Pool LED lights for Exceptional Light Intensity

Pool Lights

If you only swim in your pool during the day, then you’re not having the true pool ownership experience. Of course, it is not advisable to swim in complete darkness either. A suitable compromise is to install LED pool lights to brighten up your pool water and allow you to see it at night. You’ll also be able to see any weird creatures that may be inhabiting the water.

There are a couple of other benefits to installing LED pool lights, such as saving more money than if you were to use regular lights. In addition, LED lights make swimming more fun and exciting. There are so many color choices to choose from as well.

How LED Pool Lights Works

Not all light bulbs are the same. An LED light is a light-emitting diode light. This type of light is known for being more energy efficient than a traditional incandescent light bulb. To understand why it is, you need to learn a few new words and perform some math calculations.

Aside from energy efficiency and money savings, LED pool lights have so many technologically innovative control features and aesthetics. Classic lighting cannot compete with this.

Every light bulb needs electricity to generate light. The amount of energy used is referred to as wattage. This is how the energy efficiency of a bulb is determined. For instance, an incandescent light bulb that is 100 watts can generate light with electricity which exists inside of an interior filament. For every 60 minutes the bulb is on, 100 watts of energy is used. Now find out the wattage rate that is charged by your power company and multiply it by the 100 watts per hour rate. The result is the amount of money you’re paying to keep your regular pool lights on every hour.

Therefore, before you select a pool light, you need to know the wattage of its bulb first. If you choose a bulb with less wattage, then expect the light to be less bright. But at least you’ll save some money.

Well, things changed when LED pool lights came on the scene. LEDs have much smaller bulbs and no filament. They’re basically light-casting semiconductors with a microchip. The electrical current travels into the microchip to cause the LED to illuminate. The LEDs are cooled with the heat sinks that are built into them. These heat sinks also extend the lifespan of the light and increase their brightness.

Due to these innovations in energy efficiency, wattage is no longer a huge factor in determining the amount of light that is provided by a bulb.

Pentair 640121 IntelliBrite 5G Color

The Lights are Brighter

Lumens are the measurement of visible light in which a light bulb produces. Bulb manufacturers like to focus on the effect that lumens have on the level of brightness that people see.

However, most laypeople just think of lumens from an LED bulb the same way they think of them from an incandescent bulb.

For instance, an incandescent light bulb with 100 watts produces anywhere from 1,400 to 1,750 lumens. A bulb with only 40 watts throws about 450 lumens. But if you use an LED pool light which produces 1,400 to 1,750 lumens, it may only use between 14 to 20 watts. You may even find LED lights which throw up to 5,400 lumens too.

Minimal Heat and Energy

Since LED pool lights use less wattage, they don’t need as much electricity as incandescent bulbs. If traditional bulbs were made to be as bright as LED bulbs, they would likely be a safety hazard because of the amount of heat they would generate. LED lights have heat sinks built into them to reduce the heat. Besides, an LED pool light with 30 watts generates the same amount of brightness as an incandescent light bulb with 200 watts. Meanwhile, there is less energy used and less heat generated. As a result, LED lights have a longer lifespan and require less gasket maintenance.


Incandescent lights produce the same boring white and yellow colors which don’t really put swimmers in a relaxing mood. On the other hand, LED pool lights have all sorts of color options available. You can also find some LED lights which connect to apps. Then you can use the app to change the color scheme of the lights. Snap-on filters can also be used too.

Multiple colors for your pool serve a variety of benefits, including:

  • Choose red, white, and blue colored lights for a July 4th celebration poolside.
  • Choose red and green colored lights for a Christmas celebration.
  • White lights which are extra bright may also be suitable for Labor Day.

Of course, you don’t need to wait for special occasions before you add colors to your pool. It may be nice just to swim in a purple or green pool to change things up and add more excitement to your swimming experience.

Hayward LPCUS11100 Universal ColorLogic LED


Anytime you purchase a new accessory to upgrade your pool with; you’ll want that accessory to last a long time. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a pool filter or LED light. Fortunately, LED pool lights are brighter, longer lasting, and more energy efficient than incandescent lights.

For instance, the useful life of a typical incandescent light is 12 months. An LED pool light that throws off the same amount of light can last for up to 20 years. It also uses less energy too.

Save Money on Usage

The expense of owning a pool does not stop with the initial purchase price. According to statistics, the average American pool owner spends about $190 every month on maintaining their pools. So, if you can save a little money on this, then why not do it?

LED pool lights have far less wattage which means you’ll be paying pennies per day to turn them on. Compare this to the $1 per day you’d likely pay with an incandescent bulb. Sure, the initial purchase price of an LED pool light will be more but think about the long-term energy and financial savings they’ll give you.

Rebates may be available to you too if you own LED pool lights. There are certain state and local governments which reward their citizens with cash rebates if they switch to more energy-efficient lights. You need to contact your local utility company to find out more.


LED pool lights are safer for everyone around the pool and in the pool. Due to the higher frequency of the LED lights, it is easier for people to see because the lights appear brighter to them. This is actually why LED lights are not installed in streetlights because the brightness can be a distraction to drivers. But you won’t be using too many LED lights in your pool, so the brightness will be just enough to allow you to see everything clearly.

External LED lights should be installed on the landscaping near the pool too. This makes it easier for people to walk back into the house from the pool area because they can see where they’re going.

Test the Lights First

Don’t replace your current incandescent lights with LED lights until you see how they work first. Use some battery-operated LED lights which float on water. Put as many lights on your pool water as you want. Make all sorts of colors shine on your pool.


LED lights are a small investment as far as swimming accessories go. They’re energy efficient, durable, versatile, and safe. Your investment will pay off fast.

There is no better choice to make than an LED pool light to brighten up your pool. 

Roleadro Led Pool Lights, Waterproof IP68 47W RGB Swimming Pool Light Multi Color


Shop From These Tried and Tested Pool Paint Brands to Give your Swimming Pool an Instant Refresh

Best Pool Paint You Can Buy in 2020

Basic pool maintenance and care is enough work for most people to do each day. When it comes to painting a pool, that might seem like too big of a project for you to handle on your own. Should you really hire a professional to do this or can you do it yourself?
Painting a pool can be done yourself. You just need to learn some things first, such as which pool paint to choose for the surface of your pool. In many cases, the walls of your pool will already have paint on them. Figure out which type of paint was used if you can. That will make it easier to select the next paint for the walls.

What is Pool Paint? Is it Like Regular Paint?

Pool paint is basically like regular paint, but it is waterproof. The paint is formulated to survive exposure to rain, wind, UV rays, and chlorine chemicals for months and years. None of these elements will affect the paint.

The reason you might want to apply new paint to the walls is if there are scrapes or scuffs on the existing paint. Things like pool toys or rowdy children can mark up the paint easily.

Pool paint is more expensive than regular paint, though. On top of that, it’ll take a lot of pool paint to cover all the walls of your pool, depending on the size of it. So, only paint your pool walls if they really demand it.

INSL-X WR102409A-01 Waterborne Semi-Gloss Pool Paint

Signs of Fading or Staining

All paint will fade eventually, but even more so when it has constant outdoor exposure. In a swimming pool, the sanitizing chemicals will slowly wear down the paint. Also, if there is a lot of mineral content or metal content in the water, it’ll cause stains on the walls.

Prior to painting your pool under these conditions, it must be acid washed first. Acid eliminates stains and dirt particles from your walls. You are not supposed to paint over the dirt and stains because the texture won’t appear even on the walls. Every paint job requires you to clean the surface first, whether you’re painting pool walls or bedroom walls. Sometimes sanding is even necessary too.

So, don’t think that you can just cover the faded or dirty walls with paint. Not only will it look horrible if you do this, but the dirt will eventually seep through the new layer of paint and cause problems for you all over again.

Since LED pool lights use less wattage, they don’t need as much electricity as incandescent bulbs. If traditional bulbs were made to be as bright as LED bulbs, they would likely be a safety hazard because of the amount of heat they would generate. LED lights have heat sinks built into them to reduce the heat. Besides, an LED pool light with 30 watts generates the same amount of brightness as an incandescent light bulb with 200 watts. Meanwhile, there is less energy used and less heat generated. As a result, LED lights have a longer lifespan and require less gasket maintenance.

