The Best Pool Booster Pumps of 2021

A pool owner needs to be equipped with the best tools for the cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pool. One such tool that is often undervalued but brings a lot of benefits to the swimming pool is a booster pump.

In fact, using the best pool booster pump will significantly improve the overall health of the swimming pool when it is used. It will help in improving the pool’s water circulation system which in turn enhanced the filtration system and the chlorine production of the swimming pool.

Furthermore, if the owner uses a suction-based pool cleaner, the pool booster pump can significantly increase the water pressure in the pool. This will help in increasing the effectivity and the performance of the vacuum cleaner during the pool cleaning activity.

To be able to help the pool owners in choosing the right pool booster pump, we have reviewed 10 of the best in the market today. Our review will include the strength, weakness, and other vital information of each product in order to help you choose the right booster pump for your swimming pool.

Best Pool Booster Pump Reviews of 2021

1. Zodiac PB4-60 Polaris Booster Pump

Editor’s Rating


When it comes to quality and performance, I will highly recommend this product for purchase. This pool booster pump will improve the performance of your pool cleaner while also improving the water circulation of the swimming pool. The noisy sound is just a minimal issue that does not even affect the effectivity of this product.

We will start the review by featuring a product from Polaris, one of the most popular companies in making pool cleaning equipment and other related products. I can say that this booster pump is probably the best in the market today and works best if paired with the Polaris pool cleaner pump.

If you are looking for performance and durability, I would say that this product is highly recommended for everyone. Powered by the proven Polaris pool pump motor, this booster pump will guarantee to provide the best performance in increasing the effectivity of the pressure-side vacuum pool cleaner in your swimming pool.

Another feature that I would emphasize is the drain plug which comes with an O-ring. This means that no tools are needed upon draining the pump or when undergoing the Winterization process during the cold season. The product is also included with a soft tube hose as an additional accessory.

I also like that the pump can be assembled easily which provides comfort to the user. In fact, it comes with ergonomic-designed connectors which helps in making the installation super-easy.

Meanwhile, as good as this product is, one minor issue is the sound it produces during the operation. Some previous customers complain about the noise it produces when being used. I think this has been the weakness not only with this particular model but the other booster pump which is also made by Polaris.


  • Provides efficient and powerful performance

  • The easy-assembly feature provides comfort to the user

  • Designed to last long

  • Compatible with any top filtration pumps


  • Produces a small noisy sound

2. POLARIS PB4-60 OEM Booster Pump

Despite the weakness, I am still amazed at this product and will recommend it for purchase. This is one of the best pool booster pumps and having it as a part of your pool cleaning and maintenance will do wonders to your swimming pool.

As I’ve said before, Polaris is one of the top manufacturers for the pool cleaner booster pump and this next product is again from them. In terms of quality, this booster pump comes with it, just like the other products manufactured by Polaris.

The highlight of this pool vacuum booster pump is the quality of its motor which the company called Magnetek motor. It is said to be the heart and soul of this product and provides the durability and reliability of this booster pump.

I also noticed that it comes with an installation kit which means you will have the guide and the support during the installation of this product. This is crucial especially to pool owners who do not like the process of assembling any things.

This pool booster pump also comes with an O-ring which will allow easy removal during the draining process. It also works best if used with those different Polaris pool sweep booster pump with model no. 280, 380, and 480.

However, one minor issue with this pump booster is the quality of the pump bearing. There were few customers who complained that this part of the pump booster was the first to give up after a few months of using.


  • Easy installation feature provides comport to the user
  • High-quality motor promotes strong and durable performance
  • The O-ring provides comfort for easy removal when draining
  • Provides value for your money


  • The quality of pump bearing needs to improve 

3. Pentair LA01N Single Speed Booster Pump

This is just a minor issue that can be addressed by properly handling the pool booster during the actual operation. Despite the minor weakness, I am still recommending it for purchase because of its quality and durability.

The next pump booster that we are going to review is a universal and single speed booster which means it works best with any single speed pool cleaner pump. The specific brands that are best paired with this pump booster are Legend automatic pool cleaners, Legend platinum truck series, and the regular Legend platinum pump.

Upon seeing this particular product, you will immediately notice that it is made of corrosion-free material. You will also admire the durability of this pump booster when checking personally.

Another advantage of this product is it produces a relatively low sound compared to other brands. The quietness of this booster pump has been supported by several reviews and feedbacks from past customers.

