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How to Pick the Best Automatic Pool Cover

Here’s Everything You Need To Know

As a pool owner, you must keep the water clean so that it is safe to swim in. A pool cover can easily block debris from entering the water. In addition, the cover will deter children, uninvited guests, wild animals, and insects from getting into your pool too. This can help stop accidents from ever happening there.
When shopping for pool covers, try out an automatic pool cover. You can easily push a button to use the cover without having to lift and pull each time. It is worth the slightly higher price in which you’ll need to pay.
Of course, it also helps if you educate yourself on automatic pool covers and the pros and cons of them. Learn about how they function and what they do to protect your pool. Once you become educated in pool covers, you’ll have a better chance of finding the greatest deal possible.

20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular Cover

Ground Pool Safety Cover

Drill and Tamp characteristic brass anchoring arrangement

Overview of Automatic Pool Covers

In some locations, pool owners are required to have a fence surrounding their pool area in order to comply with local safety laws. An automatic pool cover is nothing more than a horizontal fence covering your pool water. The only difference is that it doesn’t have barbed wire on the ends.
An automatic pool cover is strong and convenient to use. You can control its functions with a remote control.

Powered Pool Solar Blanket Reel

Up to 20 Feet Wide

Intended for in ground pools


Automatic pool covers function as a crane because they use cables and pulleys to operate. They also have a small motor, track set, and a couple of reels. One end has the larger reel, which rolls up the cover and opens the pool. The opposite end has a smaller reel, along with the cables. The pool edges have two straight tracks which link to each reel by the cables.
As the cover opens, the bigger reel winds while the smaller one unwinds. This causes the cover to get pulled back. When you place the cover back on the pool, the opposite happens where the bigger reel unwinds and the smaller reel winds. The motor is what makes this whole process happen automatically. You just need to push a button to get it started.


There are lots of ways for an automatic pool cover to be installed. It all depends on your budget, objectives, and current pool setup. Now, it is possible to perform the installation yourself, but you must be knowledgeable and skilled in electronics and pool systems. The pool cover must be installed properly at the edge of your swimming pool for the installation to be a success. If you don’t feel confident that you can do this installation, then hiring a professional is always the safer choice.
Your best bet is to locate a contractor with the knowledge and experience in performing automatic pool cover installations. They must know how to install the tracks and reel system discretely so that these components stay concealed. If you have a deck, then these components can be hidden underneath it. That way, the cover is the only thing showing on the pool. This will look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Pool Covers

We rely so much on automation these days. If someone wants to watch a new movie, they can just stream it on Netflix. When they go to the grocery store, they can go through the self-checkout lane. Even the passwords that we use on the internet are remembered by our browsers. We don’t need to remember them ourselves anymore. 

So, does automation bring the same benefits to automatic pool covers? Let’s find out.


Just think about how awesome it’s going to look to see the pool cover automatically open and close. But this is merely one of the many benefits of an automatic pool cover.

1) Safety

These pool covers are durable and strong enough to block heat, water, people, debris, and contaminants from entering the pool. The covers are made from heavy-duty vinyl material, so they can withstand a certain amount of weight on top of it. Accidents can easily be avoided because of this. 

The American Society for Testing and Materials set a safety standard which states that every pool safety cover must support a minimum of 485 pounds for every 5 square feet. This is the equivalent weight of 1 child and two adults. 

Alongside a pool cover pump, the cover can stop any buildup from happening in the water and keep everyone around it safe. 

2) Retain Heat

When your pool cover is open, the warmer water temperature goes away fast. But if you put an automatic pool cover over the water, it’ll successfully trap heat in the water for a long time. Not only that, but the cover will prevent water from getting evaporated as well. Then you won’t need to use so many water balancing chemicals and sanitizers in your pool. You’ll save plenty of money this way. 

3) Easier to Maintain a Clean Pool

If you don’t like skimming, then you’ll love automatic pool covers. They block leaves and other big debris from getting into your pool water and filter. This makes it easier to keep your pool clean.

4) Keep Out Rain

Rain contains a lot of nasty contaminants, such as dust, dirt, spores, debris particles, and pollution. If rain falls into your pool water, it’ll bring all these contaminants along with it. Rain can also add more acid to your pool water, which will cause an imbalance in the water chemistry.  All the different types of debris in the pool water can attract bacteria and algae too. 

It is so much easier to place an automatic pool cover on your water and avoid these issues.

Automatic Solar Blanket Cover Reel/Roller

Remote Controlled

20×40′ in-ground Swimming Pools


Here are some downsides to automatic pool covers.

1) Expensive

An automatic pool cover with installation will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. Its lifespan should last between 2 to 5 years. This means you’ll need to plan for maintenance and replacement expenses during this time. These will cost anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000. 

2) Mechanical Issues

Automatic pool covers are complicated mechanical devices which contain motors and several different moving components. 

Compared to manual covers, automatic covers need a lot of maintenance work. There may come the point in time when your pool cover stops working, and you cannot remove it from your pool. Then you’ll basically be closed off from the pool water. 

3) Too Much Heat Retention

If you live in a tropical location with a hot climate, then you might find your pool water to be a little too heated if you use an automatic pool cover. That is because it does such a great job of trapping heat in the water. But you may not like jumping into pool water when it is 95°F.

4) Corrosion

Chlorine may not dissipate as fast because of the cover. This could cause an accumulation of corrosion on the cover, which will damage it. 

5) Not Snow Friendly

Although automatic pool covers can withstand some weight, they won’t be able to withstand the weight of snow all over it. If you live in a snowy area, then it is better to use a manual pool cover. Otherwise, you can alternate between the seasons. Use a manual cover during the winter and an automatic cover during the summer. 

Make the Choice

Your budget and personal preference are what really matters here when you choose a pool cover. Every automatic pool cover model is the same, for the most part. If you like the idea of pressing a button to open and close your pool, then you’ll want the most affordable automatic pool cover on the market.


Bring the convenience of automation to your swimming pool and help prevent unwanted accidents and contaminants. An automatic pool cover can give you convenience, peace of mind, and safety for one reasonable investment amount. That is not so bad, right? 

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