Slippery Paint

Pool paint is waterproof, which makes it rather slippery. When you try to step out of your pool, you might have some problems because of the slippery paint. Since this is a safety concern, keep pets and children away from the pool. Otherwise, keep a close eye on them. If you’re slipping easily on the pool, then chances are they will too.

A new paint job can fix the slippery pool problem. There are two ways to do this. One way is to take a couple of tablespoons of soft rubber particles or fine sand particles and mix them with your new paint. This is the paint that you will apply to your pool steps, benches, swim out areas, or shallow areas.

Another way is to paint the steps first and then put 2 tbsp of soft sand on top of them.

Try not to use more sand than this in either case. If you exceed 2 tbsp of sand, it’ll increase the grittiness of the benches and steps of your pool. The sand particles will rub against your wet skin and cause you a great deal of pain.

Bubbles in the Paint

Paint bubbles could form on the pool surface if it wasn’t prepared the right way first. This doesn’t necessarily mean the entire surface needs to be repainted. It depends on the severity of the situation.

This is the reason why pool surfaces must be cleaned and dried before applying paint. If you don’t do these things, then bubbles will form for sure after you paint. Sometimes a hot surface or a thick application of the paint can cause blistering and bubbling too.

In any case, try repairing these bubbly areas of the pool and then repainting over them. But if you notice any stains or fading of the walls in addition to the bubbles, then you might as well repaint the whole surface of the pool.

Try to avoid painting your pool in the mid-summer because the surface heat causes blisters in the paint. It is better to wait for cooler temperatures during autumn or possibly the early winter if the weather is cool and dry.

Chalky Paint

Imbalanced pool chemistry can cause chalky paint. This happens when the alkalinity level or pH level of your pool water is not balanced. Either you’re not using enough chemicals, or you’re using too many chemicals, and it’s causing the pool paint to wear away and become chalky. In other words, the surface will have a powdery white residue on it. The residue will easily get onto your bathing suit, hands, feet, and anywhere else that is exposed to it.

You can try shocking the pool, but that probably won’t get rid of the haziness in the water. If you add calcium hypochlorite, that could make the chalking worse. In this case, you’ll have no choice but to repaint the pool. After you do that, keep the water chemistry balanced this time so that chalking doesn’t happen again.

Kelley Technical 392GL Olympic Zeron One Coat Epoxy Pool Coating - Bikini Blue


Types of Swimming Pool Paints

LED pool lights are safer for everyone around the pool and in the pool. Due to the higher frequency of the LED lights, it is easier for people to see because the lights appear brighter to them. This is actually why LED lights are not installed in streetlights because the brightness can be a distraction to drivers. But you won’t be using too many LED lights in your pool, so the brightness will be just enough to allow you to see everything clearly.

External LED lights should be installed on the landscaping near the pool too. This makes it easier for people to walk back into the house from the pool area because they can see where they’re going.

Epoxy Paint
  • Solvent base
  • Great durability and can resist most chemicals, abrasions, and stains.
  • 8-year lifespan
  • Satin finish
  • Can be applied to fiberglass, gunite, plaster, and unpainted concrete surfaces.
  • Can be applied over existing epoxy paint
  • After the paint is dry, one coat equals eight mils. This smooths out rough surfaces.
  • The drying time is rather long. Outdoor pools take between 5 and seven days. Indoor pools take between 10 and 14 days.
Acrylic Paint (Water-based)
  • Water base
  • Not so resistant to stains and chemicals
  • 2-year lifespan
  • Eggshell finish
  • Can be applied to plaster and concrete surfaces.
  • Can be applied over existing rubber, acrylic, or epoxy paints.
  • It has a fast-drying time. Outdoor pools take three days. Indoor pools take six days.

Should You Call a Professional?

Are you overwhelmed by all this? Are you unclear about how to drain the water out of your pool before painting it? Perhaps you don’t have the time or confidence to do the job? If any of these situations apply to you, then call a professional pool painter to ensure the job gets done right. It’ll cost you more money for materials and labor, but at least you’ll know that mistakes won’t be made.


After your pool has been painted, you will be so happy with yourself and what you’ve accomplished. What seemed impossible at first was finally done! That is how you will feel.

If you understand the different paint types and the kind of pool surface that you have, then it is easy to choose the right pool paint. As soon as you see the warning signs that a paint job is warranted, get started immediately.

In The Swim Super Poxy Shield Epoxy-Base Swimming Pool Paint


Safety Sensors for Swimming Pools Make Your Pool Safer

Best Pool Alarm You Can Buy in 2020

It is common for homes to have security features like alarms, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices can help prevent a serious tragedy from happening to someone in your home.

However, most homeowners don’t think about the tragedies that can happen on the outside of their homes, especially when their backyards have swimming pools in them. If children live in your home and there is a pool in the backyard, then an accident is very likely to happen. You hear stories in the news all the time about accidental drownings and injuries involving kids in swimming pools. If you want to prevent a tragedy like this from happening in your pool, then consider purchasing a pool alarm for it.

Benefits of a Inground Pool Alarm

Most people purchase swimming pools specifically for their children to splash around in and have a good time. Unfortunately, in the United States, over 700 children die from accidental drownings per year. Also, five times as many children suffer submersion injuries which require them to go to the emergency room.

The real tragedy here is that most of these accidents could have been prevented. A pool alarm may not prevent every pool-related accident, but it can certainly reduce the chances of there being one in your pool. In some areas, the local laws require that you install a pool alarm.

Local Laws for Swimming Pool Alarm

In some states, pool owners are required to have pool alarms installed. If not the state, then the county or municipality may require pool alarms. So, it is important to ask the local code enforcement department of your area about whether pool alarm installations are legally required.

Of course, you should purchase a pool alarm anyway in order to prevent pool accidents. There are four types of pool alarms you can choose from. Pool alarms may go in the following places: the doors and windows near your pool, under the pool water, on the surface of the water, or on the wrist of the swimmer.

Each pool alarm functions in its own unique way. Some people like to use multiple types of alarms simultaneously to increase the safety and security in the pool.

Best Pool Alarm

A threshold swimming pool alarm should be installed on windows, sliding glass doors, or any area where people can gain pool access. Anyone who goes to your pool will be noticed if you do this.

Top Rated: The Best Choice for Pool Alarm System

Our Score: 9.8/10

1. iSmartAlarm DWS3R Contact Sensor

Learn More >>

Why we chose it

The iSmartAlarm DWS3R Contact Sensor is a high-tech security alarm for your home. It has wireless sensors which can be installed on anything, including windows and doors which lead to your swimming pool area. Whenever someone opens one of these windows or doors, the sensor detects this motion and sets off the alarm.

There are all sorts of other security components you can include with the DWS3R, including cameras and motion detectors. Using a smartphone and app, you can connect to your security alarm through the “If This Then That” service. This gives you the ability to use your phone to activate the alarm from any location with a Wi-Fi connection.

Our Score: 9.2/10

2. Poolguard PGRM-2 Inground Pool Alarm

Learn More >>

Why we chose it

The Poolguard PGRM-2 is a white alarm for inground pools. To perform the installation, use an electric drill to make a little hole in the pool deck. The alarm stays on the side of the pool and is consistently on. Once a water disturbance is detected, the alarm will go off. The sound can be heard at the pool site and through the remote receiver as far away as 200 feet.

The alarm can be set to sleep mode whenever you want to use the pool. Be sure to take out the sensing arm first before you jump in the water. When you want to activate the alarm again, just put the sensing arm back in the water to activate it. The alarm satisfies all ASTM standards.

Our Score: 9.2/10

3. Safety Turtle 2.0 Child Immersion Pool Alarm Kit

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Why we chose it

The Safety Turtle 2.0 Child Immersion Pool Alarm Kit comes with a wristband, key, power adapter, base, and USB cord. It takes a couple of minutes to set it up. For instance, if you want the wristband to go on your child’s wrist, you would put it on them and then lock it with a key. This prevents your child from taking off the wristband.

The sensor stays on constantly. Whenever it is exposed to water, the sound of the alarm comes out from the base. This base can be used with other wristbands too. If you want to use the wristband for pets, there are special adapters that can be purchased for this purpose.

