 

The bigger the cleaner, the more energy it needs to operate. Smaller robotic pool cleaners use about 200 watts per hour, while bigger robotic pool cleaners use more. Stay away from the cleaners that use over 1,000 watts every hour because that means they are not energy efficient.

Top Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaners are available for all different prices. Whichever one you pick, it will provide you with cost savings, energy efficiency, and speed. Let’s take a look at the ten best ones available today.

  1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Cleaner – Maytronics

Why we chose it

The automatic pool cover pump called the “Wayne WAPC250” is the best pump around. Once the water comes up to a certain level on the machine, the pump activates automatically. There is also a filter attached to prevent debris from knocking over or clogging the pool cover pump. This gives you the freedom to walk away without having to monitor it.

The Wayne WAPC250 has the ability to pump as much as 3,000 gallons of water per hour. It only has a 1.25” drain hose and a 25’ power cord too. If the temperature outside is freezing, the motor of the pump will be automatically protected by the freeze protection technology included. When you place the pump on the cover, you can position it properly with the 25’ rope that comes with it.

  1. Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus

Why we chose it

The Dolphin Triton Plus scans your swimming pool and creates a map for cleaning it. This is similar to what the Nautilus cleaner can do. However, the Dolphin Triton Plus has Bluetooth technology for connecting to your mobile device. You can use this ability to control the cleaner and make it clean certain areas that need it the most. This is something the Nautilus cannot do.

The Dolphin Triton Plus has two brushes for scrubbing the waterline, flooring, and walls of your pool. There is a very large filter which you need to maintain by reloading, dumping, and rinsing. To activate the cleaner, you just need to push a single button. The cleaner should take about 3 hours to finish.

  1. Polaris 9550 Sport

Why we chose it

The Polaris 9550 Sport is a pool cleaner with 4-wheel drive technology. This means it can clean the walls, cracks, gaps, and corners of your pool. Tough areas to reach are now achievable because of this cleaner’s rear water propulsion system. It also features a Vortex vacuum technology that can suck up huge pieces of debris and still keep on functioning.

The Polaris 9550 Sport includes a motion-sensing remote control. You can use this to guide the cleaner toward areas of the pool that really need to be cleaned. The filter canisters of the cleaner are designed so there’s no need to touch any of the debris. You just take out the cleaner and shake it around; then spray it down. The swivel power cord feature means you won’t get the cord tangled or twisted as you’re cleaning either.

  1. Aquabot Breeze IQ

Why we chose it

The Aquabot Breeze IQ is a great cleaner if dust and pollen are commonly a problem for your pool. It has filters which can block small debris, even if it’s 2 microns in size. As a result, it can filter out bacteria from your pool water.

It comes with a 60’ power cable which has swivel technology to prevent twisting and tangling of the cable. If there is any difficult pollen or dirt patches to deal with, the cleaner’s strong pump system can take care of them. Its strong scrubbing brushes can be used on any pool surface, even one that is lined with vinyl.

5. Hayward TigerShark

Why we chose it

The Hayward TigerShark can clean the waterline, coves, floors, and walls of your pool in just 3 hours. This is great if you need to clean your pool in a hurry before a big event or party that is about to take place.

There is a pump onboard the TigerShark to supply more cleaning power for eliminating tough debris and dirt patches. The power cord is quite lengthy and suitable for cleaning swimming pools that are as big as 40’ x 20’. To clean the pool, just take out the filter, empty the filter and rinse the filter. After that, you can reload it.

  1. Hayward SharkVac

Why we chose it

The Hayward SharkVac is equipped with smart sensors to track and eliminate dirt along the waterline. In addition, these sensors keep the motors’ safe and ensure the cleaner has a long life. This is a very easy cleaner to use and manage.

7. Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler

Why we chose it

The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler has the power to clean the average pool in up to 2 ½ hours. It only costs 20 cents per day to operate.

A caddy is included with this cleaner which allows you to transport it easily and store it away when not in use. The wireless remote control is suitable for managing cleaning from afar. Regular cleaning sessions can be scheduled to ensure you don’t miss any cleaning day.

Maintenance Tips

After you’ve chosen a good cleaner, you must continue to care for it. Read the instructions included with the cleaner. You need to understand how it works before putting it in your swimming pool.

Here are some basic maintenance tips to care for your pool:

Remove the cleaner from the pool after the cycle finishes. The motor will be preserved, and the pool will be safe for swimming.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for draining the water from the cleaner.

Each time you use the cleaner, you need to wash it. Inspect the wheels and brushes to make sure there is no debris. Empty the filter and then rinse it.

Pay attention to how much the brushes are wearing out. If they get too worn out, replace them with new brushes.

Don’t expose the cleaner to direct sunlight.

It is not difficult to care for a robotic pool cleaner. You just need to follow some simple maintenance tips.


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