Meanwhile, upon purchase, this product comes with a hose and adapters to be used during the installation process. This pump also comes with an easy-installation procedure which is good for the pool owners.

However, one issue that this product needs to improve in the future and that is the quality of the seal. There were previous customers who complained that the seal was leaking after a few months of using.


  • Built to last long with its corrosion-free and durable material
  • Produces low sound
  • Easy-installation feature promotes comfort to the buyer


  • The Quality of the seal needs improvement

4. Hayward W36060 0.75 HP Booster Pump

This is just a minor issue that can be corrected by the company. In terms of efficiency and effectivity, this pump booster is a nice vacuum to have and will help your pool cleaner in maintaining the overall cleanliness of your pool.

The next pump booster we are going to review takes pride in its efficiency in using less electricity compared to other pool booster pumps. This is a nice feature that provides a lot of savings in terms of reducing electricity consumption and the overall operating cost of the pool owners.

I also like the compatibility of this pump booster especially in using it with the top swimming pool cleaner pumps. This product was designed to fit with any pressure cleaners that are in need of the support of a pump booster.

Meanwhile, this product was also designed with fittings that promote easy servicing and installation. The hose adapter in the pump booster can also fit with any other existing connections by using a flexible hose.

Another strong point in this particular pump booster is it produces a relatively quiet sound during the operation. Unlike other pool boosters that produces a noisy and annoying sound, this pump booster will a minimal and quiet sound.

However, one minor issue that the company needs to address and that is the poor quality of the manual or guide. It does not contain enough information, especially in the installation and assembly process.


  • Reduce electrical and operating costs
  • Provides comfort through easy installation and servicing
  • Produces a relatively quiet sound
  • Compatible with any pool cleaner


  • Product manual need to improved

5. Waterway Plastics 3810430-1PDA Universal Booster Pump

Aside from this minor issue, this booster pump works best overall and is highly recommended for purchase. I like the compatibility of this product in pairing with any of the pool cleaners in the swimming pool.

The next brand that we are going to review is a booster pump for pool sweep and other types of pressure cleaners in the swimming pool. This particular pump booster model takes pride in its compatibility to be paired with any pool vacuum that is in need of its support and assistance.

Upon checking this particular product, you will immediately notice its height, probably one of the tallest versatile mounting bases you will ever see. The height of this booster pump will protect it from unnecessary flooding and other related incidents that may happen.

When it comes to the pump’s motor, it is powered and equipped with a 230/115 V motor which performs with high efficiency in every operation. The company claims that it has one of the highest head pressures available in the market today.

Another thing that may excite you about this product is its quietness during the operation. It’s durability and the ability to be energy-sufficient also goes well with this booster pump.

The only minor issue with this particular product is the weight of its mount base. Being lightweight means, it has the tendency to create unnecessary vibrations when it is being used.


  • Provides compatibility to any type of pool cleaners
  • Tall mount base protects the pump from flooding
  • Powered by a motor that promotes durability, efficiency, and energy-sufficient
  • Performs quietly during the operation


  • Mount base is lightweight

6. Pool Motor 3/4 HP Booster Pump

For the pool owners looking for an affordable pool motor, I will highly recommend this product. It works just fine compared with its more expensive counterparts. However, if you don’t like to buy items or products coming from mainland China, then choose the other pump boosters that we reviewed previously.

The next product is a pool motor that is designed as a perfect replacement for the more expensive brands of pool booster pumps. Unlike the previous booster pumps we reviewed; this product is good in terms of pricing and affordability.

Another positive highlight of this pool motor is the quite sound it produces when being used. Previous customers have given positive feedbacks and comments with regards to the quite sounds it produced during the cleaning activity.

When it comes to the materials, this pool motor uses an aluminum metal in almost all of its parts. Not bad for a pool motor that offers the most affordable price.

In terms of usage, this pool motor can be used in above-ground and in-ground swimming pool. It can work perfectly with any normal pool vacuum cleaner available in your home.

However, this pool motor is assembled and made in China. This country is known for producing low-quality products but you will never know unless you try this pool motor on your own.


  • Offers the most affordable pricing
  • Producing a quite sound when being used
  • Suitable replacement for the more expensive pump boosters


  • Made in China

7. Puri Tech Replacement Motor Kit for AO Smith Polaris Booster Pump

If you can tolerate the noise that it creates when being used, then this can be a good product for your swimming pool. It still works great in terms of replacing the motor of your pump booster and the affordability of the price is also a good factor to consider.