Our Score: 9.2/10

4. Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System

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Why we chose it

The Blue Wave Poolwatch Alarm System can be installed on the pool rail or pool deck of an above ground or inground swimming pool. If you have an above ground pool, then you need to use screws to install the alarm onto the pool rail.

ASTM standards are met by this alarm. Any person or object larger than 18 pounds causes a disturbance that is detected by the alarm. Therefore, a dog or toddler that enters the pool will be detected. Don’t expect many false alarms from things like wind or heavy breezes. But if you have a very tiny dog, then an alarm with more sensitivity might be necessary. The remote receiver which comes with the alarm has a range of 100 feet.

Our Score: 9.2/10

5. Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm

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Why we chose it

The Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm also includes a remote receiver which lets you hear the alarm from up to 200 feet away. You’ll know if the remote is activated by checking the indicator light.

You can eliminate false alarms by making sensitivity adjustments to how the alarm reacts. For instance, you can make it sound off when a child or small animal crosses the sensing ring, but not when a breeze passes by. You can even take the alarm with you to another pool which might be unsafe for children.

Our Score: 9.2/10

6. Poolguard GAPT-2 Outdoor Pool Gate Alarm

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Why we chose it

Many threshold alarm models cannot be installed properly on gates. Fortunately, the Poolguard GAPT-2 is designed specifically for installations on gates, screens, or any area where pool alarms couldn’t normally be installed.

When the alarm is on the gate, the alarm gets set off whenever someone opens the gate. To prevent the alarm from going off when the gate is opened, an adult can press the “pass” button beforehand. Make sure the alarm is positioned high on the gate so that only someone as tall as an adult can reach it. You don’t want children to be able to reach.

Pool Safety Alarm Conclusion

Pool alarms are affordable and can possibly save someone’s life. With all the choices available, there is no reason not to invest in at least one pool alarm. They are easy to install and give you peace of mind that your kids are safe.


Pool Slides Bring fun and Excitement to Your Pool. Splash Some fun on Your Next Swim

Best Pool Slides You Can Buy in 2020

Our Score: 9.8/10
S.R.Smith 698-209-58123 Cyclone Right Curve Slide
Our Score: 9.2/10
S.R. Smith 670-209-58123 Typhoon Right Curve Slide
Our Score: 8.9/10
S.R. Smith 688-209-58223 TurboTwister Left Curve Slide
Our Score: 7.2/10
S.R.Smith heliX2 640-209-58123 S.R.Smith Slide

When you think of fun outdoor activities, you may think about playgrounds and swimming pools. But have you ever thought about bringing the playground to a swimming pool? You can create some great experiences right at home if you do. It’ll be like having a water park in your backyard that your family and friends can enjoy themselves.

A pool slide can add a great deal of excitement to the experience of using your swimming pool. It is the perfect addition for any inground pool. Just make sure you get a high-quality slide which fits wonderfully in your own particular backyard, pool, and deck.

Is it legal to own and install a pool slide in my backyard?

It all depends on your local ordinances and whether you have a homeowners’ association that is against it or not. Sometimes a state or city may allow you to have a pool slide if the swimming pool area has a fence around it. Then you may have a homeowners’ association which specifies the maximum height that your pool slide is allowed to be (assuming they allow you to have a slide at all).

Therefore, you need to research the rules regarding pool slides of your state government, local government, and homeowners’ association. They may have regulations for public pools only, but you need to make sure anyway before spending your own money.

The local government rules that you should pay attention to the most are your county and city rules. These are usually the rules that are more specific than the regulations of your state.

Swimming Pool Slide CPSC Compliance

The Consumer Protection Safety Commission, or CPSC, is a government agency which makes safety guidelines for the average products that consumers use daily. The agency was established to protect consumers and ensure their safety. If a certain pool slide model is CPSC compliant, then it satisfies the guidelines of the government.

For example, if a pool slide is 7.5 feet or more in height, then a slip-resistant platform is required which is a minimum of 1 foot wide. This platform needs to be between the slide and ladder. If it satisfies these requirements, then the pool slide is CPSC compliant. If there are steeper ladders on the slides, then handrails may be required to give swimmers more protection and stabilization.

If a pool slide is CPSC compliant, then it is a pretty good indication that it’s a high-quality slide which is safe for your family and friends to use. The last thing you’d want is for anyone to suffer an injury and ruin their fun during the summer. So, it is important that you check to make sure that your pool slide is CPSC compliant.

Inground Pool Slide Types

Every swimming pool should have a slide. It helps create wonderful memories with the ones you love. And the best part is that you don’t even need to go far to do it. Having a pool slide in your backyard is the best thing ever. All you need to remember is to pick the best slide for your pool. We’ll help you out with that now.

Straight Leg Slide

The Straight Leg Slide has a curved bottom and straight top. There is an open stairway and closed stairway as well. This adds more spaciousness to the slide, allowing a big family to have a lot of fun with it.

The stairs included with the slide really work as a ladder. You can adjust the height between 8 and 12 feet. You can use the straight leg slide with a smaller pool just fine.

Molded Slide Leg

This slide is usually designed to be steeper as well as wavier. In other words, there is a curve on the right or left side of the slide just as it gets closer to the pool. This makes splashing a lot of fun. The stairway size is your choice too.

You’ll find most versions of the Molded Slide Leg to be 8 feet in height. You don’t need to worry about children climbing the stairway unmonitored because the stairway is closed.

Elephant Leg Slide

The Elephant Leg Slide is quite unique, thanks to its design. You can choose between the G-force pattern model or the stream design model. Each model can give you the most poolside fun possible. If you want a curvy design, then go with the G-force model. It’ll remind you of the curves found in a pasta noodle or DNA strand. The height is roughly 9 feet.

Alternatively, if you go with the stream model, the top has a very steep drop to it. It is a big slide which is about 14 feet in height.

The Guide to Purchasing the Top Water Slides

There are so many swimming pool slides to choose from. You can sort through the various slides that are available by focusing on a couple of key details about them. Then you can narrow down your choices considerably.

The Footprint

The amount of space that you have in your pool area will determine the footprint you should get. The curves of these slides can consume a lot of space, so you need to make sure you have enough room around your pool to accommodate it. Take measurements and compare them to other slides’ measurements.

Some pool slide manufacturers provide an entire schematic which states the length and width that you need for the surface. And to ensure people can climb the slide easily, you need to look at the space behind the slide because the sliders need room too.

Material / Surface

What material is the slide made from? This is important because you’ll want a very durable material which can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Most slides should last for years, though.

The best materials are either fiberglass gel coat or molded polyethylene plastic. Not only do they offer a durable surface, but they also offer no friction too. In addition, the UV rays of the sun won’t cause any fading to these materials for at least a few decades. They’re even resistant to chemicals and rust.


You need to choose the right location for the pool slide. Most manufacturers recommend that you place the slide on the side of the pool where the water depth is between 44 and 48 inches. If you have a stepper unit, then additional depth is needed.

Therefore, the slide should never be installed on the shallow end of the pool. Otherwise, the sliders will hit the pool’s surface after they go down the slide. But don’t put the slide on the deepest end either because that can be a safety concern. If it’s between 44 and 48 inches, that’s deep enough to where the average adult person can stand comfortably. That is fine for a slide.

Besides, pool slide manufacturers are required to implement safety measures which are dictated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Curvy Slide

A good curvy slide has several twists and curves which throw you around from one side to the other, and back again. The more curves, the more excitement. There are even slides on the market now which twist 360 degrees.

All those dips, twists, and curves will take up room in your pool area. You need to make sure that you have the space available to fit a slide like this. They’ll also cost more money too, so that is another factor for your consideration. If you want a 360-degree slide, think about your children and whether they’ll want that.


You don’t need to choose a boring solid blue colored slide. There are so many color choices available now for slides. Consider the overall appearance and décor of your backyard and choose a color which matches it the best.

Some people like white slides because it contrasts with the pool color. Also, white slides don’t get as hot in the summer as darker slides. Brown and grey are two other popular color choices because they’re earthy and match the colors of your yard.


You’ll probably want a slide that is easy to install yourself. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay extra money to hire a professional installer. This may be necessary if the slide is huge and complex, so only install a slide yourself that you know you can handle. The manufacturer usually recommends who should install it.

