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Over Three Decades of Pool Leadership

Say hello to the friendliest, finest pool maintenance company in Southern California. We are a dedicated and professional team with plenty of years solving any and every problem related to pools. We work to keep swimmers safe through the best pool industry practices. Our technicians are professional, exceptional, and bring your pool back to perfect health with our weekly cleanings. Blue Waters Pool Services wants you to have a pool adventure that you can experience without having to deal with all the stress of managing it. Our service is in our signature; turn to Blue Water Pool Services for beautiful blue pool water all year long. We’re committed to doing the best job, and always leave nothing but a crystal-clear blue pool behind.

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We make pools simple.

Leading by Example

Blue Waters Pool Services have long been distinguished as the best Swimming Pool Company throughout Southern California driving the charge in the pool services industries strictest practices as well as remaining at the forefront of the advanced technological improvements.

Our History

For over a decade, we’ve served California residents hundreds of individuals and companies in Southern California and serviced thousands of pools, and we will happily help you too.

Our #1 Priority is Safety

We work to make sure that your family is safe and secure by offering helpful information through our website and online store. We try our hardest to answer any questions that you may have, whether they are about our services or general pool maintenance.


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Total clean guarantee

Some companies employ “spot cleaning” as a way to keep their prices down. This is a dirty trick where they only clean the parts of the pool that you can see. This method completely disregards microbiology and is an insult to properly caring for a pool. We clean the entire pool, guaranteeing a total clean.

Knowledge expertise

Plenty of pool companies get the water nice and clear, but this doesn’t mean that it is clean and balanced. We used the same standards and regulations from public pools, schools and Gyms.

CPO Certified

We are proud to be members of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the pool industry. All of our employees are kept trained to industry-leading standards in maintaining and cleaning swimming pools.

On time every time

You can count on us to be there for you, even when you’re out at work. We clean your pool the same day of the week every week and around the same time, including details on the work that we did while out.

Stress free guarantee

There’s no need to worry about the water chemistry fluctuating. With our services, you’ll never need to worry about buying and moving chemicals, troubleshooting issues, remembering to keep the gate latched, if the water is safe to swim in or not, or what that funny noise from the filter means.

No contracts

We feel that a service contract limits how much freedom of choice a customer has. They are designed to lock customers into an agreement. We prefer to let you be the judge of our work because we know that if you’re happy with our service you’ll continue our relationship and work with us again.