The next product that we are going to review is a booster pump motor, a replacement motor for the top booster pumps in your swimming pool. It works best with Polaris Booster Pump and the AO Smith booster pump.

What I like best about this product is the inclusion of a seal kit upon purchase. This kit includes the pump seal, the diffuser O-ring, the O-ring for cover, and some additional accessories.

I also like that it is an exact fit for the brands mention above and the installation process is relatively easy. The seal kit also helps in finishing the reinstallation quickly. It is guaranteed that the motor will just work fine right after the installation.

This product also offers an 18-month warranty for the motor. This is good protection on the part of the buyer just in case some problems will happen right after they purchased.

The only downside of this motor is the sound it produces when working. Some previous users have complained about the loud noise it created once it is being used.


  • Comes with a seal kit to provide comfort during installation
  • Works as a perfect replacement for most of the pool booster pumps
  • Offers 1 year and 6 months warranty


  • Produces a loud noise during the operation

What to Look for When Buying a Pool Booster Pump

A pool booster pump is one of the many cleaning equipments you need to maintain the cleanliness of your swimming pool. Moreover, selecting the right one will bring a lot of benefits to improve the overall health of the swimming pool.

Before you decide to purchase a pool booster pump, we have listed different factors that you can consider in order to select the right booster pump for your swimming pool.

Quality – For me, this is the most important thing to consider when buying a pool booster pump. A high-quality manufactured booster pump will work efficiently with any pool vacuum cleaner out there. It will also help in improving the water circulation of the swimming pool, thus boosting the performance of the filtration system and the clarity of the pool water.

Meanwhile, when it comes to longevity, a high-quality booster pump usually last long compared to its low-class counterpart. Do your own research when it comes to checking the quality by looking for reviews, feedback, and other vital information about the product.

Compatibility – Another factor to consider is the compatibility of the pool booster in working together with your pool vacuum cleaner and the swimming pool in general. There are specific products that are manufactured to work best with a particular brand of a vacuum cleaner.

There are also universal pool booster pumps that work efficiently with most of the regular pool vacuum cleaner out there. Before buying, consider the type of pool cleaner that is available in your home and make sure that it will work well with the prospective pool booster pump you have.

Pricing – The product’s pricing is always an important factor to consider before buying anything. This is no different from buying a pool booster pump for your swimming pool. What type of booster pump you will buy will be largely influenced by your budget.

If you are on a budget, do your own homework by researching the product that is within your budget. There are a lot of information you can get online when it comes to the price of the different pool booster pumps. This will help you in choosing the right booster pump which is within your targeted budget.

Brand – Another factor worth considering when buying a pool booster pump is the manufacturer or the brand. Obviously, with the increasing demand of pool booster pumps, more and more are manufacturing and selling this particular product.

The only difference is the quality and the pricing of each product depending on the brand. There are popular brands or manufacturers who have been making high-quality booster pumps for a long time. These companies which we will discuss in the latter part of the review is the industry leader when it comes to manufacturing the best and the most durable pool booster pump in the market today.

Voltage Requirement – This is specifically referring to the voltage specification of the motor of your booster pump. It is important to consider the voltage requirement of your pool booster pump and how it can be connected to the electrical source of your home.

These booster pumps usually come at 220 volts or 110 volts depending on the brand. All you have to do is determine what voltage requirements you need that fit the electrical specifications in your home.

Horsepower – The horsepower of your pool booster pump largely determines how strong it is during the operation. The more horsepower it had, the more powerful it is when being used.

However, choosing the booster pump with the highest horsepower may not always be the right thing to do. This is because it will also depend on the size of the filtration system of your swimming pool specifically the pipes. Small pipes might be overwhelmed by a pool booster pump with the highest horsepower specifications.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a pool booster pump?

A booster pump is an integral part of the cleaning equipment to use in the overall pool cleaning and maintenance. It is an important component of the pool cleaner’s general plan in cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool.

The overall purpose of a pool booster pump is to increase the water pressure of the swimming pool. Once the pressure increases, so as the efficiency of the filtration system of the pool thus increasing its effectivity and efficiency. In other words, the booster pump helps in improving the water circulation system of the swimming pool.