No matter which choice you make, you’ll likely need to perform some drilling for the installation.


The size is another important consideration to make when shopping for a slide. If your entire family will be using the slide, then you need a big slide which can accommodate more people. Big slides can handle extra weight and can help you increase your speed before you hit the water.

However, if the slide is only for small children, then you should go with a small to medium size slide. In fact, you may even want to choose an inflatable slide. That is the safest for little kids.

The slides mentioned in this article are for adults. That is why the weight capacity of your slide should be at least 200 pounds.

Water Hookup

A pool slide generally has running water flowing down its flume. By having a wet surface, it helps people slide down faster and not get stuck. For this reason, you need a water hookup for the slide to keep the water running on the flume.

If you want to take the cheap route, you can just use a garden hose to create the flow of running water. It should work just the same.


The safety of the pool slide is the most important thing to consider. There are several safety features available for pool slides nowadays. They’re heavily regulated by the CPSC too.

Just make sure your pool slide is approved by the CPSC. This will prove that your slide has undergone several safety tests and is proven to be safe for use. Additional safety features to look for are the wide treads on the ladder and the huge secure handrails.


Most people think about the cost when they purchase a pool slide. The price ranges vary between the different slides available. For an adult-sized pool slide, you’ll be looking to spend at least $2,000. But if you choose a bigger unit which is 360 degrees or complicated in other ways, you may be spending a lot more money.

Best Pool Slide

Here are reviews of the best pool slides available.

Top Rated: The Best Choice for In Ground Pool Slides

Our Score: 9.8/10

1. S.R. Smith Pool Slide Cyclone Right Curve 698-209-58124

Learn More >>

Why we chose it

The S.R. Smith Pool Slide 698-209-58124 is a great slide which children enjoy immensely. It has a lot of the same great features as the S.R. Smith Turbo Twister slide. The difference is the 698-209-58124 is slightly shorter because it is 4’1” tall. There are several safety features that come with this slide, including handrail molds, small visible metals, and a ladder.

The slide can accommodate pools with chlorine and saltwater. It won’t get corroded from these elements. A garden hose can be connected to supply the water flow. The slide curves to the right and the only available color for it is gray granite.

Anyone who weighs 175 pounds or less should have no issues using this slide. It satisfies the safety standards of the CPSC too. If you have an inground swimming pool, then you’ll want to have this slide. To ensure you’ll be satisfied, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty against any defects which may exist. If you’re on a tight budget and have a small deck available, then you’ll like this slide even more.

The slide has a 7-foot long flume, which should be okay for regular swimming pools. An installation manual is included to help you along with the installation process and make it easier. You shouldn’t find the assembly that hard at all. You just mount the slide on your deck. No anchors are needed.

The slide has a rotomold design to make it last longer. You should get several years out of it.

Our Score: 9.2/10

2. S.R. Smith 670-209-58123 Typhoon Right Curve Pool Slide

Learn More >>

Our Score: 9.2/10

3. S.R. Smith 688-209-58223 TurboTwister Left Curve Pool Slide

Learn More >>

Why we chose it

Do you want a water park thrill in your backyard? If so, then the S.R. Smith 688-209-58123 is the perfect addition for your swimming pool. The slide is only 8 feet in height, which provides a fun runway with a lot of water volume for children and adults to ride and enjoy. You can choose between designer colors like sandstone and gray granite to go with the décor of your backyard. You can even choose whether you want a left curve slide or right curve slide, depending on the space you have for your deck.

As for the water system, you can have water delivered through a plumb return line or garden hose. Either one will provide enough water volume to create a fast slide and a huge splash. Don’t worry about the safety of the slide because it comes with handrails, a ladder, and a steep flume. The entire construction is a durable rotomolded design. This gives it the strength needed to last a long time.

There are few metal areas exposed on the slide. This makes it great to use with swimming pools that have chlorine or saltwater. What’s even more impressive is that it can handle people who are as heavy as 275 pounds. And in case you’re worried about the safety, this slide satisfies the safety standards of the CPSC. The manufacturer recommends using this slide with inground pools.

If there is a defect in the slide, you’ll have a 3-year warranty with your purchase which covers it. Assembly and installation won’t take much time at all. An installation guide is included to assist you.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Pool Slide

Measure the Space Needed

Don’t purchase a pool slide unless you know it will fit next to your swimming pool. In other words, you’ll need to do some algebra to figure out if you have enough space or not.

Is Your Pool Deck Suitable for It?

If you have a long slide, then you need a longer edge in at least one area of your pool. Corkscrew slides or curved slides are different, though, because they take up a lot more space due to their unusual shape.

To ensure its stability, every slide requires a concrete deck underneath it. This means a huge slide won’t work if you have a small deck. Fortunately, you can just see what the slide’s manufacturer recommends for the space needed. You may need 5’x5’ of space to make a square or 15’x13’ of space to make a rectangle. Therefore, check the requirements for the deck.

If you don’t want a new extension added to your existing deck, then you need to make sure the slide you choose accommodates this deck.

There are no standards when it comes to the type of slide you should get. There are corkscrew slides, straight slides, and curved slides. They’re all great slides, but the one you choose depends on the amount of space you have available. As for the slide’s height, it is not really that important.

Do You Have Enough Pool Depth?

The depth of your pool is important to consider when choosing a slide. There may be state regulations which require public facilities and homeowners to have a certain depth in their pool water before they can install a slide. Basically, taller slides require deeper water.

To remain safe, the slide should be installed next to an area of the water that is at least 3 to 4 feet in depth. This is where the flume (mouth of the slide) should point toward. If the manufacturer has specific requirements for the depth, then obey those requirements. If your pool doesn’t have this depth, then find another slide.

The Materials of a Slide

Budget-minded people should purchase a used pool slide. Be prepared for the durability to be lacking in these older slides. For safety sake, it may be better to purchase a newer slide. Even though you’re spending more upfront, you’re less likely to get injured or be forced to make repairs.

You’ll want your slide to be made from either Polyethylene or Fiberglass.

The average slide is made from polyethylene, also known as “plastic.” But this is a durable plastic used to make so many items that we come across every day, such as grocery bags and even bulletproof vests. It is highly resistant to chemicals and water too. If UV rays are shining down on the slide, the color won’t fade.


Fiberglass is also a type of plastic too, but it is reinforced plastic which contains glass fibers for extra durability and corrosion resistance. Don’t worry about the glass fibers because they’re not hazardous. They’re durable and don’t require any maintenance.

Pool Slide Maintenance

Remember to always maintain your pool slide to sustain its longevity.

Cleaner is Better

A dirty slide is nasty for anyone to slide down. If you have outdoor elements like bugs, leaves, and twigs on the flume, then it can make the sliding experience both bumpy and dangerous. To prevent this, use a soft brush to push off this debris from the flume. Rinse the flume with a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge.

Seal Cracks

As soon as you see a crack, you need to seal it before it gets bigger. Use an epoxy repair kit to do this.

Plumbing for Slides

There is a reason why slides need to be wet. If you try sliding down one when it is dry, you’ll experience some uncomfortable friction burns. You may also get stuck on the slide and not even make it down into the water.

You need a wet flume to successfully slide into the water. But how do you make it wet all the time? The only choices are to install a water line hookup to the slide or just use a simple garden hose.

Garden Hose

Using a garden hose for the water delivery doesn’t mean lying a running hose on the slide and letting the water flow down from the top. Instead, you can use a spray kit to connect the hose to the slide. There are small nozzles used to spray the water from the hose onto the slide.

Don’t think of this as the quick way to bring water to your slide because you’ll need to perform more maintenance work to make this happen. Plus, there are risks to using a hose on your slide regularly like this.

The immediate concern is that the hose will cause the pool to overflow. Basically, you need to limit how many times you go down the slide so that the pool doesn’t get too much water added to it from the hose. You may have to drain some pool water if too much got in there. Expect a much bigger water bill.

Even if you do the work of removing water and adding water to your pool, think about the chemicals of your pool water. If you’re taking out chlorine or saltwater and replacing it with regular tap water, then your pool will not be as clean. It may even cause bacteria or algae to form. Not only that, but the calcium and metal levels of your water may increase too. A hose filter may help somewhat with this, but you’ll still need to spend more money on chemicals to balance the water again. It isn’t worth it.

Overall, it is a waste of time and money to use a hose. If you’re going to have a whole afternoon of sliding fun in the pool, then your hose will be running for hours. Think about how many gallons of water will be going into your pool. That is a lot of draining work and a lot more money added to your water bill for the month. It isn’t good for the environment either.

Water Line Hookup

A water line hookup basically takes water from your pool and runs it down the flume of the slide. By recycling the same water between the slide and pool, you are reducing your water bill, maintenance work, and chemical expenses. There won’t be any overflowing pool water or chemical imbalances to deal with.

Most slides come with the necessary parts to connect a water line to your slide. It may take more upfront work, but it is worth it in the long run. If you’re not handy like this, then hire a professional to do it for you.

Closing the Slide

If you’re installing a water line for your pool slide, then you must consider the way you close your pool after the summer ends. In addition to closing your pool, you must close your slide too. Because of this, the plumbing of the water line must be drained and stored somewhere safe before the cold temperatures come and damage it with ice formations.

If you’re just using a garden hose, then it is very simple to close your slide. Just make sure the flume is dry so that debris and bugs cannot build on it. Try inspecting the slide weekly and continue clearing the debris from the flume. If you do this, the slide should be perfectly usable next summer.

Installation Simplicity

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, then you can try installing the slide yourself. Read the installation instructions which come with the slide to see if you understand them. You must have the proper tools necessary for the job prior to selecting a slide.

If you go to the websites of these slide manufacturers, they should have downloadable installation instruction manuals on them. If you can’t find the websites, do a Google search for the manuals.

Of course, you can always hire a professional installer in your area if you’re not a handy person. But you might want to have a contractor lined up ahead of time before you purchase your slide. That way, you know they’ll be able to install it for you after the purchase is made.

The Number One Pool Slide Recommendation

Out of all the slides listed, the S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide is our personal recommendation. It’s got the best design and safety features, such as handrails that are molded in, few exposed metal areas, and a ladder. The slide can handle a 175-pound person, which could be both adults and children. Most importantly, it complies with the safety standards of the CPSC. A garden hose can connect to it too.

Pool Slide Safety Tips

Remember that as your slide gets higher, your pool needs to be deeper. Check the CPSC safety regulations for more specifics on this. You can also investigate the local safety codes of your area where pool slides are concerned.

Here are some safety tips to remember:

  • All ladders, ramps, stairs, and slide steps need to have treads rather than rungs. This is definitely true if the slope is over 15 degrees.
  • You should have slip resistant slide steps. They must meet the right performance requirements and have the right dimensions and tread curvature. You can review your local county and state guidelines to see if you do.
  • The smallest acceptable dimensions apply to ladder platforms which have handrails and a nonslip climbing surface.
  • The slide ladder’s angle should balance the center of gravity for the user as they take each step up the ladder.
  • You need durable fasteners that don’t crack or break.
  • The weight capacity for the slide needs to be a minimum of 200 pounds.
  • The handrails must be in a certain position and have the right safety design, length, and height.
  • You need wet pool slides to create a joyful sliding experience.
  • Maintain your pool slide by making sure nothing is loose.
  • Inspect the water supply line for leaks.

Understand your local laws and state laws surrounding pool slides. Find out the depth of your pool water and the size of your deck. Once you’ve done all this, you can search for a suitable slide to purchase. As you search, look at the recommendations of the manufacturer about the depth and space needed. If everything matches up, then you can go ahead and make your purchase.

The last step is to install the slide and keep its flume wet. Use the information in this guide to give you some ideas on that.


Pool Thermometers May Not Seem all that Important, but there are Definitely Some Valid Reasons why it Should be

Best Pool Thermometers You Can Buy in 2020

People have very specific demands when it comes to the water temperature of a pool. On the one hand, they may want to jump into a pool of cool water during the hot summer months. On the other hand, they may find it uncomfortable if the water is too cold because the sudden temperature change from hot to cold will shock their system.

If your pool has a heater, then you can heat the water just enough to make it comfortable without making it burning hot. The only way you’ll know the temperature of the water is if you use a pool thermometer to test it and give you an accurate temperature reading.

There are many benefits to using a pool thermometer. Let’s go over those benefits now.

Testing the Pool Heater

If you don’t have a pool thermometer, then you may have trouble determining whether your pool heater is working correctly. A pool thermometer allows you to see if the water temperature rises after you turn on the heater. That way, you’ll know if the heater is actually working or not. If you turn up the heat, and the temperature remains the same or gets cooler, then you’ll know that your heater is faulty.

Kingsource Large Floating Pool Thermometer


Lower Your Power Bill

Swimming pools don’t need to be heated all the time, especially if you live in a tropical location or warm-climate region. If you can monitor the temperature of the water, you’ll know when it is a better time to turn off the heat or at least turn it down. Then you can reduce your energy consumption and save money on your energy bill at the end of each month

Better for Your Health

There are certain people who have their own pool temperature requirements due to health reasons. For instance, someone with multiple sclerosis cannot handle too much heat or else their symptoms will get worse. A pool thermometer allows you to set an ideal temperature for a person suffering from this condition. This will give them relief and joy when using the pool instead of pain and misery.

As for senior citizens and younger children, they would rather have warmer pool temperatures than cooler ones. To ensure that you don’t shock their system with cold water, you can make the temperature just warm enough for them to be comfortable in the water. A pool thermometer is the only way you can make this happen.

Types of Pool Thermometers

A pool thermometer may seem like a simple invention, but there are actually four different categories of pool thermometers.

Wireless Pool Thermometer
Wifi Pool Thermometer
Digital Pool Thermometer
Handheld Thermometer

Some of these categories can be combined. For instance, you could have a mercury-filled thermometer or digital thermometer that is also a floating thermometer. But if it is a handheld thermometer, then it can only be digital.

Mercury-filled thermometers are more dangerous if they’re floating in the water around other swimmers. Let’s say a swimmer accidentally damages the thermometer or bad weather damages it. The mercury inside the thermometer will pour out into the pool water. On top of that, you’ll have small pieces of glass in the water which could injure somebody or rip the liner of the pool.

Therefore, out of safety concerns, a digital handheld thermometer is the best choice.

Homga Floating Pool Thermometer


Best Thermometers

There are endless numbers of pool thermometers available to purchase. How do you know which one is good quality and which one is not?

1. Milliard Outdoor & Indoor Digital Pool Thermometer

The Milliard digital pool thermometer works well and is very affordable. It can measure temperatures in the water ranging between -4°F and 158°F. The three-inch display screen is easy to read and will automatically shut off after three minutes. This will help you save energy on the 1.5V LR44 button battery in the device. The temperature continues to get measured, even while the thermometer is off. You’ll have an immediate readout of the temperature every time because of this.

The thermometer is designed to stay afloat on the water. However, a nylon cord that is 42 inches long comes with the thermometer in case you want to install it on the pool wall instead. The thermometer can also work well in hot tubs too.

2. Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer (Polar Bear)

Most thermometers look the same, but this particular pool thermometer looks like an adorable polar bear. The rope tether included lets you position the thermometer in the same area of the pool. You’ll get both a Celsius reading and Fahrenheit reading of the temperature.

The polar bear thermometer is filled with mercury, but the exterior is constructed from durable “acrylonitrile butadiene styrene” material. This is another way of saying ABS thermoplastic. With this material securing the mercury, there is a less chance of spills and leaks.

3. Ambient Weather Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool Thermometer

This thermometer lets you see the water temperature of the pool while you’re indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the wireless technology integrated into the thermometer, the temperature reading can get wirelessly transmitted to more than 100 feet away on an LCD display screen. You’ll be able to place multiple sensors around your pool in 8 different locations. Then you can use the 8-channel system to check the temperature of each location in the pool. The entire thing runs on solar power, although you have the option to use four AAA batteries as a backup energy source. The temperature updates at 60-second intervals.

If you add chemicals to the water, remember to take out the floating thermometer first. Otherwise, the chemicals could greatly deteriorate the plastic of the thermometer.

4. Raytek Non-Contact MiniTemp Infrared Thermometer

This is a futuristic style thermometer which can measure temperatures ranging between 20°F and 932°F. You’ll have a huge backlit display screen which will give you immediate readings of the temperatures. The response time for each reading should be under 500 milliseconds.