The booster pump also improves the efficiency and effectivity of a pressure-side vacuum pool cleaner. Increasing the ware pressure will significantly optimize and increase this type of pool vacuum cleaner during the cleanup.

Increasing the water flow and the water pressure beyond the main pool pump is what the pool booster pump does. The higher the flow rate or the water pressure, the better the performance of your booster pump and so as the swimming pool filter system and the pool vacuum cleaner you are using in the pool.

Please be reminded that a pool booster pump is not stand-alone equipment and should only be operated when the main swimming pool pump is on. Using this product without the main pool pump will directly damage it right away.

How does it work?

A pool booster pump is manufactured to augment or improve the water circulation of the swimming pool. It is there to work hand-in-hand with the pool’s main pump in order to increase the flow rate or the water pressure in the swimming pool.

A booster pump’s performance largely depends on its horsepower. The higher the horsepower is, the stronger the water pressure will be in the swimming pool. The higher the water pressure, the better the water circulation is while helping the pool filtration system to maximize its performance.

However, choosing a pool booster pump may not always be about the horsepower specification. You must also consider the size of the pipes depending on the specifications provided by the manual kit of the product. It is also important to consider the size of your filtration system because a strong pool booster pump might trounce the smaller filters.

Furthermore, a process should be done in order for the booster pump to help in improving the effectivity and the efficiency of your pool vacuum cleaners. Usually, pool vacuum cleaners need at least 30 pounds per square inch to start working.

This is where the plumbing requirements are needed to set up the pool booster pump. The plumbing procedure includes adding a connector while cutting the return pipe in order for the water to run smoothly to the cleaner pipe.

When it comes to the electricity requirements, most of the pool booster pumps available in the market are dual-voltage. Meaning, it can work with 115 volts or 230 voltage requirements. For your safety, it is important to consult a professional electrician if the conversion of the wiring is needed during the installation.

What are the different types of pool booster pumps?

Generally, there are two types of booster pumps that you can choose from. These booster pumps work the same but differ on the brand specifications and the ability to be compatible with the pool’s main pump and pool vacuum cleaner.

Brand-specific Pool Booster Pumps – This is a type of booster pump that is manufactured to work with a specific pump or suction-side pool cleaner. In fact, this product is also designed to specifically work with the same brand of pressure-side vacuum pool cleaners in cleaning the swimming pool.

A good example is the different types of Polaris pool booster pumps which were manufactured to work best with all pressure-side vacuum pool cleaner made also by Polaris. Furthermore, Hayward pool booster pumps were also designed to work best with all of Hayward’s pressure-side vacuum pool cleaners.

Universal Pool Booster Pumps – These are pool booster pumps that can work with any pressure-side vacuum cleaners. This type of booster pump was designed to help in increasing the performance of whatever type of pressure-side vacuum pool cleaners that are available in your swimming pool.

Why do you need a pool booster pump?

Using a pool booster pump will bring a lot of benefits especially in improving the overall health and maintenance of the swimming pool. It is summarized in the list below.

Improve the pool’s circulatory system – the main purpose of a pool booster pump is to increase the water pressure or the rate of the water flow in the swimming pool. Increasing the water pressure will improve the overall circulatory system or the water flow of the swimming pool which will significantly improve the performance of the other parts of the pool.

Enhance the pool’s filtration system – when a pool booster pump is added to the swimming pool’s filtration system, it significantly increases the water pressure which in turn makes the filtration system work efficiently. When the filtration system is working perfectly, you will immediately notice the cleanliness and the neatness of the swimming pool.

Improved the pool vacuum cleaner’s performance – Another important benefit of using a pool booster pump is in improving the efficiency of a pressure-side vacuum pool cleaner. When this product is used together with a pressure-side vacuum pool cleaner, it generally optimized its ability to capture large volumes of leaves, twigs, and other unwanted debris in the swimming pool.

Enhanced the cleanliness of the swimming pool – When everything is working fine including the filtration system and the pool vacuum cleaner, it will have a great effect on the overall cleanliness of the swimming pool. This includes the chemicals, pH balance, and other indicators that show the overall health of the swimming pool.

Increases the pool water clarity – Another part of the pool that will be affected due to its cleanliness is the water clarity. When everything runs smoothly and the cleanliness of the pool is overwhelming, it will also help in having crystal-clear water.

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