The design of the thermometer is ergonomic, compact, and durable. It gets power from a 9V alkaline battery (included). To preserve its lifespan and prevent damage, you can put the thermometer in a storage pouch and protective boot (included).

5. Etekcity 1022D Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer

The Etekcity 1022D is a handheld pool thermometer which uses infrared lasers to give you an instant temperature reading of the water. Not only that, but it will give you the temperature of virtually any area of the pool. To get the most accurate temperature, get a reading from the middle of the pool. After all, water depth always affects the temperature the most.

It comes with a 9V battery and a two-year warranty. It can give you temperature readings which range from between -58°F and 1022°F. Of course, you’ll probably never need to see a temperature greater than 120°F in the water (hopefully not). However, you can use this device for other things too, such as car maintenance, home repairs, and barbeques.


With a pool thermometer, you’ll never need to guess what the temperature is again before jumping into the water. Now you’ll have complete control over the temperature by using the thermometer and heater together.

Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear


Top Robotic Pool Cleaners for busting Dust and Debris Out of Your Pool

Best Pool Robotic Pool Cleaners You Can Buy in 2020

Our Score: 9.8/10
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Cleaner - Maytronics
Our Score: 9.2/10
Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus
Our Score: 8.9/10
Polaris 9550 Sport
Our Score: 7.2/10
Aquabot Breeze IQ

There are lots of pool cleaners out there, such as pressure-side or suction cleaners. Now, there are new cleaners which are dominating the pool cleaning industry. They are so easy to use because you just put the cleaner device in the water and let it do its thing.

There are several options out there for cleaners. You’re probably confused about which one is the best or which features you should be watching for. Don’t worry because you’re about to learn all these things. We’ve created a list of the best cleaners. You just need to review each one and learn about what they can do. Then you will be able to make an informed decision.

What’s the Difference Between the Various Pool Cleaner Robots?

You might think there is no difference between these  cleaners. While they all provide a low maintenance option for cleaning a swimming pool, each cleaner has its own unique features and attributes.

As far as automatic pool cleaners go, robotic pool cleaners are just one type of cleaner. The other two types are suction-side cleaners and pressure-side cleaners. However, robotic pool cleaners do a much better cleaning job.

For one thing, you don’t need to attach your robotic pool cleaners to the swimming pool like you would with pressure-side or suction-side cleaners. Some robotic cleaners have internal batteries to charge the units, while others need an external power source.

It might seem strange for a pool cleaner that runs on electricity to be placed in water. Don’t worry, though, because robotic pool cleaners are powered by a ground-fault circuit interrupter which supplies it with lower voltage power sources. If there are any electrical issues detected in the cleaner, it is programmed to deactivate automatically so that you don’t get electrocuted.

Features of a Pool Cleaning Robot

Since each cleaner is different, the following are the ideal features that you should search for in your next cleaner:


The weight of your cleaner is more important than the size of it. After all, you need to be able to lift the cleaner out of the water without any hassle. If you choose a heavy cleaner, you’ll need an extra person to help you lift it out. So, try to find a lightweight cleaner if you can.

4-Wheel Drive

This doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in cars. A cleaner with 4-wheel drive has rubber wheels which allow it to easily move around your pool, even if it’s bumpy. Slippery or wet surfaces are not a problem either.

Premium Brushes

It is difficult to clean debris and dirt from your swimming pool. The brushes of the  cleaner are what will be doing this cleaning. Look for a cleaner with brushes which have rotating rubber or hard bristles because they can scrub dirt a lot better.

High Energy Efficiency

The bigger the cleaner, the more energy it needs to operate. Smaller robotic pool cleaners use about 200 watts per hour, while bigger robotic pool cleaners use more. Stay away from the cleaners that use over 1,000 watts every hour because that means they are not energy efficient.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaners are available for all different prices. Whichever one you pick, it will provide you with cost savings, energy efficiency, and speed. Let’s take a look at the ten best ones available today.

Top Rated: The Best Choice for Pool Vacuum Robots

Our Score: 9.8/10

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Cleaner - Maytronics

Learn More >>

Why we chose it

The automatic pool cover pump called the “Wayne WAPC250” is the best pump around. Once the water comes up to a certain level on the machine, the pump activates automatically. There is also a filter attached to prevent debris from knocking over or clogging the pool cover pump. This gives you the freedom to walk away without having to monitor it.

The Wayne WAPC250 has the ability to pump as much as 3,000 gallons of water per hour. It only has a 1.25” drain hose and a 25’ power cord too. If the temperature outside is freezing, the motor of the pump will be automatically protected by the freeze protection technology included. When you place the pump on the cover, you can position it properly with the 25’ rope that comes with it.

Our Score: 9.2/10

2. Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus

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Why we chose it

The Dolphin Triton Plus scans your swimming pool and creates a map for cleaning it. This is similar to what the Nautilus cleaner can do. However, the Dolphin Triton Plus has Bluetooth technology for connecting to your mobile device. You can use this ability to control the cleaner and make it clean certain areas that need it the most. This is something the Nautilus cannot do.

The Dolphin Triton Plus has two brushes for scrubbing the waterline, flooring, and walls of your pool. There is a very large filter which you need to maintain by reloading, dumping, and rinsing. To activate the cleaner, you just need to push a single button. The cleaner should take about 3 hours to finish.

Our Score: 9.2/10

3. Polaris 9550 Sport

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Why we chose it

The Polaris 9550 Sport is a pool cleaner with 4-wheel drive technology. This means it can clean the walls, cracks, gaps, and corners of your pool. Tough areas to reach are now achievable because of this cleaner’s rear water propulsion system. It also features a Vortex vacuum technology that can suck up huge pieces of debris and still keep on functioning.

The Polaris 9550 Sport includes a motion-sensing remote control. You can use this to guide the cleaner toward areas of the pool that really need to be cleaned. The filter canisters of the cleaner are designed so there’s no need to touch any of the debris. You just take out the cleaner and shake it around; then spray it down. The swivel power cord feature means you won’t get the cord tangled or twisted as you’re cleaning either.

Our Score: 9.2/10

4. Aquabot Breeze IQ

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Why we chose it

The Aquabot Breeze IQ is a great cleaner if dust and pollen are commonly a problem for your pool. It has filters which can block small debris, even if it’s 2 microns in size. As a result, it can filter out bacteria from your pool water.

It comes with a 60’ power cable which has swivel technology to prevent twisting and tangling of the cable. If there is any difficult pollen or dirt patches to deal with, the cleaner’s strong pump system can take care of them. Its strong scrubbing brushes can be used on any pool surface, even one that is lined with vinyl.

Our Score: 9.2/10

5. Hayward TigerShark

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Why we chose it

The Hayward TigerShark can clean the waterline, coves, floors, and walls of your pool in just 3 hours. This is great if you need to clean your pool in a hurry before a big event or party that is about to take place.

There is a pump onboard the TigerShark to supply more cleaning power for eliminating tough debris and dirt patches. The power cord is quite lengthy and suitable for cleaning swimming pools that are as big as 40’ x 20’. To clean the pool, just take out the filter, empty the filter and rinse the filter. After that, you can reload it.

Our Score: 9.2/10

6. Hayward SharkVac

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Why we chose it

The Hayward SharkVac is equipped with smart sensors to track and eliminate dirt along the waterline. In addition, these sensors keep the motors’ safe and ensure the cleaner has a long life. This is a very easy cleaner to use and manage.

Our Score: 9.2/10

7. Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler

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Why we chose it

The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler has the power to clean the average pool in up to 2 ½ hours. It only costs 20 cents per day to operate.

A caddy is included with this cleaner which allows you to transport it easily and store it away when not in use. The wireless remote control is suitable for managing cleaning from afar. Regular cleaning sessions can be scheduled to ensure you don’t miss any cleaning day.

Maintenance Tips

After you’ve chosen a good cleaner, you must continue to care for it. Read the instructions included with the cleaner. You need to understand how it works before putting it in your swimming pool.

Here are some basic maintenance tips to care for your pool:

  • Remove the cleaner from the pool after the cycle finishes. The motor will be preserved, and the pool will be safe for swimming.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions for draining the water from the cleaner.
  • Each time you use the cleaner, you need to wash it. Inspect the wheels and brushes to make sure there is no debris. Empty the filter and then rinse it.
  • Pay attention to how much the brushes are wearing out. If they get too worn out, replace them with new brushes.
  • Don’t expose the cleaner to direct sunlight.

It is not difficult to care for a robotic pool cleaner. You just need to follow some simple maintenance tips.


Shop Above Ground Swimming Pools. Round, Oval, Multiple Sizes, Saltwater Options and More!

Best Above Ground Pool

Our Score: 9.8/10
Intex 12ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump
Our Score: 9.2/10
Intex 14ft X 42in Ultra Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump
Our Score: 8.9/10
Intex 28210EH 12 Foot x 30 Inch Above Ground Swimming Pool
Our Score: 7.2/10
Bestway 56061US Steel Pro Above Ground Pool

It is hard to choose the best pool because there are so many choices available. It can get confusing to figure out which pool is best to suit your particular needs.

In this review guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best pools. Each one of them provides unique benefits to the user. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to own an swimming pool either. With the help of this review guide, you can find the best above swimming pool for your property. Some of these pools are less than $500! What a bargain!

Benefits of Above Ground Swimming Pools

1) Inexpensive

If you want a decent family-size pool for an affordable price, then an above swimming pool is the best option. Not only are above ground pools cheaper than in-ground pools, but most of them are also constructed to last for a long time.

2) Several Choices Available

When you go shopping for pool models, you’ll have several choices available in terms of the material, shape, and size of the pool. The chances are that you’ll find a pool which is priced right for your budget and matches the style and layout that you’re looking for.

3) Fast & Simple Installation

An ground pool is much easier and faster to install than an in-ground pool. Some people can install their ground pools in as little as a few hours. Bigger pools may take a couple of days tops. Either way, this is much faster than installing an in-ground pool, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to install.

4) Very Safe

Above ground swimming pools require users to enter from a higher point. This makes these pools much safer because there is virtually no chance of anyone accidentally slipping or falling into the water. And if you remove the ladder when you’re not home, you don’t need to worry about young children falling into the water and drowning either.

5) Easy Maintenance

In most situations, above ground pools require very little maintenance. You don’t even need to use as many chemicals either. This saves you money, time, and energy.

Top Above Ground Pools

Let’s examine some of the top rated above swimming pools being sold today. The factors which make them the best include their warranty, features, services, brands, benefits, and/or price

Top Rated Choice for Above Ground Pool in Backyards
Our Score: 9.8/10

1. Intex 14ft X 42in Ultra Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump

Learn More >>

Why we chose it

Our best pool choice. The Intex Swimming Pool is very easy to install, and it’s even easier to maintain. It is a popular small pool which is affordable and suitable for up to 4 people. You can assemble and disassemble this pool quite easily too. This is great if you want to move your pool around to different places regularly. Just deflate the pool, dry it out, pack it up, and store it.

The pool has durable sidewalls made from heavy-duty vinyl. This durability allows the pool to last for a minimum of a couple of sessions. There is no pool cover, filter pump, or ground cloth included with this 8’ x 30” model.

Our Score: 9.2/10

2. Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set

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Why we chose it

Our second best pool choice. The Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set is 14 feet, which is big enough to accommodate up to 4 people. It comes with all your essential pool items, including a debris cover, filtration pump, ground cloth, and removable ladder.

The pool set contains “ultra” frames made of durable steel that is resistant to rust. The frame has very wide legs which stabilize the pool, especially on soft ground. If a few people set up the pool together, they can do it very quickly. For those who’d rather keep the pool set up in one place for the entire year, you can do that too. Although, it is not recommended.

Our Score: 8.9/10

3. Intex Metal Frame Pool Set – 12’ x 30”

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Why we chose it

Our third best pool choice. The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is simple to install and set up. There are several add-ons available which make the whole process easy, including the maintenance. Small families and couples will find this pool to be just the right size for them to enjoy it.

The metal frame is durable and tough. Not only is it aesthetically attractive, but it is also rust resistant because of its powdered coating. Saltwater sanitation systems can be accommodated due to the robust design of the pool. You will also appreciate the included ground cloth for the pool and the debris cover which helps keep the water clean.

Our Score: 8.8/10

4. Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool Set – 12’ x 30”

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Why we chose it

The Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool Set is made with strong steel frames and “T” connectors that fit them together. They’re also designed to be resistant to rust too. Injuries are prevented with the included safety clips. Even though there is no ladder included with the pool set, the pool is not that tall anyway. It should be easy for most people to just climb into the pool without any problems.

The pool size is big enough to accommodate up to 4 people. Unfortunately, it is not big enough for swimming. But if you want to cool off and relax in an affordable pool, then this is the one to purchase.

Our Score: 8.6/10

5. Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set – Model 32’ x 16’ x 52”

Learn More >>

Why we chose it

The Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set is a whopping 36’ x 16’. It is made to be durable and long-lasting too. If you have a lot of space in your backyard, this large pool set will fill it perfectly. Its rectangular shape is quite unique because it lets you swim laps in your backyard.

Its solid steel frame is resistant to rust. You expect the pool to stay in great condition for several years. There is ultra-strong PVC material on the sidewalls which prevent things like leaks and tears. Other helpful accessories are included too, such as a ladder, cover, ground cloth, maintenance kit, and filtration pump.

Our Score: 8.1/10

6. Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set – Model 32’ x 16’ x 52”

Learn More >>

Why we chose it

The Intex Prism Frame Pool Set is a popular design for an pool. It is priced very well and gives you a lot of goodies along with it.

For starters, it is a large pool set which is inexpensive and simple to install. Its quality and affordability make it worth investing in.

Our Score: 8.0/10

7. Summer Waves Brand Metal Frame

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Why we chose it

The Summer Waves Metal Frame Pool is 10’ x 30’. It has a durable metal frame design and is 10 feet, which makes it perfect for children to use. Maintenance will be easy, especially since it comes with a filter system and skimmer. It won’t be hard to keep your water looking clean throughout the summer.

If you’ve never owned a pool before or you simply want a pool that is easy to install and maintain, then the Summer Waves pool is what you need.

Our Score: 7.8/10

8. Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Pool Package – Model 30’ x 15’ x 52”

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Why we chose it

The Splash Pools Oval Deluxe is a big pool with a durable metal frame construction. When you look at the pool, it will appear as a higher end swimming pool but at a much less price.

There are plenty of add-ons included with the pool set. If you have a big family or want to have a lot of people in a pool that doesn’t cost so much, then you will want this pool set. You’ll just need to hire a professional installer to handle the installation.

The Top 8 Review Considerations to Make Prior to Buying Above Ground Swimming Pool

Now that you’ve read the reviews of these highly rated swimming pools, the next step is choosing the best one for you. But before you do, consider these 8 things first. This will ensure you make the right choice.

1) Pool Size

You’ll want the top pool model that you choose to be of the right size. This will make things more comfortable and easier for you. For instance, if you’re on a tight budget, then a bigger pool requires more money, time, and energy to maintain. A small pool, on the other hand, is easier to maintain for people in this position.

Of course, small pools won’t be suitable for big families. Therefore, it all depends on what your current position is and what your needs are. You must also consider the size of your property and the area on it where the pool will be installed. The excavation size should always be bigger than the pool size. This makes installation so much easier.

2) Pool Shape

Size is a bigger consideration than the shape. However, the shape is important too because it affects your ability to swim. There are 3 shapes to choose from; rectangular, ovular, or circular. If you want to swim laps, then a rectangular pool is the best choice. Ovular and circular swimming pools are better for children and relaxation.

3) Pool Material

Pay attention to the material of your swimming pool model. If you choose a durable, high-quality material, then it means the pool will last longer. It also means you won’t need to perform as many repairs and maintenance tasks. As a result, you will save money and time. There are lots of different possible materials used to make pools, such as stainless steel, aluminum, soft vinyl, resin, and PVC.

4) Level of Safety

If you care about safety, then you’ll want a higher pool to prevent children from accidentally slipping into it. Make sure you take away the ladder when the pool is not being used. This ensures your small children won’t use it when you’re not around.

5) Add-Ons

A lot of pools are sold with add-ons and accessories. These package deals are worth watching out for because you can save a lot of money by not having to purchase these items separately. Look for bundled items like debris covers, filter pumps, pool ladder, and ground cloths. They help with the upkeep and maintenance of the pool.

6) Do-It-Yourself Pools

You can find a real bargain if you purchase do-it-yourself swimming pools. However, they can also be difficult to install if you’re not experienced at installing swimming pools. Unless you have the knowledge to perform this job, you will need a professional to install it for you.

7) Price

Everyone thinks about the price before they purchase anything, especially an  pool model. You’ll find different types of pools which have different prices. As you do a price comparison, pay attention to the features and benefits of these pools. Try to find one which satisfies your needs as well as your budget.

8) Brand

Try to find an pool with an acclaimed brand name attached to it. In most cases, these branded pools will come with a good warranty deal or superb customer support. You may even be able to get free or cheap replacement parts if needed.

Maintaining a Portable Above Swimming Pool

There are very easy pool maintenance tasks to perform which will boost the longevity of your above ground swimming pool. These pools don’t even require that much maintenance anyway, but you still need to do some maintenance to ensure the pool stays strong for a long time. Sometimes, this can be challenging if you’re not experienced at it.


One necessity is to have a filter pump installed. This helps clean the pool water by filtering out debris and contaminants. It also keeps the circulation of the water steady as well. If you want to protect the pool liner and metal frame, you could always have a cove constructed. However, the primary pool maintenance task will be adding sanitizing chemicals to the pool water which balance its pH levels.


There are other maintenance tools and accessories which help too. For instance, a debris cover takes the pressure off the filter by preventing debris from even getting into the water when it’s not being used. You must have good drainage in your pool area too. This will stop water seepage from occurring.


If you can maintain your above ground swimming pool properly, it may be able to last for over 10 years without any big issues. Think about how much your investment would pay off in this circumstance.


Maintenance is a responsibility which must be honored if you want your above ground pool to have a long lifespan. Think about all the summers of relaxation and coolness that it will provide you, your family and friends. This makes it worth it.


Below are some helpful pool maintenance tips to ensure that your above ground pool remains healthy and safe for a long time.

1) Use a Filter and Pump

If you want the water of your above ground swimming pool to stay clean, then you need to use a water pump and filter. This keeps the water circulated while ridding it of nasty algae, bacteria, and other unwanted contaminants. Be sure to clean the filter too regularly

2) Brush & Vacuum

If you have a big pool, then there may be certain areas of it which have inadequate water circulation. This promotes the growth of algae and other nasty contaminants. That is why you should brush and vacuum the floors and walls of your pool at least once per week to keep everything clean.

3) Test the Water

Your pool water needs to be tested regularly to ensure it is safe and clean to swim in. A digital test strip reader device can do this for you. You’re looking to ensure the levels of sanitization and pH are good in the water.

4) Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets are used to balance the sanitization levels of the pool. These tablets dissolve slowly in the water as soon as you put them in it. This ensures they last for a long time and sustain the proper sanitization levels. If you want the sanitization to be continuous, put the tablets in the feeder, skimmer, or floater device.

5) Shock Treatment

The more a swimming pool is used, the more debris and other contaminants that build up in it. This can lead to irritations, such as skin and eye inflammation. A shock treatment on the water is needed to prevent future breakouts like this. Shock treatments work to eliminate contaminants in water that is regularly used. It also clears up the water more too.

The 5 Main Types of Swimming Pools for a Backyard for Sale

Below are the 5 main types of above ground swimming pools. Their differences pertain to their functionality, price, and durability.

1) Semi in Swimming Pool

You could call this a semi above ground pool too. Basically, it is a pool where the bottom half is buried in the ground, and the upper half is above ground. This pool has a 0.25” thick tongue as well as groove aluminum slats, which keeps the pool extra durable.

If your backyard has an incline or slope, then a semi-in-ground swimming pool is a suitable choice. It is also good if you want to construct a deck too.

Also, you can use a salt water sanitation system for the semi-in-ground pool. Since the pool walls are made of thick aluminum, the salt will not cause it to rust. Of course, this type of pool is a little pricier than your standard above ground pool. But it is still much cheaper than an in-ground pool.

2) Hybrid Swimming Pool

The Hybrid version is constructed of steel and resin. This means it is almost as strong as a steel pool and has many of the same traits as a resin pool. The resin components of a good hybrid above ground swimming pool provide a modernized aesthetic appearance. The coping rails and uprights are constructed from steel. Most of the other components are resin-based. Certain models have steel coping rails which can be switched to adjust to saltwater applications.

3) Resin Swimming Pool

Aqua Liter is the company that invented the resin above ground pool. They’ve been around for nearly 30 years, but they’ve improved greatly over this time. The best resin above ground pools are constructed with Synflex resin. The cheaper models have bad quality resin. You need to be careful of the bad quality ones because the resin will crack easily in cold or windy weather conditions. And if it’s exposed to heat, the material will soften. The great thing about Synflex resin is that it’s very durable and is resistant to all types of temperatures and weather conditions.

If you have saltwater sanitation applications, resin pools are accommodating to those. Also, resin pools are some of the most affordable above ground pools you can purchase.

4) Rolled Wall Aluminum Swimming Pool

The walls and components of a Rolled Wall Aluminum Swimming Pool are constructed from 1 long aluminum sheet. This means it will not rust if you use saltwater sanitation systems in it. The durability of rolled aluminum ensures your pool will last for a long time.

A Rolled Wall Aluminum Swimming Pool is cheaper than a semi-in-ground pool. So, if you’re interested in using salter sanitation systems without the expense of a semi-in-ground pool, then go with the rolled wall pool type instead.

5) Steel Permanent Swimming Pool

Most swimming pool owners and installers prefer steel above ground swimming pools. Their steel strength and resin top caps make them ideal for most properties. They’re also very durable for this reason too.

If you’re looking for an affordable above ground pool model that is strong and long-lasting, then steel is the only way to go. It is also good for accommodating bigger pools which generally hold lots of people. Of course, there are several grades of steel to watch out for; such be sure to check that out too. Some steel components are thicker than others.

Strength is the main factor of a steel above ground swimming pool. Of course, newer models have protective coatings to preserve it even further, such as Tru-Kote, Zicguard-275, Poly-Enamel, Texture-Kote, and Dura-Tex.

Overall, steel above ground pools are easy to install, affordable, and strong. You can’t go wrong here.

The Top Above Permanent and Portable Swimming Pool Brands

Below are some popular brands of the best above pools for you to consider too. Each one has special benefits and features which set them apart from the rest.

1) Coleman Pools

Coleman Pools brand is a reputable American company that is best known for creating high-quality above swimming pools. Most people trust the Coleman brand name and associate it with affordability, durability, and style.


  • Sizes are adjustable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good aesthetics
  • Easy Installation
  • Spare parts are available for repairs



  • Expensive
2) Intex

Intex is a reputable American company which is known for creating premium above ground pools and recreational gear. They make lots of different types of pools, each with their own unique shapes, price, design, and size.


  • Prism frame makes it durable and fortified
  • Easy installation
  • 3-ply liner is popular and helps prevent punctures


  • Could be more sturdy
  • The water pump is not as powerful as others
3) Bestway

Bestway is an above ground pool brand seen in Costco. It is a cheaper brand than the more popular Intex and Coleman brands. It still uses high-quality materials for its pools too. They’re also designed beautifully with safety in mind for children to use.

4) Summer Waves

Summer Waves is a new above ground pool brand which is increasing in popularity. It is affordable and has a high number of positive reviews from customers.

No matter which model or brand you choose, you will get an affordable and quality above ground swimming pool. Just study their benefits and see which one appeals to you the most.

How much maintenance is required?

Every swimming pool needs maintenance. The bigger the pool, the more maintenance that is needed. The smaller the pool, the less maintenance needed. Vacuuming, chemicals, and brushing are common ways to keep a pool clean.


Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable, safe, durable, and attractive swimming pool that is easy to install, then an pool is ideal for you. They can fit most people’s budgets just fine, and there are more choices available too.

The best pool models mentioned in this article are meant to give you some good choices without requiring you to do the research on your own. You can take the advice or not, but just remember to examine the features of these pools to determine which one is right for you.